Saturday, April 22, 2017

The observance of the so-called "Earth day" is mistaken

Why am I opposed?

I have come to the conclusion that the stagnation of Western Civilization has come at the hands of an enemy, who has implanted distrust of its innovative capabilities.

This innovation has led to material advances and a high standard of living.  On the other hand, the so-called environmentalists teach that this high standard of living is "destroying" the Earth.  As a consequence, any of the bad things that can occur from technology is hyped to be inherently evil, and no solutions can, nor should be attempted.  This is said to be because technology cannot heal itself.  An overly suspicious attitude is taken of technology and an over romantizied view of nature is adopted instead.  Indeed, love of nature takes on an almost religious overtone.

Consequently, we have "Earth Day".  Since this has been observed, the GDP of America in terms of Gold per Capita has been stagnant.  Of recent years, economic growth itself has almost ceased.  There is this feeling of "malaise" that President Carter once discussed in a speech.  The malaise is no accident.

If you want to get to the root of the problem in Western Civilization, this has to be an important component of it.  Earth Day should not be observed.  It has been adopted by those who do not have the best interests of America at heart.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Eyeball to eyeball: who blinks?

Democrats have always won this kind of showdown.  Will they win this time?

Threats of government shutdowns seem to always be blamed on Republicans.  This is because there are some in the GOP that just don't want to win.

Trump could be forcing them to fight, or be exposed as phonies.  But if Trump folds, then he might well be kaput himself.

Trump wants to meet Francis

Supposedly, Trump announced a meeting with the alleged pope.

Not everybody thinks that this so-called pope is the real pope.  So, if this so-called pope doesn't want to meet Trump, it would be a good thing.

Frankly, Trump needs to reconsider his anxiousness in meeting this dude.

Besides, I could swear that the media mentioned that Francis wanted to meet Trump.  Could this be staged in order to embarrass Trump?  In other words, could the media be setting up a snub of Trump by Francis?

Wouldn't surprise me.

Looks like Fox news is going pinko

Rupert Murdoch sons are taking over and driving it into the ditch.

His son's wives are big commie pinko libs in favor of the AGW fraud.

Here’s why Rush survived pressure on advertisers while O’Reilly didn’t

Here’s why Rush survived pressure on advertisers while O’Reilly didn’t


Personally, I felt no stake in this controversy because I don't watch much television.  Therefore, I was not familiar with O'Reilly.  Not only that, but I didn't care.

That may be a mistake.  Once again, there is this pattern of the politics of "shut up".  The left's only way to deal with conservatives is to shut them up, hence this tactic.

The left has another scalp.  The war will continue.  Everyone in the conservative side needs to care about these tactics, and find a way to defeat them.


The politics of shut up came into play here for the following reasons:
  • Bill O'Reilly supported Trump.  Therefore, he has to be punished.
  • Note that O'Reilly has a history of sexual harassment allegations.  But these only mattered now.
  • Note also that the left doesn't care about sexual harassment per se, only when it affects their political goals.  Therefore, Trump is a problem for the left, and his supporters must be punished.

The pattern evidences itself over and over again.  Dissent from the leftist point of view is not to be tolerated.  Note that the left doesn't want to debate the matter, they want to silence it.


The left likes to point out certain facts that appear to be reasonable, like this here.  But note how selective it is.  They never go after anything for principle's sake, but for the sake of power.  If Howard Dean thinks Ann Coulter should be censored, then what about leftists who act hatefully themselves?

It is only one way for the left, their way or the highway.


Limbaugh says that the corporations are innocent victims in all this.  I have to call BS on this.  The corporations have the power to shut down O'Reilly.  Therefore, they also have the power to shut down the left.  Instead of shutting them down, they empower them, as they did here.  Therefore, they are not innocent.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Kick A Females, the newest scam

Something that I noticed when watching TeeVee.  Men are almost always portrayed as idiotic and weak, especially when compared to females.

So, when I happened upon this post on Ace-- The Rise of the KAF ( Kick Ass Females ), I just had to link to it here.

Supposedly, the leftwing thinks it can alter reality with sufficient propaganda.  Although this might work on the weak minded, it won't work on those who can and will resist it.

This is all being pushed by the globalist neo-con faction, who really don't oppose the leftists.  They just pretend to do it.  That's why nothing can get done in Congress, even though the GOP controls both houses and the Presidency. 

So, who controls the neo-cons and globalists?  Big corporations and their money power.

Go after academia

Says Insty in this post.  Definitely a good idea.

Heck, if you can close the border down, then you will need labor.  Just get these bums out of there, and into the real world and make a living.  It will change them for the better.  They will learn the value of work, as opposed to making a lot of trouble for everybody else.


An example of what could be done:  Ann Coulter's speech at Berkeley was cancelled because they couldn't guarantee her safety.  So, what if Trump offered to send in the National Guard to guarantee order there?  Just a thought. 

Don't cede the left anything.   She should be able to speak, and if she is prevented, and the state can't or won't provide security, then the Feds can ( and should ).

France: Communist Candidate Wants 100% Tax On the Rich

France: Communist Candidate Wants 100% Tax On the Rich


It's is not a tax on wealth, therefore it is still possible to be rich.  The proposed tax only caps earnings at 400k euros.  It would be helpful if these people would report it that way.

Secondly, the tax discourages progress, yet these people are mischaracterized as "progressives".  There's nothing "progressive" about this tax proposal.  Since it discourages progress, they should not be called "progressive".

Thirdly, there is a real issue with corporations.  Corporations use their acquired economic powers to subjugate an entire society.  This is the real issue, and that is why the communists are just a bunch of stooges for the rich and powerful.  They really don't focus on the real problem, which is the use of government power to allow the powerful to self-aggrandize themselves at everyone else's expense.

People get sucked into this ideology thinking that it will make society more just.  But as politicians are ever so wont to do, it deceives everyone.  Best way to avoid deception, is to insist that people use the right names to describe what they are about.  When you want to discourage progress, you should be called anti-progressives.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Something's wrong with this picture

But I like the music, which is why I put up this post.  While I am here, I will mention that "Angel Eyes" imagines himself to be smart, but he got tricked by "Blondie".  Blondie tricks him into a three way confrontation with Tuco, but by this time, Tuco was unnecessary.  Since Angel Eyes had the drop on them both, he could have shot Tuco, and the two of them could have had the showdown between themselves.  The distraction of having Tuco in the middle of the confrontation gave Blondie an edge.  Note how cool Blondie is.  He could afford to be.  He knew that Tuco had no bullets, because he emptied Tuco's gun before the confrontation took place.

Hell, it is just a movie, but what the hell?


Er, I forgot to mention what I think is wrong here.  I don't believe that Angel Eyes would be dumb enough to fall for this trick.

That is all.

The Georgia election, what does it mean?

Opinions are like a-holes, everyone has one.  So, here's mine.  Given how close the race was, and given how it has been traditionally GOP, then I'd say the GOP is in trouble.

There are those who would attribute that to Trump.  But I wouldn't.  The reason is that the GOP never did like Trump, and still doesn't.  In a way, they are sabotaging him by refusing to go along with his ideas.

In sabotaging Trump, they can blame him for the party's upcoming failures.  Then, things can get back to "normal".  But normal for the GOP is perpetual minority party status.

Let's face it.  The GOP isn't serious about being a party.  At present, this seems not to be hurting them.  But this special election shows that it will eventually come back and bite them. 

This high water mark would not have occurred without Trump.  The GOP is doing their best to blow it, which is probably their last opportunity to make any difference in the future of this country.

If Trump drifts away from populism, would it matter?

According to this New York Times article, he is drifting.  Basically, the "drifting" comes down to the following bits:

  • He was against the Ex-Im Bank, now he rescues it.
  • The Kushner-Bannon split, and the Trump distancing from Bannon
  • The Syrian bombing

The article also says that he isn't a populist, but a nationalist. 

No matter what Trump really is, does it matter that he isn't populist?

In terms of politics, it only matters if he can hold on to power.  So, whatever matters the most in terms of that requirement, will be what matters.  If populism doesn't matter, then drifting away from it won't matter.

But populism got him elected.  Drifting towards another direction may not yield the benefit that he has already received.  So, it remains to be seen if it can get him re-elected.

The bulk of the GOP seems to be fighting him.  This may account for the drift in terms of governing.  If the GOP won't let him govern as a populist, they may force him to lose his support.

That may be the idea.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Less is Moore, and the less of Moore, the better

Mikey hates everything, especially everything American.

Losers with a capital L

Hey, what did I tell you people.  There's no such thing as truth in this culture today.

Frankly, these little piss ants should be flogged.  It would serve an example to the rest.

Canned Heat: Going up the country

I'm goin' up the country, babe, say that you wanna go?
I'm goin' up the country, babe, say that you wanna go?
Take you to some place that I've never been before
I'm goin', I'm goin' where the water tastes like wine
I'm goin' where the water tastes like wine
We can jump in the water, stay drunk all the time
I'm gonna leave the city, got to get away
I'm gonna leave the city, got to get away
All this fussin' and fightin', man, you know I sure can't stay
Now, baby, pack your leavin' trunk, you know you got to leave today
Now just exactly where we goin' I cannot say, but
We might even leave the U.S.A.
'Cause it's a brand new game. I want. To play.
No use of you running
Or screaming and cry
Because you got a home and
Like I've got mine.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Trump's first 100 days

Much has been made of this.  It is artificial, though.  When the term first made its appearance during the New Deal days, there was a genuine national emergency.  In addition, there was a general will to do something about that emergency.  Such an emergency is not recognized in today's political scene.  Instead, we had a united front of minority opposition from the Democrats, and a somewhat loosely united GOP majority.  This is not likely to produce much in the way of legislation.

Things have to shake out a bit before we know what kind of election we had in 2016.  I favored Trump because I thought he could forge a new majority, and could possibly use that majority in constructive ways to help this country.  As opposed to the current general feeling that there isn't an emergency, I think there is one, and should be addressed as soon as possible.

The status quo wants business as usual.  At the present, it appears that on the legislative front, they will get that.  The victory that Trump achieved was too narrow.  There is no general consensus of what needs to change, but there may be one possible that can agree that something needs to change.

I get the sense that Trump cannot put the finger on what is exactly wrong.  If he could, he may be able to rally support behind him and achieve some meaningful results.  He has yet to hit his stride.

My verdict is a mixed bag.  He has done some good stuff, but he has a long way to go in order to make it last, much less to make a lasting majority.

Thinking ahead to leaving this place

Took a drive yesterday.  I plotted out an escape route.  I call it that because this place has a confusing set of freeways.  It is rather easy to get on the wrong freeway in this place. 

Maybe it is me, but that is how it seems.

I went most of the way towards I35 W, which will take me in the direction of Austin.  Therefore, mission accomplished.

On the way, I stopped at a local mall.  Did a walkabout the darned thing.  It is kinda old looking, kinda dingy.  Reminds me a bit of the Northwest Mall in Houston, which is an old mall.  This mall ain't that bad, but it is on the way, I suspect.

Back home after a couple hours of fooling around.

This morning, I'm looking at my posts for water filtration.  I didn't see anything for powered sand filters, which are used for above ground pools.  Perhaps I can use one of this to reclaim water.  Trouble is getting soap out of the water.  Even using distillation may not get rid of it.   But there may be a trick to that.

Almost half the way through my treatments.  Getting out of here can't come soon enough.