Thursday, April 20, 2017

Kick A Females, the newest scam

Something that I noticed when watching TeeVee.  Men are almost always portrayed as idiotic and weak, especially when compared to females.

So, when I happened upon this post on Ace-- The Rise of the KAF ( Kick Ass Females ), I just had to link to it here.

Supposedly, the leftwing thinks it can alter reality with sufficient propaganda.  Although this might work on the weak minded, it won't work on those who can and will resist it.

This is all being pushed by the globalist neo-con faction, who really don't oppose the leftists.  They just pretend to do it.  That's why nothing can get done in Congress, even though the GOP controls both houses and the Presidency. 

So, who controls the neo-cons and globalists?  Big corporations and their money power.

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