Friday, October 13, 2017

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Interesting read.  What caught my attention about Vitamin C, was that this guy thinks it helps cancers to grow.  In other words, if he is right, then my taking Vitamin C is a bad idea.

Not so sure who is right.  But I know from my own experience that it does seem to help with hypertension.

By the way, my experience with taking large doses of Niacin is that it seems to help with cholesterol.  Maybe there is something to be said for vitamins.  However, maybe not.

Generally speaking with regards to this article, I think guys like this may be easy to marginalize.  The trouble with conservatism is that it is like that, it is too easy to marginalize.

Don Surber: Fake News on Obamacare

Don Surber: Fake News on Obamacare: Maybe we should call the Fake News that CBS, CNN, NBC, and other spread like wildfire what they really are. Bleating Democratic talking po...


Actually, the point was made that Congress has already repealed the law by not funding it---years ago.  The Court has affirmed that, so any payment of subsidies is actually illegal.  But Obama was doing that anyway.

Now I wonder if the can actually offer policies with a subsidy, if the subsidies are not paid.  Who pays them, then?  Or will the insurance companies drop out?  How can these be offered, if there's no subsidies?

No use going to court, as the court has already decided it.  No subsidies, unless Trump pays them, which he is now refusing.  All Trump is doing is following the law.

We shall see what we shall see.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

The media is not about the truth

Ann Coulter goes after the media again.  Not that I disagree, but why give them credit for any integrity?  Even a nitwit can have integrity.  You can be dumb and honest at the same time.  It's just that the media isn't honest.  I won't speculate about their intelligence.

The media doesn't tell us things in order to inform us, but the opposite.

It's not Trump, it's you guys

They're starting up that talk of the 25th amendment again, in order to remove Trump.

But everyone knows that is going nowhere.  If you cannot get impeachment, you cannot do this.  Impeachment does not require but one of the houses of Congress to have a 2/3rds vote.  For the 25th amendment route to work, both houses have to pass it by a 2/3 rds margin.

Not likely any time soon.

The real issue is what Trump ran against.  It's those guys.  Those guys would like to remove him, but they can't, because they don't have the political power.  Unless the body politic moves against Trump in a much bigger way, which means voters have to reject him in a big way, this is going nowhere.

Instead of removing him, they should work with him.  Actually, Trump has tried.   But these guys won't budge off their nuttiness.

If anything, Trump is winning this battle.  His enemies should make peace with him while they can.

Why the defeatism?

Originally posted 10.23.16, updated on,

People seem down-in-the-mouth, but consider this time last year.  Many polls were saying Hillary would win,  She didn't.

Earlier this year, there seemed to be a real threat that Trump would be run out of office.  It hasn't happened.  It seems less and less likely to happen.

The foot dragging of Congress recently seemed to reflect badly on Trump.  Yet, he is doing things that will be helpful to the country.  More than that, on most, if not all controversies, he seems to come out on top.

Let's not be so negative.   Things have a chance of improving, believe it or not.

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It seems like so many are already conceding defeat, but is this really justified?  Why should anybody believe that Hillary is inevitable?  Some reasons not to be so negative:

  1. Polls are cited as very unfavorable to Trump.  But polls are based upon assumptions that may not be correct.  If there has been any shift in the voting patterns in the electorate, the polls are not designed to catch that.  For instance, the infamous red-blue pattern is assumed in many models used for polling.  Trump is not a dyed in the wool typical GOP type.  Some Democrat voters may cross over and vote for him.  The red blue pattern may not hold this time.
  2. People may not want disclose their true intentions.  The answers to the pollsters may not reflect the true sentiment of the voters.
  3. A large undecided segment.  This could bode ill for Hillary as Dick Morris points out. Undecideds tend to vote for the challenger.
  4. The true state of the race may be obscured by dishonest reporting.  If anyone believes the media is honest, there's this bridge in Brooklyn that you can buy real cheap.
  5. Reading between the lines indicates this race is a lot closer than is being reported.  Why should voting irregularities matter in a landslide?

Don't let the media decide you.  Get out there and vote.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Brick By Brick ObamaCare Is Being DEMOLISHED – Lunch Alert!

Brick By Brick ObamaCare Is Being DEMOLISHED – Lunch Alert!


It may well be that Trump can end Obamacare without congressional action.  But I am concerned about my own situation.  From what Morris has said, this may drive up my premiums for next year.

That would not be good news.  The enrollment period for 2018 starts soon.  We'll see what is shaking out.  The trends are not good.  My deductibles went up big time when I had to report "life changes"  "Life changes" give the insurance companies an excuse to change the policy, which they did ( big time).  If this situation doesn't improve, yours truly may have to do something different for next year.

Police stood down at Vegas? Wow.

Update 10.11.17, 17:15 :

I am reading a lot of armchair analysis of what happened in Vegas.  Fact is, I don't think anybody knows for sure.

But one thing that we can count on for sure, and that is the call for gun control.  However, this society has become so false that to trust the government now is total folly.

Here is something that you can take to the bank:  if society was high trust, people would voluntarily disarm, for the need for weapons would not be felt.  It is only when society become distrustful of each other that the need to arm becomes paramount.  Therefore, the call for government to disarm people is the improper course of action.  The proper thing to do is to restore confidence in our institutions so that people can trust the leadership to do the right thing.  That trust has been lost.

Compare this with the Kennedy assassination.  The Warren Report may have had some detractors, but my impression was that it was done with sufficient integrity for me to trust it.  However, if such were the case today, I would not trust it.  Government does not follow the rule of integrity anymore.

You know integrity has been lost when Hillary can break the law with impunity.  Charging Trump with an impeachable offense without evidence of wrongdoing does not help restore confidence.

Therefore, it would not surprise me if a great deal of misinformation is floating around out there about what happen in Vegas.  You can't trust these people anymore.


The Las Vegas thing became nothing more than a soapbox for gun control.  Obviously, I am opposed to this, but it turns out that not only is this something to be opposed to, but opposed to with a great deal of vigor.

This article, via Barnhardt, says that the police did absolutely nothing to stop the carnage in Vegas.  Therefore, if nobody is armed, nothing will be done to protect YOU.  That is right.  Those who shout the loudest for gun control are the very ones who will do NOTHING to protect you from deadly assault.

I am not 100% convinced of their refusal to do anything at all but I am convinced that something could have been done to stop all this from the get go.  If there is going to be a lot of people in an area, like a "gun-free" zone, then there must be some type of guarantee of security in place.

Gun control is not one of those things.

Incidentally, this looks a lot like Benghazi.  At Benghazi, an order came to stand down.  Did someone at Vegas police give an order to stand down and do nothing about the shooter?

Trump and the Kennedy assassination

Not really.  I can't back that up.  The Trump angle doesn't interest me.  Cannot say why the media seems so interested in it.  Another way to attempt to discredit Trump?

But I did spend some time reading Bugliosi's book, which destroys the conspiracy theories.

In my opinion, if enough people read that book, the conspiracy theories would dry up.

Fer instance, Ruby would have been the last man that the mob would send to kill Kennedy  Oswald. Ruby was a blabbermouth.  If there was any secret to keep, he would leak it.  The mob would have never trusted him with such an assignment.  With a guy like Ruby talking, they would have had their fingerprints all over it.

There are plenty of reasons besides that to doubt that Ruby was part of any conspiracy.  Without Ruby, where do they go for a conspiracy?

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Obligatory, 10.10.17

Today is a hard day for me to write.  Nothing has happened, no.  It isn't anything like that.  It is just that everything has become a bore.  Nothing inspires me.  In order to spend some time today, I opened my Kindle again, and read some Paul Krugman.

Krugman!  Man, you really are bored if you are reading that guy.

Krugman wrote something called The Conscience of a Liberal.  I even wrote a review on it, but never mind that.  This is a fresh reading of it, perhaps looking for a different perspective.

Yes, there are things there that look plausible.  No, I haven't been convinced by any of it.

There is one thing that should worry people.  When he started talking about who the rich really were, he was getting close to identifying something that might scare you a little if you gave it much thought.

The scary thing to me is how close we are to disaster.  Krugman doesn't know any better.  This is what makes him nondescript.

Krugman is just a political hack.  My opinion of him is no better than what it was before.

Monday, October 9, 2017

Creosote Bush

On the first trip out to my property, there was a thunderstorm and some rain.  I recall in the early morning hours, that there was a bad smell in the area ( Van Horn).  It was somewhat puzzling to have this bad smell in an area that was so remote.  No industry in the region could make such a smell.  The smell was a strong as the smell from the Houston Ship Channel, which has to be one of the most heavily concentrated industrial regions on the planet.

The environmentalists  like to romanticize nature, but this stink was as bad as any man-made stink that I could recall.

The stink did not come from sewage sludge, as this sludge was miles away.  Besides, I never smelled a smell like that in Sierra Blanca.  This was in Van Horn, which is 30 miles away.

So, what was it?  I am thinking that it was the creosote bush.  The description of this bush is in a book that I have on my Kindle, which I have neglected to read for the last few years.  I have spent several hours today reading this book, and this bush came to mind, because of that smell.

A creosote bush is almost like a petrochemical factory.  Its leaves will burn rather hotly, so it is said.  Bingo.  Here is something that can be used for fuel.  I am sure that there are some of these on my property.

It reminds me that the property can be sustaining.  Yet, I have yet to do anything with it.  It's a doggone shame.

Next Big Future: What will it take to be the Columbus of the Space ...

Originally posted 10.16.13, updated on, 10.09.17:

If the modern leftists got their way, nobody would know who Christopher Columbus was.  Or if they did know who he was, he would be an arch villain.

Are they trying to eradicate history?

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Next Big Future: What will it take to be the Columbus of the Space ...: Today is Columbus Day (the first Monday after October 12th). Many countries in the New World and elsewhere celebrate the anniversary of Chr...


To answer that question, it would take the profit motive.  Columbus was looking for a trade route to China.

After the inadvertent discovery of America, the colonists of that time came for land and gold.  The same motivation can apply to space colonization.  Not so much the land or gold, but the profit motive.

Profit means earning more money than you spend on an activity.

Space is currently quite expensive to access, but there are those who are working on that problem, and their progress will bear fruit in time.  It is not an impossible problem, if past efforts are any indication.  The question is will.  The profit motive can put some motivation behind that willpower.

If access to space could be made affordable, that's a start.  But there also has to be something out there that will bring the money in.  For that, there is the possibilities of mining for precious metals.  There's money to be made out there if you can figure out how to do it.  Whoever is serious about making money in space will be the new Columbus of this age.

That's what my latest series is about.

Dems want total cave in for Dreamer legislation

But Trump won't cooperate. "Bad 'ol Trump".


Even if Trump gets all these concessions from the Dems, he's giving up too much.

Dems ought to take the deal, but they don't seem to want it.  That would be okay by me.

Sunday, October 8, 2017