Thursday, April 20, 2017

France: Communist Candidate Wants 100% Tax On the Rich

France: Communist Candidate Wants 100% Tax On the Rich


It's is not a tax on wealth, therefore it is still possible to be rich.  The proposed tax only caps earnings at 400k euros.  It would be helpful if these people would report it that way.

Secondly, the tax discourages progress, yet these people are mischaracterized as "progressives".  There's nothing "progressive" about this tax proposal.  Since it discourages progress, they should not be called "progressive".

Thirdly, there is a real issue with corporations.  Corporations use their acquired economic powers to subjugate an entire society.  This is the real issue, and that is why the communists are just a bunch of stooges for the rich and powerful.  They really don't focus on the real problem, which is the use of government power to allow the powerful to self-aggrandize themselves at everyone else's expense.

People get sucked into this ideology thinking that it will make society more just.  But as politicians are ever so wont to do, it deceives everyone.  Best way to avoid deception, is to insist that people use the right names to describe what they are about.  When you want to discourage progress, you should be called anti-progressives.

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