Saturday, June 13, 2015

The trouble with popularity

Is reflected in this piece linked to from Instapundit.  He has a metric that is something of an indicator of popularity of that post.  On the post linked to above, he gets a 150 at the last count, which is rather high.

The problem with that is that it isn't necessarily correct.  America put a man on the moon, but that was more than 40 years ago and counting.  We may never do it again, while China is definitely going places.

Elon Musk?  Maybe he makes it to Mars and maybe he doesn't.  He runs a private company, and those can go out of business.  A government is more durable.

Pride goeth before a fall.  I would say false pride even sooner.

What's up with Ann Barnhardt?

She's awfully quiet these days.

Did the boogie man get her?

Don't mean to make too much light of this.  Maybe boogie man did get her.  The "boogie man" may be somebody you know and trust.  ( big mistake)

Review: Mountek nGroove Universal CD Slot Mount

This is over 3 years old.  He says:  "who uses CDs anymore?" like its obsolete or something.  Hey!  I'm thinking CDs are still a new tech, and this dude said it was obsolete 3 years ago.  I must be falling behind the times.

Anyway, I'm putting it up cuz it looks like something I can use.

Rodney Dangerfield - The Tonight Show

Lots of one liners.  Funny guy.

"Karl Malden stole my traveler's checks."  That one may need some explanation because it is kinda old advertisement for American Express--- "don't leave home without them".

Scott MacKenzie San Francisco 1967(original)

Heard this song over the speakers at the local supermarket.  Why put it up here?  Well.......................

It's probably not new that San Francisco was known for its, shall we say, uniqueness, for quite some time before it went all out, so to speak.

Everyone around here referred to it as the "land of fruits and nuts", as a joke.

It's not a joke anymore, and if you say such a thing, you can be in trouble.  Then you ask me why I like the old times better.

Still, it's a pretty song.  San Francisco is said to be a beautiful place.

Not to worry

That hack attack by the Chinese won't be all that big of a deal if you are really a good guy.

If you are really a good guy, then the worst thing they could get about you would cause you some embarrassment, and cause a few girls to giggle a little.

That's not fatal, but you might want to crawl into the nearest hole.

Cynical comment

Yes, I'm getting cynical about the government.  The trade bill failed yesterday because the House voted down the "bribes" that were in the accompanying bill that had to pass so that the bill could go to the White House for approval.  Got that?

All these acronyms can be confusing.  TAA is the acronym for the "bribes" for those hurt by the bill.  TPA is the authority to negotiate a deal, which is called the TPP.  TPA passed by a narrow margin due to the support of the GOP.  TAA was defeated by Democrats, which makes it possible for them to contrast themselves with the "corporate cronies" in the GOP.  That's a fair charge in my estimation.  The GOP is being dumb about this, as usual.  They are letting themselves be the bad guys against the working man while the Dems can posture about pretending to be for the little guy.  To me, the Dems would have approved a bigger aid package, and hence the "bribes" weren't big enough.  Neither are for the little guy.

If the GOP jerkwads were smarter, they would be for corporate regulatory reform.  But they like to posture as being for free enterprise, which is a load of bull.  For one thing, the biggest hurdle to free enterprise are the corporations themselves, who definitely aren't for it.

It was a good day, but it may not last.  The forces of evil never rest.

Friday, June 12, 2015

A little quibble, but otherwise okay

The commie pinko rag called the "Guardian" has called Senator Inhofe a "climate denier".  What the hell is a "climate denier"?  It should read man-made global warming skeptic.  Which is an honorable and yes, scientific position to take.  Global warming is being peddled as a religion and needs the Pope to help them out with the disbelievers.  Dragging the Pope into the middle of the scientific debate doesn't look very scientific to me.

But that's the pinkos.  What did Inhofe say that draws a quibble?

He didn't use "man made" when he referred to "global warming".

Home again, 6/12/15

Unsettling day.  Another very slow day.  It started with one of my tires being low on air.  Filled it with air and worked all day with it, but by the end of the day, it needed air again.  Filled it again, and went to have it checked out.  Previous repair failed.  Redid the repair and hopefully it will hold this time.  Otherwise, I may have to get another tire.

Things like that, and more besides.

Meanwhile, I cannot finish my application at Uber until I get documents, and that may take the end of next week.

Bills piling up and no money coming in.  Not a good combination.

Oh, and ObamaTrade gets passed.  Way to go, GOP.


Oops!!!   I may have gotten bad info.  Other sources say it failed.

Chinese hacking

Let me tell you something.  I know how that feels.  To clarify for the purposes of discussion, I believe my personal information was hacked in my past, and was being used against me.  For what purpose?  Let's call it a sexual rivalry.  I don't even have all the details of the damage that was done to this very day.  It's been a long time, too.

The damage done in such a scenario is hard to imagine.  On a national scale, as such be the case with China, it is unforgivable.  We trust our government to provide us with security, yet here they are failing at that very critical task.

Now, to compare my own situation with this?  My excuse was I wasn't even aware of such a possibility.  It wasn't even established that there could be such a motive, but it was later discovered ( and remembered ) that there was something after all.  At the time, it made no sense at all.  Only later, when small pieces of information was gathered here and there, was I able to put together a reasonable explanation to what had happened in my own case.

The government must know it has enemies.  I didn't know I had one.

I may seem paranoid at times, but it is only because even paranoids have real enemies.

Checking in, 6/12/15

Time goes by fast when you are having fun.  Yuketty, yuk, yuk.  I'm having a lot of fun here rassling with my printers.  Yes, it seems that a printer has gone bye-bye and now does not work.  In the meantime, I still need to print something, so I have another computer, but it is also giving me troubles.

For a guy with a computer science degree, I really hate computers sometimes.

Computers are the only things that have really advanced much in the last 50 years.  Come to think of it, I've expressed that thought many times.  When you get right down to it, we had the same things we have today when I was younger.  We had TV's.  We had music.  We had air conditioners.  We had telephones.  But we didn't have computers at home.  We didn't have the internet.

The thing I'm trying to copy is an inspection report for my car.  You need that now in this state, as the state has eliminated the inspection sticker.  When you want registration tags ( metal tags or license plates ), you have to present this paper in order to get it.  The guy who sold me this car failed to give it to me, so I called him and he emailed me a photo of it.  That will do as long as you've got a printer that works.  Ha, ha.

Anyway, I've been rassling with this thing this morning and so I don't have a whole lot to write about.

But I can sure b-eye-itch about the complexity of computers as they are becoming too much a part of our lives.  You know, you don't really need all this complexity, but it is being forced upon us as usual by the powers-that-be.

The computers have to run all the complex crap that you now have to have in order to satisfy the control freaks in Washington DC.

Yet, these computers can be more of a problem than a solution.  They can be hacked.  By the way, I mentioned to a younger guy yesterday how I believed that Microsoft deliberately made software in a way that made it vulnerable to hacking.  There really isn't any excuse for hacking.  It can be stopped, but these corporations that so many believe in, like Microsoft, engineered their products so that you have to keep coming back to them in order to fix something that has gone wrong.  And hacking is a thing that is allowed so that you will have to come back to them for a solution for this problem.

Anyway, computers are vulnerable and can be unreliable.  Yet we are basing so much of our lives upon something that is so fragile that a Mickey Mouse country like North Korea can fry every single one of them if they decide to do it.

Yet, people don't seem to notice or care that things are really getting screwed up in this country.  Not only this, but there are many things.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Home again, 6/11/15

It appears that the car problem may be minor.  Still awaiting the final verdict on that one.  If everything is all right, it will still take time to get the documents cleared so I can go to work.  It could be another 2 weeks.

Very slow day today as well.  The extra money could come in handy, especially since I spent so much money for so much stuff.

I'm walking on a thin line.  The margin for error has gotten mighty small.

Bruce Jenner, unwitting Cultural Marxist dupe

Paul Kengor, American Thinker

The hard fact for these communists was that at the core of Western civilization was a pesky morality derived from the Old and New Testaments, from the traditional family and tradition itself, from an understanding that freedom was not license, and from the realization that one’s passions needed to be occasionally checked. To Lukacs, these vital human realities that undergirded Western civilization were repressive obstacles to the new society they envisioned. “Of these obstacles,” wrote Toledano, “the two greatest were God and the family…
If you aren't saying these kinds of things, and claim to be a conservative, then I have a question for you:  "What the hell are you trying to conserve?"

Trojan horse has done its work

"Obama Is Destroying Europe", "Dragging It Into A Crusade Against Russia" Says Former French PM

Bush tries to run as a Democrat and fails

But that is not how it is portrayed, of course.  Bush tries to be like them, but he will never be accepted by them.

The audience murmured disapprovingly at his remark that one can “combat climate change a lot by hurting the economy.” His compliment to Merkel for her toughness on sanctions against Russia sounded like faint praise, once he warned against “tepid” reaction to President Vladimir Putin’s “bad behavior.”

Bush goes to Germany to get their approval when he should be considering ending the alliance.  He compliments Merkel for sanctions against Russia, when it was the West that picked a fight over Ukraine in the first place.

Why end the alliance?  What the hell are we doing aligning ourselves with the man made global warming fanatics?  What the hell are we doing by picking a fight with Russia over Ukraine?  What the hell are we doing with aligning with people who have abandoned Western traditions?  ( homosexual marriage )

We've got bigger problems here at home.  Internationalism has failed us.  Bush fails because he wants to be one of them and being one of them is not what we should wish for ourselves.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Home again, 6/10/15

Very warm day, and slow business.  It's that time of the year.

I wrote this post a good bit after I got home and reviewed the news.  Things are not very cheery about now.  Neither at home or in the world.

One thing that comes to mind is that scene in Brave New World, in which the World Controller asks the Savage why he beats himself with a whip.  I am like that with myself sometimes.  Especially when I screw up.

Unfortunately for me, I have made a mistake.  How much it will hurt will largely depend on what it will take to make things right.  There seems to be a problem with the car.

This is not good.  Nothing seems to be anymore.  There's a saying "everything's coming up roses".  My situation is the opposite.  If this continues, the only thing going up will be daisies.

Homosexual marriage could be the new slavery


In some of the books that I read, cannot remember which, so there may be some confusion here.  A couple:  Roots by Alex Haley, and The Autobiography of Malcolm X, it was observed that all the ancestry of the black people were taken from the slaves.  Cut people off from their past, and you demoralize them and can control them better.  The same can be said of homosexual marriage because there can be no genealogy there--- no family trees because there ain't none.  You cannot manufacture one either even if you use test tube babies.  Those eggs and sperm must come from strangers, not from people within the family.  There's no mom and dad, there's just egg donors and sperm donors.  Quite the difference.

Genealogy part 2

Just a quick comment upon that first post.  If there is homosexual marriage, future generations won't be able to trace their ancestry.  That is, the future homosexual "families" won't be able to trace their ancestry.  They can only trace their ancestry through heterosexual unions this very day.  But if they are "married" and "have" children, those children won't be the offspring of that union, but a synthetic one created in its place.  The real one will remain unknown.

Our culture is being Bruce Jennerized.

Jobs are disappearing thanks to robots

Be afraid, be very afraid

If I may add the comment, the reason for the robots is to make more and more money.  What good is money to people if they haven't got it or can't use it?

What good is it to people if the world is run by robots?

Money trap

So, I'll blog a bit more.  The next few weeks could be unstable, as I try out the new job.  If it works pretty well, I may get out of the delivery business and just do the Uber thing.

Anyway, I had a thought to share, so I'll post something on it.  It has occurred to me that the current thinking patterns of the so-called right will have to change.  Yes, and that is because they are changing for the worse due to the fact that they are trending towards support of homosexual marriage.

As noted before, this phenomenon of homosexual marriage is coming from rich people.  It isn't bubbling up from the common people, although many of them probably are getting it from propaganda networks.

So, the driver of this is the upper classes, meaning the upper economic classes.  Those below aren't so quick to accept this.  The way the rich are corrupting the poor is with bribes.  In fact, money drives it all.

In order to fight this, you may have to do something that will look as if it is coming from the left.  You will have to attack corporations and the well to do.  You will have to attack globalism.

Well, if the right won't change its thinking, then they must become an adversary.  But that doesn't make the left a friend.  The left wants the same kind of things too, and the other things they want aren't any good at all.

What to do, then?  As mentioned, go after the corporations.  Break them up, regulate them, tax them.

There may not be a whole lot of time, come to think of it.  The governments are going after the current social organization.  That's what the homosexual marriage thing is about.  The corporations run the government, not the people.

Somehow, the people have to keep themselves together and resist the encroachments of the corporations and their bought and paid for henchmen in the government.

How?  Through churches, but these are run by money too.  Somehow, they have to reorganize themselves so that they can become a force for freedom from the corporations and their corrupting influence.  They have to free themselves from the money trap.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Posting may be light going forward

The idea is to do video blogging, but realistically, will there be time for all that?

Another thought came to mind:  Why?  Why spend so much time and effort on something that yields so little of anything really.  Or has it?

What has this blog done for me for the last 4 3/4 years?  The project that I have spent so much time on and now money, "da Ranch", is an outgrowth of the blogging efforts.  Was this a blessing or a curse?  For I am going broke fast.  Ironic that I decided to buy the land in order to have a cheap place to live, yet it is taking all my money in order to try to make it work.

It may be enough to bring one to despair.  I'm hoping that I am doing the right thing, but it may end up being the wrong thing after all.

Such is my lot.  Such has always been my lot.  Not to be self-pitying.  I am satisfied that I'm doing all I can, but I am just saying that my efforts may come up short.

Coming up short is not impressive, but is stated only in order to be as honest as I am capable of being.  Whatever I do here, it is always been sincerely done.

I'm not quitting, but embarking upon a new way.  It may not work out as I hope, that's all.

Support for homosexual marriage may be soft

But nobody is fighting very hard against it.

According to polling data here, my take on it leads me to believe it is an Obama phenomenon amongst the black folks, and perhaps something of a fad amongst the white folks.

In other words, if the Supreme Court doesn't make it a right, it may be successfully fought off if there was a sufficient campaign that was run against it.

It's a winnable fight, but does anybody want to win it?

Want a law passed? Bribe your Senator!

Want a law passed? Bribe your Senator!

comment:  We are boned for sure.  If they can sell out on this, then there's really not much left to save of this country.

I'm getting Uberized

Bit the bullet yesterday and bought a car.  It is a Nissan Versa, 2011.

Yep, the cheapest thing I could find that should fit into the guidelines.  Still, the costs of this move is not insignificant.

Now, I have to get squared away on the paperwork, which may take some time.  Hopefully, not more than a few days.  Once I'm done, I'll be ready to give rides and earn money to pay for all this stuff.

Once I begin to work in the car, I will be really strapped for time, unless I only work weekends.  To be honest about it, there may not be much time available for work unless I rearrange my schedule.  Which means less blogging.  Or to put it more accurately, spend less time on the computer and more elsewhere.

I figured I could video blog and post it up here every day in order to keep the blog going.

Lots to do and little time to do them.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Bruce Jenner, decathlete

Hey, there ain't no way a woman wins those.

Bruce Jenner is a man.

He fathered children.  How does a woman do this?????  Six kids??????

I know.  I know.  It is what a person wants that overrides everything.  What Bruce wants is to be a woman now, and that is all that matters.  We have to respect his ( her ) decision.

Phooey.  What's gonna make me respect this?  You gonna shoot me if I don't?  Even if you did, I would still call you a liar.

Quick one before I go, 6/8/15

Ah, that topic has arisen again.  Just won't DIE.

Okay, let's get on with it.  It's Limbaugh.  He seemed to pushing the idea that the homosexuals are a permanent minority of say 1 or 2 per cent.

I think this is one of two things:  1) It is an outright lie, as Rush himself has said that homosexuals recruit, or 2) Rush is kidding himself, and therefore, he is kidding the rest of his listeners.  Apologies for this statement about Rush and to Rush if I am wrong.  I am relying upon memory alone and cannot back up that statement with citations.

Why else would homosexuals want the right to marry?  TO INCREASE THEIR NUMBERS.  THEY RECRUIT.  The Supreme Court's seal of approval upon homosexuality would increase their opportunities to recruit.

If that one doesn't hit you square in the jaw and shake you up a bit, nothing can.

Checking in, 6/8/15

There's not much time each day, so I'd better make the most of it when it is available.  So, here's another checking in type post.

I didn't get the car over the weekend largely because I want to keep the van, but it costs so much money to insure it.  Of course, I can park it and not insure it.  That's taking a risk, but is it manageable?

Maybe the car isn't acceptable anyway.  It looks good from what I saw of it, but I didn't test drive it, nor did I take it to a mechanic and have him check it out.  I could do that today if I wish.  We discussed trade in at the dealership, but the only way I trade it in is if I get fair value for it, and you have to know what they'll say about that.

To do all that takes time, so should I take the day off?

On an unrelated note:

While I'm here cogitating on this decision, I'm also thinking about this same topic I've beaten the hell out of recently.  Look, if the Supreme Court does another Roe v. Wade, they will have crossed the Rubicon on the social issues.  Not that that matters anymore to anybody, but for perhaps a few.

Julius Caesar crossed the Rubicon, and that was the end of the Roman Republic.  The social issues like this one are a bright red line that must not be crossed.

Why should this decision be like that?  Caesar broke long standing law and tradition.  Once he crossed that line, all bets were off.  These people in power today are pressing some buttons that will not be easy to undo.

If you wish, you could look upon these people as modern day Caesars.  They, like Caesars, are conquering us.   They are destroying what we once were, and they are replacing it with something else.

Time has shown that the Empire that the Caesars created could not endure.  They didn't have the benefit of history.  They had an excuse, but we won't.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Endeavor to persevere

In my genealogy foray, I discovered that my great great grandmother was 100% Cherokee injun.


That explains everything.  "White man has been sneaking up on us for years."  "We are civilized because we are easy to sneak up on".

What if you are right, but it doesn't matter?

What I mean is what if you are short the market, and it crashes?  You should make a bundle right?  But what if you cannot collect?

I'm short the market, but it may not do me any good at all if I cannot collect my earnings.

I'm short the market because I have no confidence in the policy makers.  Even if I am proven right, it may not even matter.

Well, that would really suck.

I read on Zero Hedge that the market was closed for months during World War I.  There can be a lot of shenanigans in that amount of time.  You can bet some people are gonna be sheltered from their mistakes, and so there will be no accountability.  But didn't that happen in 2008?  Yep.  History repeats itself.  First as tragedy, then as farce.  If this downturn happens, will it be a farce or a tragedy this time?

Quayle Bentsen debate

It's been reviewed before countless times, no doubt.  Even on this here blog.

What could have Quayle done to redress the harm done to him by Bentsen?  Anybody ever thought about that?

The verbal attack on Quayle was a hit below the belt.  When you do that while challenging the man personally, it can be potentially dangerous.  It wasn't in this case, but there has been at least two cases in history in which a pair of political figures crossed lances.

One resulted in a death of Alexander Hamilton in a duel with Aaron Burr, then Vice President of the United States.  The other involved a member of the House and a Senator.  I'd have to look it up, but I think it was Preston Brooks who attacked Charles Sumner in Congress.  Physically attacked him in so brutal a fashion as to put him out of commission for awhile.

Too many people don't realize what they are doing sometimes.  Hopefully, I won't make that mistake, but it is always possible to make mistakes.

I'm not the only one who is capable of making mistakes.  Anyone is.  Therefore, instead of criticizing Quayle, he should be commended on his self control.  Bentsen should have been censured for his rudeness.  But that's not the way the public saw it.  That's what I  mean.  You don't know what you are doing sometimes, and it can be a big mistake.  You may see a situation spiral out of control.  It behooves us to show a little prudence in the way in which we conduct ourselves.

But that may be asking too much.  Perhaps Quayle's response really was evidence of a lack of ability.


This hasn't been a big topic for me in the past, and it isn't meant to start being one.  It's quite a bit interesting though, to be able to trace back your ancestry all the way to the Old Country.  Yup.  A couple branches go all the way back that far.  Woo hoo.


From Like a Virgin 1985.

This looks pretty tame for what she came out with later.  Isn't that the pattern?  Miley Cyrus looked pretty tame, then she went wild, just like Madonna.

You might be saying " don't be a prude".  Nope, I don't think I was that much of one.  Only asking, is this a good thing?  Where does it all lead to?  Or does that matter to anyone?

I knew a gal that appeared to be a Madonna fan.  I say appeared to be because she seemed to want conflicting things.  She admired Madonna, but she longed for family.  What Madonna represents cannot be compatible with family values.  Sorry, sometimes you have to make choices.