Sunday, October 14, 2012

Biden was lying about Libya

According to this audio interview of Col. Hunt on WRKO Boston,  Biden was flat out lying about what happened in Benghazi. It wasn't even challenged. Not by Ryan and not by the RNC. Sure, Biden was rude. But this is even worse.

Even the part about an investigation is meant to obfuscate the facts about the incident.  There's no way they don't know what was going on.


This one stinks to high heaven.   Listen to Bob Woodward--- here:

and here:


I'm attempting to chase down the story behind the story. ( check the comments section at the link) There's this talk about missing anti-aircraft missiles ( aka manpads) that went missing after the Libya overthrow of Khaddafy.

Anyway, the efforts in Libya at the consulate may have been attempting to track down these missing missiles. The story here is that the unprecedented size of the attack may have been due to the importance of getting these missing missiles and taking them out of the hands of terrorists. That Al Qaeda could have set up this attack for the purpose of thwarting that effort makes this attack look all the more ominous.

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