Tuesday, June 9, 2015

I'm getting Uberized

Bit the bullet yesterday and bought a car.  It is a Nissan Versa, 2011.

Yep, the cheapest thing I could find that should fit into the guidelines.  Still, the costs of this move is not insignificant.

Now, I have to get squared away on the paperwork, which may take some time.  Hopefully, not more than a few days.  Once I'm done, I'll be ready to give rides and earn money to pay for all this stuff.

Once I begin to work in the car, I will be really strapped for time, unless I only work weekends.  To be honest about it, there may not be much time available for work unless I rearrange my schedule.  Which means less blogging.  Or to put it more accurately, spend less time on the computer and more elsewhere.

I figured I could video blog and post it up here every day in order to keep the blog going.

Lots to do and little time to do them.

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