Saturday, May 26, 2012

Blogging standards

  1. Read this list before I make any more posts.  Each new post, review this list first in order to see if the new post adheres to these standards.
  2. I won't talk out my ass.  If I do, I'll put a speculation alert in the body of the post.
  3.  Whatever I do, I won't include my personal feelings in any of this stuff, it is supposed to be about the future, and how that future may unfold, not how I feel about it 
  4. With respect to politics, I won't electioneer.  Sure, I'd like to see Dems lose, but if they don't, that is the way it is.  This country has been moving in the wrong direction for a long time, nothing I can do about that now. 
  5.  Try to be professional.  This is a weak point because I tend to be sloppy and careless.  Try to be more careful and exact.  Always.
  6. Don't let myself get caught up in the latest fad.  Fads don't have staying power or they wouldn't be fads.
  7. Nobody reads blogs anyway.  Outside their own church, that is.  Write as if nobody is reading.  In case anybody is, that may be considered a plus, but don't count on it.  Don't write for popularity.  Write for accuracy.  Nobody's interested in accuracy.  That's why this blog will never be popular.
  8. This world reminds me of the Simpsons.  Yeah but, remember the sense of humor.  That's cuz you're gonna need it.

Note on the above standards:  I don't adhere to them rigorously, but the conventions below, I do:

Throw in a few conventions with respect to links here:
  1. Links to posts in this blog are in bold like this: Blogging standards
  2. Links to Amazon are in italics , like this:  Abundance: The Future Is Better Than You Think
  3. Links to pdf files are in green, like this:  The Microwave Thruster Concept

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