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Next Big Future: Another attempt to make the case for Project Orion...

Next Big Future: Another attempt to make the case for Project Orion...: Gary Michael Church makes the case for reviving project Orion on the Lifeboat Foundation blog (H/T Centauri Dreams ) Psychological limit...


I remember this article and it seemed grandiose at the time.  Now it doesn't seem that way to me.  It seems necessary to me now if we are ever to become a multi-planet species.  Chemical rockets aren't good enough.  Even nuclear thermal rockets aren't good enough.   Nuclear thermal may be good enough for relatively small time tasks like refueling stations in space.  But the real serious stuff will have to wait until we get serious.  We aren't serious now.

The size of station that can be lifted would be big enough house hundreds of people.  It could provide shelter and artificial gravity for long-term missions.  It would be a practical way to explore the solar system and to colonize it.  It could be done in the near future.

All it takes is someone with the will to do it.

Weinberg: The First Nuclear Era

This was a part of my plan for the weekend---to read this book.

It will take my several days or a couple weeks to read it.  After the first couple chapters, it seems to be mostly about details of the Manhattan Project that don't interest me much.

From a historical perspective, it is a significant book.  Also in terms of the people the man knew, and mentions in this book.

An aside here that has nothing to do with the book:

We don't have the benefits of nuclear energy for the same reasons we blundered into World War II.  That is, the stupidity and blindness of politicians.  We got the bomb, but not the energy.  We got the bomb because of the war.  We didn't get the energy because the politicians were more interested in the bombs after they got built.  The scientists didn't want the bomb, but were recruited to build it because of the politicians who blundered into war.  Now that the politicians have gotten their bomb, they aren't interested in the energy, but are definitely interested in the bomb.  To the extent that they aren't interested in bombs, they still fail to see the real usefulness of nuclear energy and fail to develop its potential.  Hence, the likelihood that their stupidity might well be the reason that they blunder into another war, and this one may well involve nuclear weapons.

The politicians may blame the scientists for the bomb, but it will be their own fault.  If they listened to the scientists, they would make fewer mistakes.

PJTV: New Coke

When Coca-Cola changed its recipe and rebranded itself as New Coke, the world recoiled in horror. What does New Coke have to do with conservative politics? Who is the classic conservative and who is the new conservative? Does the marketing plan of Pepsi resemble progressivism? Find out what Bill Whittle thinks.


I hated the "new Coke" and actually switched preferences because of Coke's decision.  The comparison with the GOP seems apt to me.  I hate what they (the GOP establishment types) are doing.

LYONS: Obama needs to come clean on what happened in Benghazi - Washington Times

LYONS: Obama needs to come clean on what happened in Benghazi - Washington Times

Admiral Lyons was in the 3 hour video mentioned previously.

Last I observed, the video appears to have gone viral.  Still, it is a matter of civic duty to watch it.

People should know and understand what their government is doing if this is to continue to be the republic the founders intended.

Next Big Future: Updated Project Orion: Nuclear Pulse Propulsion Ph...

Next Big Future: Updated Project Orion: Nuclear Pulse Propulsion Photos and Videos...: The largest container ships can hold about 11,000-15000 shipping containers. The ships weigh 170,000 tons. Each container can hold a maximu...


You know, you could launch these on the far side of the moon and nobody on Earth would ever know about it...

In-situ resource utilization

From the Project rho site.

Aluminum and oxygen can be used as chemical rocket fuel, though the specific impulse is a pathetic 285 seconds. This is made up for by the fact that aluminum and oxygen is quite plentiful in lunar regolith, i.e., it's in the dirt.

Holy crap!  Why go to the permanently shadowed craters for water when you've got most of what you need for a solid rocket booster in the lunar regolith!

This may well be a gross oversimplification, but...

Really, I never thought of that.  Dang.  You could build rockets on the moon and then launch them.  Provided, of course, that you can get there in the first place.

One forgets that there isn't much need for thrust to get to orbit on the moon.  The tiny lunar module ascent stage weighed only 10k pounds, but was SSTO from the moon.  You wouldn't need big rockets to get off the lunar surface.


This is being designated a series.  Let this be considered as part 1.  Part 2 is the next post.

Not just a question of semantics

Some may question that the Republic is in any danger after all.  The fulfillment of the requirements for being able to call one's government a "Republic" is not very hard to do.  Look at how many countries that claim to be republics.  Therefore, just about any government can be a "republic" as long as those running it say that's what it is.

There has to be a definition that covers all possibilities, otherwise the word has no real meaning.

For the purposes of the blog here, the word "Republic" refers to a government that gets its power from the American Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution.

Thus, the power ultimately comes from the people, and "we the people" wield it, according to the Constitution.  Every officer serving this government must swear an oath to support the Constitution.  Any officer who does not is subject to discipline according to the laws derived from it.

It is thus said to be a government of laws, as opposed to a government of the rule of men.

So, when I say that the Republic is threatened, it is meant that the rule of law is breaking down and the rule of men is replacing it.

An example of how the rule of law in a Republic can break down into the rule of men is to look at how the Weimar Republic became a dictatorship under Adolph Hitler.   All officers had to swear an oath to Hitler, not to the Republic.  Thus, Hitler became sovereign and usurped the rightful power of the Republic and its laws---thus becoming a law unto himself.

Could that happen here?

Only if enough people forget where the real power is and neglect to enforce it.

However, such may happen if there's enough passivity and indifference amongst the public.  We may very well have such a situation today.  There are simply too many people who don't care about what's going on and are simply indifferent to what's happening.

For any well-organized minority can seize power for itself and usurp the rightful power of the Republic.  That's always a danger.  That danger is provided for in the Constitution itself.

But it only works if it is applied.

The price of liberty is said to be eternal vigilance. 

Who's on guard?  Anybody?

Mars-Venus Shuttle could work

In theory, perhaps.  The purpose here is not to analyze the merit of the idea, but to explore its feasibility in terms of a few assumptions.

  1. Use the external tanks of the SLS for storing reaction mass collected from Venus' upper atmosphere.
  2. Reaction mass of sulfuric acid and carbon dioxide can be recovered from Venus' upper atmosphere.  Sulphuric acid can be heated to remove the water.  The acid can be dumped back into the Venusian atmosphere.
  3. The SLS external tanks are not significantly different from the Shuttle's.
  4. The tanks can be modified to store propellants indefinitely.
  5. A nuclear thermal rocket with an ISP of 1700.  Such a high ISP would be achievable with monoatomic hydrogen.  Monoatomic hydrogen would be obtained from irradiating hydrogen with gamma rays as they are passing through the heat exchanger atomic core.
  6. Aerobraking to save fuel
  7. Calculations allow for some leeway for moving nuclear engines around for repairs and replacement.
 With these assumptions, I came up with the following spreadsheet calcs using the rocket equations:

The results are a system that can deliver LH2 from Venus on a regular basis----every 22 months.  The LOX tank can be used for Methane/LOX as well as additional LH2.

That's good enough for a regular launch window from Earth, which is a little over 2 years.  Thus, a Mars-Venus shuttle could support the fuel needs of a Earth to Mars shuttle.  This would include propellant for landing.  Maybe even for landing and returning to Mars orbit!

Our politicians won't save the Republic

If the Republic is to be saved, it has to come from the public.

This is a very big task.  The political class is highly organized and well-funded.  The public is very disorganized and is struggling to make ends meet.

If this was a fight, the public would have to throw in the towel because it is so unevenly matched.

The one thing the public has going for it is its numbers.  That's the solution, but it is also the problem.  For getting out a message through the noise machine the left can make is the number one problem.

The so-called right wing is said to be a noise machine, but their noise is at least an order of magnitude lower than the left's.  Also, the so-called right-wing is soft and probably are bought off from the banksters and the petro-dollars from the Mideast.

There's nobody to defend the public and the left is only interested in using the public in order to gain more power for themselves.  They do not aim to serve the public but instead, are aiming to be served.  Hence, there's no help from them.  Indeed, they are the biggest problem.  The second biggest problem is to strengthen the Republicans, who are all too willing to give in to the left--- as opposed to what they should be doing --- which is to dig in like crazy.

Therefore, the public has to be organized somehow and this organization must be devoted towards stengthening the spine of the Republicans so that they can better fight the left.  For it's the left with their alliance with Islam which is the most dire threat to the Republic.

You must watch that video.

The politicians won't save the Republic if the people trust them to do it.  that's what the founders understood.  That's why we have checks and balances in the constitution---it's because the founders knew that you can't trust politicians to do the right thing.  They have to be made to do the right thing.  Those who vote for Democrats don't care about the right thing.  As for Republicans, they'll only do the right thing if they are forced to do it, but they are at least more flexible in that regard.  The flexibility is a good thing and a bad thing.  Right now, the flexiblility is a bad thing because they are bending towards the left.  So, in order to make the Republicans flex towards the right thing, it will have to be accompanied by pressure from the public.  It is the only way.   If you trust the politicians with this, the Republic is dead.

On my goals for the weekend

I wanted to watch the video and write about the Mars-Venus shuttle idea.

With respect to the video, I watched it.  This is a must-see video if you have the time.  If you don't have the time, try to make time to watch it.  All of it.

If this doesn't convince you that we have a problem in this country, you are one of the lost.  I suspect many people in this country are lost.  Maybe irretrievably lost.  However, there are enough people who can be persuaded, or the Obama Administration wouldn't have to lie, as they are doing.

So, try very hard to watch the video if you can.

As for the Mar-Venus idea, it looks like a non-starter.  Even with a nuclear engine with an ISP of 1700, it still would require too much fuel.  As Ceres Mars shuttle would not have often enough launch windows.

Unless I can find a way to tweak this idea, it is dead.


Another consideration is aerobraking.  Both planets---Venus and Mars---have an atmosphere which can be used to slow down.  The slow down is a large part of the the delta-v needed to get from transit to orbit and back again.

Unless you can save considerable mass in aerobraking, the mass requirements are going to be too large.

Friday, May 10, 2013

On tap this weekend

I'd like to continue to write about nuclear thermal engines with respect to a shuttle craft between the planets Mars and Venus.

This note is a reminder to do just that.

In addition to that I want to finish the book I just received which is about Alvin Weinberg.

If I have enough time this weekend I will watch the video I just put up this morning, which is about the SEAL team 6.

Hope you can join me.

TrentoVision 5.9.13 - Navy SEAL Extortion 17 EXPOSED - Obama Failures

This is about the Navy SEALS who were killed shortly after taking out UBL.  Ann Barnhardt posted something to the effect that this was a deliberate hit against the SEALS.

I tell you, some of this stuff seemed way out to me back then.  But considering how the media and this administration has conspired to keep people in the dark about Benghazi, it doesn't seem far-fetched NOW.

Anyway, I saw only the very first part of this video.  I usually screen a video before I put it up, but in this case, I'll make an exception.

Checkmate: From global makeover to takeover

As our national moral compass has been compromised, so too has our ability to recognize the other assaults to our sovereignty, or our willingness to speak out against our own destruction. Specifically, we have an occupant of the White House who, by the admission of an unnamed senior member of his own staff, has an agenda to “kill the U.S. dollar,” the most widely held currency in the allocated reserves of many nations. On what planet, on which stage, in what venue does the killing of our national currency make any sense whatsoever? That is a question that has yet to be answered.

I definitely don't trust the media or the left.  The article declares that they are distracting the public and weakening the nation in order to destroy it and usher in a "new world order".   The new world order part was added by yours truly.

The bottom line is that people will not think for themselves so they will be led to wherever their masters want to lead them.  Just like so many dogs on a leash.

BENGHAZI SCANDAL! (Featuring Andrew Klavan)

A random survey of college students showed ignorance of Benghazi.  What the hell are students doing in school if they don't know anything?

Meanwhile, the Republicans continue to play bean-bag.

If Romney puts his pooch on top of his car, they'd know about that.  If Americans are killed due to administration negligence, they'd don't know a thing about it.  Our educational and media establishment shows their stuff on how to keep us poor and stupid. The Benghazi patsy

Check out this page:

Comment: Nakoula jailed for exercising his first amendment rights. Never mind that the left and Obama are abusing his rights. Where are the Republicans on this?

Idea of Mars-Venus shuttle

There's enough time to do a transit or return every 11 months according to this chart.  In other words, you could take an empty tank from Mars to Venus and back again in 22 months.  Or you could drop off an full one and pick up an empty one.  Take the empty one to Venus and refill it.  Go back to Mars and repeat as before as many times as you wish.

This would enable you to avoid having to take any fuel at all from Earth's deep gravity well for the return trip.  The cost would be to launch and deploy two tanks or at least one.  You'd also have to deploy the rocket engine to take it from Mars to Venus and back.  It would have to be able to last a long time in order to gain an advantage.

The notion of this excited me because a permanent shuttle service between Earth and Mars could lead to settlement.  It would all depend upon a number of things:
  1. Use of a nuclear rocket for scooping up Venusian atmosphere and processing it into fuel
  2. Would probably want to use a nuclear rocket for Earth Mars transits as well.
  3. An actual demand for such a service.
  4. A reasonable price to get to orbit from Earth, and a way to get back.
  5. A way to service the rockets in order to keep them running.
A downside is that there may not be any convenient way to access the asteroid belt.  The delta-v's may not be the problem.  It's the launch windows that are so long.  For example, a launch window between Vesta and Ceres could be over a decade long.  Another look at the table says 17 years for heavens sake.  It may make more sense to travel from an asteroid to Mars and back in order to exploit it.  Say from Mars to Ceres, and Ceres to Mars.  From Mars to Vesta and back.  It does no good to go from Mars to the asteroid belt and stay in the asteroid belt for some reason.

From Mission Tables Project Rho

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Not so random thoughts on the road ( repost from Oct 30th 2012 )

Note:  I think this may be what I was looking for earlier.  So, I'll repost it here for what it's worth.  Though there's no prediction that Benghazi will prove Obama's end.

While driving around town, which is how I make my daily bread, thoughts about the final week of this presidential election season were on my mind.   Here are those thoughts, for what they are worth:

By the way, this isn't a thought, but I remember hearing this on the last debate's closing statements:  Obama objects to Afghanistan.  Perhaps because it is a long war, but I suspect that it is because that it is a war at all.  On 9-11, the left was the main part of those who didn't think anything should have been done about it if it provoked a larger war.  But over 90% thought otherwise.  Evidently, there has been a shift in opinion since then.  Now, Obama has been lying about Benghazi and blaming America for why we were attacked there.  Just thought I'd mention it here.

  1. So goes the truth, so goes the republic.  Comment:  Truth must have morality as its basis.  If there's no truth, there can be no morality.  If there's no morality, there can be no moral basis for a society.  From then on, it becomes a matter of brute force and will over the populace.  That's not a republic.
  2.  You can catch more flies with a drop of honey than a gallon of gall.  Comment: That's what was advised in How to Win Friends and Influence People.   It may have been attributed to Abraham Lincoln.  I think Romney was trying to catch some flies with all the sweetness.  On the other hand, Obama was dispensing a lot of gall.  This means that Romney should win right?  Not so fast.  The real drop of honey that Obama is dispensing is the money from the Treasury.  This is what's buying him votes.   The gallon of gall is reserved for the Republicans who want to take that away.  The lesson in that is that the country may have already been lost because the Democrats can appear to be generous with other peoples money, while the Republicans may actually give more personally, that doesn't seem to count.  Why?  My theory is something deeply seated in the human character is at work here, and the Republicans think they can address this with facts, logic, and reason.  It may not be accessible that way.
  3.  Is it all in vain, then?  Comment: If the Republicans have managed to convince so many women that they are cruel, how can they ever get this vote?  The Democrats have a lock on this vote and the Republicans can't get it with tricks and gimmicks.  Being nice, sweet, and saccharine isn't going to fool anybody who thinks the way the Democrats have trained them to think.
  4. Has  Obama crossed the Rubicon?  Comment: The saying "crossing the Rubicon" means going past the point of no return.  I think that may be the case with Benghazi.  If Obama can get away with this, the Republic is dead.  Just as dead as when Julius Caesar crossed the Rubicon.  It may well be why he did it.  He wanted to establish that he could do something like this and get away with it.  What he's trying to get away with is that his Presidency is more important than any particular individual.  That's not been true up until now.  Up until now, if any individual was killed or allowed to be killed in order to save a President's political skin, that President would be finished. ( For the truth of this in art,  see Stephen King's The Dead Zone) He must know this, that is why he is lying.  He is probably hoping that the lies will go by and he will get away with something in the same way that Clinton did.  Clinton lied under oath.  For the Republicans to depend on the legal process to get him for it is wishful thinking.  It didn't work with Clinton.  It won't work for Obama and this either.  For if Obama wins, he can point to the election and say that the people have already decided in his favor.  That will end any challenge to what he has done.   He will have political cover and the game is over.  So will the Republic.  Only the people don't know that because they are being kept in the dark.
  5.   Does anybody know how to play this game?  Casey Stengel said this about the 1962 expansion team New York Mets- Meaning?  Romney may be losing by default.  Comment--- Why has Romney gone so soft?  Republicans have let themselves be intimidated by the liberals that they don't know how to win this fight.  David Horowitz once said the same thing--- the Republicans do not know how to fight the left.  Now I can see why he said that, and why we are so much in trouble.  The Republican just won't fight because they are described as being mean and that has them intimidated.  The left has trained everybody so well to accept their premises.  They are a small minority in this country, but they are very influential.  Well beyond their numbers.  When are Republicans going to fight for this country.  Ever? 

Article from RealClearPolitics

I wanted to share the following link with you:


More about the Benghazi hearing.

Standard Model goes pear-shaped in CERN experiment • The Register

Answer to the big question, why are we here?

LA Times - Tesla Motors posts first quarterly profit in its 10-year history

Too expensive

Shared from BBC News: plastic guns too late to stop them

my impression

Time: Campaign Insider Book Argues Mitt Romney Lost Because Of Benghazi via Free Republic

Theories abound, but I think the crucial moment in the debate between Obama and Romney where Obama claims he said it was a terrorist event the very next day, and Romney doesn't come back with anything effective to counter it.

What could have Romney said?  He could have asked why there wasn't any cross border authority if Obama believed it was a terrorist attack very early on.  For that is why there was a stand down.

Now the story is that there wasn't enough time.  Bullshit.

That's the thing that might have made a difference.  Obama cannot answer that without losing something.  Romney missed his chance.

The book is just more spin and probably gets it wrong.

Benghazi whistleblower hearing: A grand public service

Washington Post via Free Republic

From the comments section (Free Republic) :

"We still haven’t heard from one of the 37 people who were evacuated to Germany the next day."

There's people who will believe whatever they're told and not question it for a moment.  I'm referring to Obama and his spinmeisters in the media.  You can observe that in the comments section of the Washington Post.  But the Post article is worth a read.  It is probably an outlier in terms of what you usually see there.

The thing missing here is that the president has to give a cba in order for anyone in the military to respond.  So, he can tell his subordinates to "handle it", but without the cross border authority, they can't do anything effective.  So, nothing happens militarily because they don't have the legal authority to do anything.

At the bottom of it all, that could be what they are trying to hide.  It is hidden in plain sight.  Sometimes the most obvious thing is the hardest thing to see.


Ann Coulter - May 8, 2013


Immigration is on the docket soon and the GOP can't wait to commit suicide.

Five Key Points from Today's Benghazi Hearing [ 2 Stand Down Orders given -2 ! ]

Breitbart via Free Republic

Free Republic has an index of articles on Benghazi.  All you wanted to know but were afraid to ask.


A video that catalogs the lies about Benghazi.

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Launch windows, transit times

There was something about adding a Venus sidetrip on any visit to Mars.  Why?  It may have something to do with launch windows.  They are rather long between the Earth and Mars.  More than 2 years, as a matter of fact.

An idea struck me today that you may be able to harvest gases on the edge of Venus as on Earth.  If so, what could you get?  Perhaps you could get carbon dioxide and sulfuric acid.  If sulfuric acid could be obtained, you could break it down for its hydrogen and combine it with the carbon dioxide and obtain methane and lox.  If that's possible, you could run a shuttle between Mars and Venus constantly which would replenish fuel for the trip to the Martian surface and back to Earth.  Such a case would lessen the need to carry so much fuel on each trip.

Bottom line on Benghazi hearings today

Well, that's what I'm calling it.  Bryan Preston was liveblogging it and said this:

My sense is that the hearing today was fruitful and much new information was learned. But Jodi Arias will blow it all away. The Republicans botched this very badly by holding such a long hearing on one day instead of holding it across several days.

After reading over all of it, it certainly reads like the Democrats aren't the least bit interested in getting the truth of what happened.  For the media's part, they aren't the least bit interested either.

More bean-bagging from the Republicans.  Stonewalling from the Democrats.

Babylon's hanging garden: ancient scripts give clue to missing wonder

Astrodome was claimed to be the eighth wonder of the world.  It may disappear like the others.

Benghazi: The Beginning Of Obama’s End?

I'm putting up this link because of a comment that claims that 58% of Americans don't care.

So, I looked for the poll and the only Fox poll I found was one that a plurality said that he was covering up.

The amazing thing about that poll was that an almost equal number of people said that he wasn't covering up!

The credulity of the public is enough to make you despair of the entire human race.

It is already a well-known fact that Obama was wrong to say that this was because of a video.  How can people be this foolish to believe that it wasn't a fabrication and why aren't they asking why they were told this?

If that poll exists that say 58% of Americans don't care about Benghazi, what does that say?  Have the people become so addicted to big government and free shit that they'll believe anything as long as Obama keeps it coming?

Didn't find what I was looking for

I could have sworn that I predicted that Obama would not survive Benghazi.  Well, maybe I am wrong and it isn't here.

If it is here, it is buried somewhere amongst a post.

Anyway, Obama did survive the election.  The question now is will he finish his term?

If he does, what does that mean?  If he doesn't, what does that mean?  In either case, it ain't good.

The best result would have been an election defeat, and he would be gone right now.  The damage could have been repaired.  But now it is too late.

Recapping things a bit on Benghazi

  • They are still lying.  Military assets were available and in range and could have made a difference.  To say otherwise is a lie.
  • It wasn't about a video.  The video was a cover story for SOMETHING.
  • There was a potential gun-running operation that is/was supplying the Syrian opposition.   They may have MANPADS, which can bring down a plane.
  • Al Qaeda was running the show in Libya and may well be doing it in Syria too.  Why is this administration involved in that?
This on top of the economic mess we are in.  Not a rosy looking dish no matter how you look at it.

Much of the country is in denial.  They probably believe happy days are here again.  The stock market is making new highs.

Whoop de doo.

AC-130U Gunship was On-Scene in Benghazi, Obama Admin Refused to Let It Fire (Updated) ( reposted from 10-28-12)

PJ Tatler

There were two AC-130Us deployed to Libya in March as part of Operation Unified Protector.

The AC-130U is a very effective third-generation fire-support aircraft, capable of continuous and extremely accurate fire onto multiple targets.

Lots of speculation as to why these weren't used.

It all goes back to deception. The people are being fooled. Obama is waging War on America. He is doing it by following Sun Tsu's advice. Warfare is all deception said Sun Tsu.

Obama takes out bin Laden in order to appear tough on al Qaeda. But it is all show and no dough. It's like Clinton sending a million dollar missile to hit a 10 dollar tent and a camel in the butt. As Bush said, no less.

Therefore, they cannot be seen as too weak not to take out bin Laden. Obama can look tough and strong and not risk a soldier's life. Meanwhile, he is just doing the same kind of thing Clinton did. Which led us directly to 9-11.

I discussed all this back in 2004 on my original Boots and Oil blog. Taking out bin Laden doesn't solve everything. But the liberals want it to so they can quit the war on terror. They don't want to fight the war on terror or any other war. But if they can pretend to fight without any casualties, then they'll do that. The left will never stand for casualties. So, it means doing nothing--- their preferred mode. They can pretend to fight in order to fool the public. If anything happens in the future, they can blame somebody else!

That's why Obama doesn't want to capture bin Laden. It is also why Clinton didn't want bin Laden. They don't want him to make them look bad politically. A lot easier politically just killing him. Saves them the headaches of putting him on trial. If he went on trial, they'd have to give him a fair trial. This means a lot of complications and a risk of acquittal. They cannot risk that. So, bin Laden must die. Bin Laden must die so Obama can look good.

With all Clinton's failures to get bin Laden, it could not be risked again by telling Pakistan about it. Nor could he could go Godfather and make an offer they can't refuse. For one thing, the Pakistanis won't believe him and two, even if they did, and turn him over, they are back to the situation above--- which POTUS doesn't want. Pakistan won't believe Obama because Obama wants peace at any price--- even if he has to surrender in order to get it.

So, the left and Obama must fool the public that there's peace over there. If a Spectre is lost in a firefight with terrorists on the ground, being armed with the missing manpads, it destroys that carefully crafted image. Lot easier to just stand down and not do anything and lie about it until after election day. The left must have good optics. A war with deaths is just not good optics. A few dead people at an embassy is better than a lost Spectre brought down with missing manpads.

They, meaning the left, and Obama don't care about the longer picture in Afghanistan- nor the Middle East. Best to just bug out like in Iraq. It is now a selling point. Obama has brought peace in our time! Sound familiar? It would if history was taught, but it seems doubtful to me that many people understand the significance of what Obama is doing in terms of history.

I got into a long argument with an Obama supporter about this very issue in 2008. It doesn't matter anymore and nobody cares about World War II anymore. Nor about 9-11. The left has smeared Bush with 9-11 even though Clinton could have had bin Laden but refused the deal. Now they have got the public believing their lies and it is seen as Bush's fault. Lot easier to believe that than to fight a difficult war. So, Obama is playing to that well-crafted lie and public self-deception by doing nothing. People buy into it and he gets re-elected. Anything damaging gets shunted off after the election when he is safe for another 4 years.

WEAPONS HUNTING: The Reason for the 9-11 Murders in Libya ( repost 10-15-12 )

Incidentally, there's a share button that's not working this morning. I wonder if somebody is "jamming" any reportage on this. That may sound paranoid, but once you start digging into this, you begin to see the massive deceit coming from this administration.

Anyway, this is a must read for anybody who is interested in getting to the bottom of the attack. It seems pretty clear to me that this administration does not want to get to the bottom of this, at least until after this election.

He and Ambassador Stevens, as well as the two other special operators from Wind Zero, were executing a CIA and State Department mission to track not only Qaddafi’s weapons, but to trace any and all weapons trafficking in the regions. Smith was the information officer at the Benghazi mission and likely was too close to having uncovered intelligence that pinpointed key players both in and outside of Libya. Intelligence was shared with the CIA, which does enforce the drone program, whether inside Libya, stemming from the mission to remove Qaddafi, or in other hot-spots in the Middle East.[emphasis added]



The loss of 20,000 Manpads ( think Stinger anti-aircraft) would be of very high interest in this administration. After all, it was this administration that participated in the ouster of Khaddafy, without Congressional approval as required by law, in which said ouster led directly to the loss of the Manpads. They are desperate, or should be desperate, about getting these back before planes start getting targeted. If that happens, it is an unholy political mess.

Best of posting today

Well, not exactly.

It turns out that Huckabee is predicting that Obama won't survive the latest Benghazi revelations.  So, this made me curious as to what I was blogging back then when it all started.

So, I'm scanning the posts back then and I'm finding interesting stuff that I think I'll repost.  I'm also finding some "best of" material that I can tag with a category label.  These escaped my attention before.

So, it will be a different kind of morning this morning.

Something has got to give ( repost 9-20-12 )

For those of you in my international audience, this is translated to mean that something must change soon. For the situation- as it stands- is simply impossible.

So, what exactly will happen and when?

The answer to that is a prediction and the future is unpredictable. It would have to be far enough into the future that a 100% probability would apply and general enough that any number of events could be said to satisfy the conditions of a successful prediction.

Therefore, with that in mind, I predict that the US Dollar will not be the world's reserve currency in five years or less. A lot of things will flow from that- or to that event- but that event will be the defining event. It would be defining because it would be undeniable proof of an end to an era.

What era? Paper money, otherwise known as fiat currency. Fiat currencies have always failed and it are failing again. That's what all of this trouble in the world means. Fiat currency is failing all over the world.

A bigger picture would mean the end of European or Western Civilization. I am not prepared to make that prediction yet, but that could be an event that flows from the failure of fiat currencies.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Brit Hume: ‘No way’ for Hillary Clinton to escape responsibility for Benghazi [VIDEO]

Graham: ‘I Think the Dam Is About to Break on Benghazi’

A number of major news stories have broken in the last week about the attack, including the news that a team of U.S. Special Forces that was preparing to respond to the attack was told to stand down by the U.S. Special Forces Command Africa.

This one might reach the very top.  POTUS has to give authority and if they didn't have it, POTUS has to be the reason why.

robots getting better

Micro drives Gives Humanoid Robots Human Traits from MICROMO as a page that you might want to visit.
Like I was saying, what kind of jobs will be left?

Bat's Super-Long Tongue Powered by Blood (With Video)

A joke comes to the tip of my tongue, you might say.
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No, Democrats Did Not Just Want to "Count All the Votes" in the 2000 Election. - The Daily Beast

No, Democrats Did Not Just Want to "Count All the Votes" in the 2000 Election.

"Count all the Votes" became the rallying cry after the courts told Democrats they couldn't just count some of the votes


That's right.

Washington Post: pro same sex marriage GOP pol resigns


Geopolitical Journey: Nostalgia for NATO

Geopolitical Journey: Nostalgia for NATO

Stratfor piece.

Makes you wonder if winning the cold war did not cause more problems than it solved.

Alleged 'Innocence of Muslims' filmmaker taken in for interview ( reposted from 9-15-12))

La la land times via Instapundo

I take this as an opportunity for a correction. I said I found no fault in what Saletan said. Actually, Saletan has already convicted the man. But this hasn't been proven yet. He is merely accused of violating his parole.

Which strikes me as something quite strange going on here.

Why? If he made a pro Islam movie, he'd still be guilty of violating his parole, but nobody would have died if he had actually done something like that. So, if he had made a pro Islam movie, would this administration be so hot to trot to put him behind bars?

Innocent until proven guilty. But even more so--- guilty of what? Guilty of embarrassing this administration?


Glenn Reynolds pointed out that Nakoula is still in jail.  To me it looks like a cover story for a cover story.

Yet, Obama wants to release terrorists in Guantanamo.  He's concerned about their rights.

Who lost Texas — and Kansas and Missouri and 30-some other states? - The Hill's Pundits Blog


former Post reporter Thomas E. Ricks includes Texas as one of the newspaper's “things to toss out” this year, along with flip-flops and Ben Bernanke.

“For decades, Texans have been clamoring about leaving the Union,” he writes. “Letting the Lone Star State secede would set a bad precedent. (See the Civil War of 1861 to 1865.) But what about expelling it instead? There is promise in that.”

Promise?  If they'd only let Texas go and the others who like to join in.  No, that wouldn't work.  They'd miss all the power and money.

That 3D-Printed Handgun You've Been Waiting For Is Here


This looks like big trouble to me.  They are going to be sorry for this.

Look, if anyone can print their own gun and that gun can get by security, what does that mean?

It's an entirely new ballgame for the whackos.  It'll give the government the grounds to impose draconian gun-control laws.  And they'd have the public on their side.  Nobody will feel safe and they'd be right because nobody will be safe.

Benghazi significance

Glenn Reynolds may have nailed it when he said that it was a politically motivated cover story that the White House knew was false.

Do you recall how it all started?  Somehow it has all changed from being about a cheesy internet flick that nobody saw to a terrorist attack that caught the administration flat-footed.  Why lie about it if you're innocent?

The flat-footed part is what's being covered up, I suspect.  The excuse now for not sending aid to the besieged consulate was that it would have taken too long.   Implied in that is a lack of preparation.  You can't get anything to a scene within 8 hours?  Come on.  The Pentagon gets plenty of money.  It shouldn't be too much to ask to put a small number of assets that they have into an area a few hundred miles away.  They just needed to send a few planes in so that they'd have time for the cavalry to arrive.

It will all be spun up to make the administration look good and their critics to look bad.  But look at the bottom line:  They failed to spot an impending attack, and failed to respond to one that was ongoing, and then lied about it.

At the very least, they are guilty of gross negligence.  But all the lying makes me suspicious that they are covering up much more.


But the real significance for the Republicans is to ask themselves why their own presidential candidate allowed himself to be silenced on the issue when Benghazi was before the American people?  Media silence on the issue was no excuse.  Romney had the attention of millions and could have said much, much more.

In short, why did Romney go bean-bag?  He had it exactly right when he criticized the administration for taking the side of the rioters on an issue of freedom of expression and religion.

There was never any excuse to come up with a cover story like that because the cover story itself, even if it were true, was downright un-American and shameful.  Romney had it right, but he let himself be silenced.

That's the big story.


One more thing.  Romney had the greatest aplomb for attacking Republicans in the primary season.  Why couldn't he have done the same to Obama with respect to Benghazi?  Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm?

Next Big Future: When will non-experimental Driverless cars or truc...

Next Big Future: When will non-experimental Driverless cars or trucks...: The Economist magazine has hosted a debate about driverless cars between Futurist Paul Saffo and Andrew Bergbaum (director at AlixPartners, ...


Could this be another example of how machines will replace humans?  Driverless cars means no jobs for taxi drivers or truck drivers.

I'm starting to wonder about this as you can see.

Monday, May 6, 2013

The last word ( maybe) on the Nuclear Rocket, part 8

Something just crossed my mind about the prospects for a nuclear rocket to LEO.  Early tests during the Apollo Era showed a loss of the core through the nozzle.  It also showed that the thing might survive that and get to orbit anyway.  But in doing so, one wonders how much damage there'd be if such a thing happened if the program were to be restarted.  Not to mention having the possibility of nuclear debris coming down on a populated area.

It probably won't be good enough to point out that this is a low probability event.  The fact that it could happen is probably enough to croak the entire idea.

So, it looks like the taboo against using a nuclear rocket to get to LEO will probably stand.  No way any politician nor businessman will take on a risk like that.

Now, using a beamed power source in a thermal rocket that would give a performance similar to the nuclear rocket---that's a possibility.

So, Dewar's contention that we will be stuck in a "Pony Express" type mode without the nuclear rocket getting us to LEO may be a premature judgment.  Chemical rockets are limited, but nuclear rockets might be feasible once you get into LEO and beyond.  So, substituting beamed power for nuclear power in getting to low Earth orbit looks like a promising and less risky alternative.

U.S. Treasury says to begin selling remaining stake in GM

U.S. Treasury says to begin selling remaining stake in GM

They actually stand a good chance of getting the taxpayer money back.

Schumer: U.S. needs to block 3D plastic guns like ‘The Liberator’ from Defense Distributed

A Texas company is set to release blueprints online that could be used to make a plastic gun with a 3D printer, Sen. Charles Schumer warned Sunday.


this is a problem


Never mind what he said, pay attention to what he says now.  That was a long time ago.

‘Iron Man 3′ Breaks Records: $175.3M Sets 2nd Biggest Domestic Opening Weekend; Worldwide Totals Franchise Best $680.1M

I wanna be like Iron Man when I grow up.

NRA's "Dance of Death" over Obama's political grave

Matthews: "Is this the Holy Grail for these people?"

Look who's talking.

Besides, why should a single political loss equate to Obama's political grave?  Isn't this a bit of hyperbole, or is Matthews letting some other cat out of the bag?

DEVASTATING!… CBS Publishes Benghazi Investigation – Pummels Administration

DEVASTATING!… CBS Publishes Benghazi Investigation – Pummels Administration

CBS released information on the Benghazi 9-11 massacre today that could potentially bring down the Obama Administration.

Wait until the left starts to respond to this once it gets rolling.  Obama will become the victim.

The White House Disinformation Campaign on Libya

Why were we being told that this was a demonstration out of control because of an internet video that nobody saw?

Hillary Clinton’s People Covered Up Al Qaeda Role in Benghazi to Avoid Blame | FrontPage Magazine

Hillary Clinton’s People Covered Up Al Qaeda Role in Benghazi to Avoid Blame | FrontPage Magazine


Rep. Issa is going to have House hearings on Benghazi this week.  There's talk about impeachment and all that, but I'm doubtful that anything will come of this.  The time for accountability was the election, and the public dropped the ball by re-electing this creep.  My feeling is that this will go nowhere, but it is worth following in order to get the truth behind it, if that is even possible.

Rand Paul: Hillary Clinton is guilty of "dereliction of duty" on Benghazi

via Free Republic

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Philip K. Dick and Our Predicament

The author of Blade Runner, amongst many others.

He gave us a glimpse of what it is to be human in an inhumane dystopian futuristic world.  This is the kind of world in which we may be headed.

AOSHQ: Cognitive Ability and Employment in the 21st Century


Nearly anyone can be a dishwasher or a salesclerk or a janitor or a groundskeeper or an assembly-line worker. These jobs do not require a high degree of skill or training, and tend to involve performing simple, repetitive tasks. This also means that a machine can (or will be) invented to do that job for less money. Not everyone can be a software developer, a database administrator, a structural engineer, or a doctor. These jobs are hard to automate because they require a high level of cognitive ability and have proven difficult to automate (so far).

There's a trend to replace all workers with machines.  That may even include those on the right side of the Gaussian Distribution.  ( for a discussion of that read the whole thing)

I've written about this before. Thought about it too.

What I think is that if the trends go far enough, people may have to return to the farm in order to feed themselves.  This may be quite disruptive, come to think of it.

Thorium Summary

Faster, please.

OK, that's enough: I now understand this book, part VII

If you were to substitute "nuclear rocket" for "warp drive" in the movie Star Trek: First Contact, you'd get the flavor of this book.

There's a scene from the movie where the Enterprise's Crew tells about the benefits of the warp drive.  How it creates world peace, ends disease, and puts mankind on a better path.

The book has that feel to it.  The nuclear rocket is supposed to do all these wonderful things for us.  Kumbaya, baby, kumbaya.

Well, it may seem a bit harsh to call this a Trekkie book, but there it is.

I don't mean to make fun of the book.  Or the movie.  I like the movie and I like the idea of nuclear rockets.  I can even believe that a lot of good can come of it.  But Dewar takes it all a bit far, and leaves himself open for this.


Nonfarm payrolls remain 2.6 million short of the prior peak reached in January 2008 via Instapundit

Let's verify this, shall we?

Ooops!  Wrong chart.  Supposed to be Jan 2008 not Dec 2008.

Yes, it does appear that current employment is below 2008's peak.   146.2 million then v.143.6 million today

We are now only catching up with what employment was at the beginning of Obama's Administration!

Doesn't matter.  People voted for this schmuck anyway.

Class, class Shut up!

I was reading this essay on Zero Hedge as I saw it finish with this:

In a classroom you can discipline a single a person. However, if the whole class misbehaves it is an entirely different issue. Currently the whole class is misbehaving and that is a very different paradigm than what we have seen in the past which has led to unprecedented, unproven and untried interventions that are likely to have far reaching outcomes.
It reminded me of this Cheech and Chong comedy skit:

The Nuclear Rocket, Part VI

In this chapter, Dewar proposes to get rid of the plutonium in reactor wastes by sending it into space with his nuclear rockets.

Well, that's all well and good, but a question and an observation:, viz:  One, why would the states that refused to go along with Jimmy Carter's prohibition on reprocessing wastes now decide to go along with this proposition?  I may be premature in asking this question as it may be provided in later discussion of the book, but I haven't gotten to that part yet.  If the answer is that they will be punished if they don't, well, they are already being punished, but it has made no difference.  As for the observation, the molten-salt reactor will take care of the plutonium issue rather nicely by not producing it in the first place.  That isotope of plutionium which is produced is unsuitable for a bomb and is actually a valuable resource.  He may mention this somewhere too, but I see no signs of it anywhere in this book so far.

Sending off to space a much smaller amount of wastes that will be produced in a molten-salt reactor seems like a good idea to me.  It could be sent on a comet-like trajectory to return to Earth after it has decayed into harmlessness.  Then it could be useful as a resource in its own right.

Let's see if Dewar ever mentions the molten-salt reactor and the Thorium fuel cycle.


No mention of the molten-salt reactor.  As for the question above, it is more of the same thing we have today.  Offer them a carrot, but exclude them if they don't take the offer.  Unfortunately, this isn't really an answer.

Real v Phoney Economy

Helluva debate here on this video.

Once again, the thing to look for is the decoupling of the physical gold market from the paper gold market.  The physical gold market is STRONG, the paper gold market is WEAK.  This is a sign of the decoupling.

The paper money is chasing after paper assets.   The people exiting paper money are BUYING GOLD.  ( and silver too)

This video only shows that there are a lot of people falling for the funny money strategy of the Fed.