Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Something's wrong with this picture

But I like the music, which is why I put up this post.  While I am here, I will mention that "Angel Eyes" imagines himself to be smart, but he got tricked by "Blondie".  Blondie tricks him into a three way confrontation with Tuco, but by this time, Tuco was unnecessary.  Since Angel Eyes had the drop on them both, he could have shot Tuco, and the two of them could have had the showdown between themselves.  The distraction of having Tuco in the middle of the confrontation gave Blondie an edge.  Note how cool Blondie is.  He could afford to be.  He knew that Tuco had no bullets, because he emptied Tuco's gun before the confrontation took place.

Hell, it is just a movie, but what the hell?


Er, I forgot to mention what I think is wrong here.  I don't believe that Angel Eyes would be dumb enough to fall for this trick.

That is all.

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