Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Money trap

So, I'll blog a bit more.  The next few weeks could be unstable, as I try out the new job.  If it works pretty well, I may get out of the delivery business and just do the Uber thing.

Anyway, I had a thought to share, so I'll post something on it.  It has occurred to me that the current thinking patterns of the so-called right will have to change.  Yes, and that is because they are changing for the worse due to the fact that they are trending towards support of homosexual marriage.

As noted before, this phenomenon of homosexual marriage is coming from rich people.  It isn't bubbling up from the common people, although many of them probably are getting it from propaganda networks.

So, the driver of this is the upper classes, meaning the upper economic classes.  Those below aren't so quick to accept this.  The way the rich are corrupting the poor is with bribes.  In fact, money drives it all.

In order to fight this, you may have to do something that will look as if it is coming from the left.  You will have to attack corporations and the well to do.  You will have to attack globalism.

Well, if the right won't change its thinking, then they must become an adversary.  But that doesn't make the left a friend.  The left wants the same kind of things too, and the other things they want aren't any good at all.

What to do, then?  As mentioned, go after the corporations.  Break them up, regulate them, tax them.

There may not be a whole lot of time, come to think of it.  The governments are going after the current social organization.  That's what the homosexual marriage thing is about.  The corporations run the government, not the people.

Somehow, the people have to keep themselves together and resist the encroachments of the corporations and their bought and paid for henchmen in the government.

How?  Through churches, but these are run by money too.  Somehow, they have to reorganize themselves so that they can become a force for freedom from the corporations and their corrupting influence.  They have to free themselves from the money trap.

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