Monday, June 8, 2015

Checking in, 6/8/15

There's not much time each day, so I'd better make the most of it when it is available.  So, here's another checking in type post.

I didn't get the car over the weekend largely because I want to keep the van, but it costs so much money to insure it.  Of course, I can park it and not insure it.  That's taking a risk, but is it manageable?

Maybe the car isn't acceptable anyway.  It looks good from what I saw of it, but I didn't test drive it, nor did I take it to a mechanic and have him check it out.  I could do that today if I wish.  We discussed trade in at the dealership, but the only way I trade it in is if I get fair value for it, and you have to know what they'll say about that.

To do all that takes time, so should I take the day off?

On an unrelated note:

While I'm here cogitating on this decision, I'm also thinking about this same topic I've beaten the hell out of recently.  Look, if the Supreme Court does another Roe v. Wade, they will have crossed the Rubicon on the social issues.  Not that that matters anymore to anybody, but for perhaps a few.

Julius Caesar crossed the Rubicon, and that was the end of the Roman Republic.  The social issues like this one are a bright red line that must not be crossed.

Why should this decision be like that?  Caesar broke long standing law and tradition.  Once he crossed that line, all bets were off.  These people in power today are pressing some buttons that will not be easy to undo.

If you wish, you could look upon these people as modern day Caesars.  They, like Caesars, are conquering us.   They are destroying what we once were, and they are replacing it with something else.

Time has shown that the Empire that the Caesars created could not endure.  They didn't have the benefit of history.  They had an excuse, but we won't.

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