Thursday, June 11, 2015

Bush tries to run as a Democrat and fails

But that is not how it is portrayed, of course.  Bush tries to be like them, but he will never be accepted by them.

The audience murmured disapprovingly at his remark that one can “combat climate change a lot by hurting the economy.” His compliment to Merkel for her toughness on sanctions against Russia sounded like faint praise, once he warned against “tepid” reaction to President Vladimir Putin’s “bad behavior.”

Bush goes to Germany to get their approval when he should be considering ending the alliance.  He compliments Merkel for sanctions against Russia, when it was the West that picked a fight over Ukraine in the first place.

Why end the alliance?  What the hell are we doing aligning ourselves with the man made global warming fanatics?  What the hell are we doing by picking a fight with Russia over Ukraine?  What the hell are we doing with aligning with people who have abandoned Western traditions?  ( homosexual marriage )

We've got bigger problems here at home.  Internationalism has failed us.  Bush fails because he wants to be one of them and being one of them is not what we should wish for ourselves.

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