Saturday, October 20, 2012

Ammonia powered cars revisited

What could you do with the elemental graphite produced from fossil fuel processing?  For those who haven't read this, go back to the link above for review.  The ammonia powered car can be found here.

You could send the graphite into space as a sequestration strategy.  WTF!  How crazy is that?!  Not so crazy, as we shall see.  Carbon would be very useful in space.  If not useful on the ground, you could certainly find a use for it in space.

For one thing, you want to make fuels in space.  Starting with the "useless" elemental graphite, you can make methane according to this process.  Combining that with a hydrogen source, methane can be obtained.  Methane can be used as a rocket fuel, or it can be processed further into the more powerful RP-1.

It seems that the enabling technologies required would be a manufacturing capability in space.

In order to get a significant manufacturing capability in space, it would be necessary to make a factory for such a purpose to be fitted on an appropriate rocket.  In an age of nanotechnology, such a prospect does not seem like such a far out possibility.  That's to say, the factory doesn't have to be that big.

Send a biofactory up.  Grow algae in order to process carbon dioxide.  Obtain the carbon dioxide from the elemental graphite.  You can do this by producing the methane as above, reforming it into carbon dioxide.  Then have the algae produce the oil, which is being done on the ground.  It is being done on the ground as a way to mitigate carbon going into the air.  Since this idea is sending carbon into space instead, that problem is being solved in another way.  Hence, a space factory.  Your algae is producing your oil which can be remade into rocket fuel for space travel.  That's killing two birds with one stone.

To sum up, you take petroleum and make ammonia out of it.  Use the ammonia to run automobiles.  This would make autos zero carbon emitters.  That's the goal on the ground.

The carbon would be taken out of the petroleum products and sent into space, where it would be used in making rocket fuel in space.

How's that for an idea?

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