Saturday, June 13, 2015

Cynical comment

Yes, I'm getting cynical about the government.  The trade bill failed yesterday because the House voted down the "bribes" that were in the accompanying bill that had to pass so that the bill could go to the White House for approval.  Got that?

All these acronyms can be confusing.  TAA is the acronym for the "bribes" for those hurt by the bill.  TPA is the authority to negotiate a deal, which is called the TPP.  TPA passed by a narrow margin due to the support of the GOP.  TAA was defeated by Democrats, which makes it possible for them to contrast themselves with the "corporate cronies" in the GOP.  That's a fair charge in my estimation.  The GOP is being dumb about this, as usual.  They are letting themselves be the bad guys against the working man while the Dems can posture about pretending to be for the little guy.  To me, the Dems would have approved a bigger aid package, and hence the "bribes" weren't big enough.  Neither are for the little guy.

If the GOP jerkwads were smarter, they would be for corporate regulatory reform.  But they like to posture as being for free enterprise, which is a load of bull.  For one thing, the biggest hurdle to free enterprise are the corporations themselves, who definitely aren't for it.

It was a good day, but it may not last.  The forces of evil never rest.

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