Friday, June 12, 2015

Chinese hacking

Let me tell you something.  I know how that feels.  To clarify for the purposes of discussion, I believe my personal information was hacked in my past, and was being used against me.  For what purpose?  Let's call it a sexual rivalry.  I don't even have all the details of the damage that was done to this very day.  It's been a long time, too.

The damage done in such a scenario is hard to imagine.  On a national scale, as such be the case with China, it is unforgivable.  We trust our government to provide us with security, yet here they are failing at that very critical task.

Now, to compare my own situation with this?  My excuse was I wasn't even aware of such a possibility.  It wasn't even established that there could be such a motive, but it was later discovered ( and remembered ) that there was something after all.  At the time, it made no sense at all.  Only later, when small pieces of information was gathered here and there, was I able to put together a reasonable explanation to what had happened in my own case.

The government must know it has enemies.  I didn't know I had one.

I may seem paranoid at times, but it is only because even paranoids have real enemies.

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