Saturday, May 13, 2017

Spacex's four pillars of success

Check out the comment section of this NBF post.

This blog has been about finding the reasons for why this country specifically, and Western Civ in general, has been in a state of decline.  Plenty of good reasons in those comments.

But nobody is listening, of course.  They are all focused in on shit that doesn't mean anything.

Think it through

What is all the hubbub about with respect to the alleged Russian meddling?

Isn't it about influence?  Did the Russians actually cause machines to reflect falsified returns?  If it did, nobody has produced any evidence of that.  If it isn't anything tangible, then it must be influence that the Democrats are complaining about.

But look who has all the influence.  Democrats own the media.  People hear nothing but a pro-Democrat spin to all the current events.  You look around and you see it all over the place.  There's nothing but wall-to-wall anti-Trump messaging.

How is it that just a few snippets of information that deviates from the dominant messaging, how is this going to throw the election to Trump?

The Russians hacked Podesta's emails?  Yeah?  Well, so what.  Anybody could have done that, according to what I heard.  It was a simple phishing attack.  If Hillary had been more careful, this wouldn't have happened.  If she had been more honest, the emails would not have made any difference.  If this influenced people's decision, what difference does it make?

What worries me is not what Trump did.  It is what people may think that Trump did when all they hear is how he did stuff that has not been demonstrated to have occurred.  In other words, speculation and fake news.

People are swayed by the fake news and the fake accusations, and the fakery in general.  There is very little truth behind it.  Indeed, if anything goes against the orthodoxy, it is suppressed.  The hacked emails went against the orthodoxy, and these people are besides themselves that something true made it through their noise machine.

All of this because of hacked emails?  It's not the emails that bothered them.  It is the contrary information.  It is their turf, and the Russians are said to have violated their turf.  If it is the Russians.  It may be some kid in the basement.

The media says it is the Russians, but who is the source?  What are the grounds for the assertions?  Can this be proven in a court of law?  If it is the news, it doesn't have to be.  But in a court of law, it does have to be.

Politicians can lie.  But in a courtroom, a lie can get you charged for perjury.

There's no limit to how many lies can be told in the media and by politicians.  No proof has to be presented.

Where's the proof?


Trump has people all tied up in knots over nothing.  Yet, instead of seeing how silly they are--- to wrapped up in knots over nothing--- they are acting with outrage that Trump is making them look silly.  That's how it looks to me.  Anything could happen here.  If you make somebody look bad, they won't necessarily like you for it. They may retaliate.  It just looks to me why he was elected in the first place--- to drain the swamp.  But the swamp creatures may be too big and too many to drain from the swamp.

In my book, Trump is okay on this.  A whole lot of other people aren't.  But we really don't have faces and names, because they are hiding in the swamp.

Saving some thoughts

Usually scan the news first, but not this morning.  Scanning the news is a distraction.  It causes me to forget what I was thinking about before I started reading.

Here's some thoughts:

Cultural shifts

Musing for a moment on a song that this radio station keeps playing--- the chorus goes --- "play that funky music white boy" and   ( "till you die" ).  I researched it, the group, and the lead singer.  They sounded black, but he isn't, and the band isn't.  Or is it that they don't look black?   Found a connection to the late Terry Knight, formerly of the rock group Grand Funk Railroad.  Was the song about self deprecation of "white boys"?  Or about cultural appropriation?  Whose culture that is being appropriated here?

Is there some sort of subliminal message in that song?  If the words to a song aren't important, then why bleep out the words to the Dire Straits song Money for nothing.  There's a reference to the word "faggot" in that song, in case you are not familiar.  But, "White boy" is an insult too.  Black boys don't like to be called that.  What's up with that phrase "till you die"?  Till whiteness no longer exists?

Cultural appropriation is a term going around lately.  Is this  a type of racial separatism?  There is this tendency towards separation --- "safe spaces" as it is called.  This is quite different from the integration that was pushed in the sixties and seventies.  Instead of mixing the races and cultures, now there is a push to separate them.  But this is only one way, mind you.  Questions should be asked, but in this modern culture of professional grievance mongers, and safe spaces, one cannot say the wrong word, or the vitriol comes a running.

A Theory:  Acceptance of the premises of the cultural wreckers.

Pulling down statues of Confederate heroes in New Orleans and other places.  What does that mean?   Cassius Clay v Muhammad Ali  as an example of hatred directed towards Western Civilization, and what it will mean.  Not everything about the Confederacy was wrong, and not everything about the Union was right.  Look what we have today:  a tendency towards way too much power concentrated in too few hands.  It is in the hands of corporations and globalists, who are destroying our traditional culture, and trying to make it into a one world state.  Conservatives are now associated with this.  How can they be truly conservative and be associated with the destruction of our culture?

Why erase the history of great Confederate generals?  Why erase the history of the Confederacy?  Why erase the history of a great American novel like Huckleberry Finn?  Nobody gets to ask questions if the questions are censored.

It wasn't all about slavery.  The war was about centralized power versus decentralized power.  As one historian mentioned, the United States of America became an "is" as opposed to an "are".  That distinction is the result of a conjugation of the verb "to be":  it means a diverse culture of states being transformed into a single culture controlled by just a few in a far away capitol.

How they discredit Christianity:

Christianity has been getting mixed up with slavery, at least according to the wreckers.  But Christianity was the motive force behind the Abolitionist movement--- see Cassius Clay.  It sure wasn't Islam--- see Muhammad Ali.  And now Christianity is getting associated with homosexuality.  It runs rampant in the Catholic priesthood.  It also runs rampant amongst the jihadists.  Little wonder then that the churches are emptying.  Why would any normal person want to be associated with that?

Nature abhors a vacuum.  As whiteness is discredited along with Christianity, what is to take its place?  Islam and homosexuality?

Can we even ask that question?  The home of the free and the brave is to replaced by homosexuality and safe spaces?

Friday, May 12, 2017


Note that this is called hearsay in courtrooms.  The Democrats want a special prosecutor on the flimsiest of pretexts, and to support it, they rely upon hearsay that reporters put out there.

They’re gonna find an anonymous source that’s once or three times removed from Comey who says, “I don’t think that the director would ever say that.” They’re not gonna find somebody to deny it outright.--- Rush Limbaugh

Incidentally, even if somebody denied it outright, it would still be hearsay!  They cannot even get that!

Comey has to deny himself (that he said something), or otherwise it means nothing.

Update(s): 8:23:

There's a saying with regard to these type of situations.  It goes something like this: if you have the facts on your side, you pound the facts.  If you have the law on your side, you pound the law.  If you have neither the law nor the facts on your side, you pound the table.

The Democrats have neither the law nor the facts on their side.  So, they are pounding the table.  They have been doing that since last November, when it was apparent that Hillary lost the election.

How long can they pound the table?  Until November next year?


Anonymous leaks are said to be making Trump paranoid.  But why are they anonymous? Are whistleblowers protected?  What retribution can be directed towards them if they made themselves known?

These people are said to be "patriots".  They are traitors.  If there was anything factual, why not say so openly?  You have to do that in court, you know.  You cannot convict someone based upon secret testimony.


Aren't we not supposed to have rule of law?  If a president is to be forced out, should it not be because of some violation of law?  What law has been violated?  In all these months, it has yet to be identified.  This is not rule of law.  This is a cabal of men who seek to bring down a president just because of a political disagreement.  If it is a law, then name it.  Set up the witnesses and take the testimony in open court under oath.  Under a rule of law, that would be the procedure.

Furthermore, the Kayfabe, or fakery of this should be clear.  Anybody can lie behind cover.


Let's see.  We've got mystery laws, mystery witnesses, and now mysterious threats.  But what is the biggest mystery of all?   That I give a crap.  But hey, we're thrown into the battle, and the people must have battles.

We can call it the mystery battle.


Looks like somebody besides myself thinks the country has gone batshit crazy.  It isn't just media, and it isn't just Democrats, unfortunately.

But let's soldier on in this mystery battle.  If for no other reason than to see what's on the other side of this shit.  Probably the same old assholes.

Somebody's gotta do it.

What to watch for

We've got a real problem here.  The Democrats are going to block the Senate's business until they get their way on a special prosecutor.

The two people to watch are the POTUS himself, and the Senate majority leader McConnell.  As of now, Trump seems to have signed an executive order to look into the integrity of the election.  This is not going to satisfy Democrats, of course.  McConnell said he will block the idea of naming a special prosecutor.

If either of these two start to cave, look out.  That's because a special prosecutor has no basis for an investigation.  There has to be a crime, and no crime has been established.  So, what is the legal basis for one?  It is a prosecutor in search of a crime, not a crime to be prosecuted.  In short, it is a fishing expedition.  Why fund one?  It could only happen if one or the other crumble in the face of pressure.

I guess we'll get to see if they will hold up, or for how long.

In the meantime, the Senate's business will grind to a halt.  Isn't it interesting how this always works to the advantage of Democrats?

Duck Soup

If you want my opinion on things, I'd say it is rather ducky at the moment.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Kayfabe revisited

There was this theory floating around prior to election day, which claimed a number of things about Trump.

Memory serves that he didn't want to be president, according to this theory.  Now that he is, it is becoming increasingly difficult for me to understand where he is going with all this.

It may well turn out to be Kayfabe after all in that it is to become more of a spectacle than anything serious.

Here is American civilization in full decadence mode.  It is all bread and circuses now.   Literally.

It seems that in Roman history that a Roman emperor might have named one of his horses as his one of his officials, or something like that.  You know, just off the wall crap like that.  You need to be serious about what you do, but if you have got somebody like that running things, good things cannot happen.  A society could lose its sense of purpose, its reason for being.

Actually, the Roman Empire began its decline after the last of the so called Good Emperors.  This much I remember from history.  The successor, who was Marcus Aurelius' son, Commodus, would fight like a Gladiator in the Colosseum.   It scandalized the public at that time.  Rome never recovered.

Something of this spirit was depicted in the movie Gladiator, as bread was thrown into the stands just prior to the match.  Bread and circuses, you see, to entertain the crowd.

It seems that history is repeating itself.  Trump is going to fight like a Gladiator, and we are to be entertained.   Perhaps the Kayfabe scenario will play itself out after all.

Update(s) 9:37 pm :

If all of this is this is to become a spectacle, then who are the gladiators?  Perhaps we are.  One should ask this question:  why should I care about what happens to Trump?  Only because he is president, and he is the head of state of the government?  Yeah, because you don't want chaos.

But chaos requires resolution of some kind.  Inevitably, a conflict must ensue, and then there will be a fight, but who does the fighting?  The partisans on each side?  But once again, why should we care?

If you voted for Trump, you are likely to be disappointed.  He doesn't seem to be getting any support for his plans, or his purported plans.  But then there are conservatives, who probably don't want chaos.  Then there are others who want whatever it is that they want.  Plenty of would be combatants.

At any rate, the current accusations appear ridiculous.  But so is professional wrestling. That's where the Kayfabe term came from.  It's like WWW stuff.  Fake.  Not there for anything serious, just for your entertainment.

Why do they hate us?

That question might be recalled from the time of the September 11, 2001 attacks.  It has occurred to me what the reason is now.  It is this raging globalist one world corporatism that is now overtaken the United States.  It was not evident to me back then, but it is now.

Why now?  Because the globalists have overrun the rest of the world, but had not overrun the American culture quite yet.  Now that there's same sex marriage in the United States, and unlimited immigration, it is becoming all too apparent that traditional American culture is on the way out.  They have all but won.  Those who might oppose them may discover that their efforts are too little and too late.

This is precisely why the raging globalist one world corporatists were hated then and why the Trumpists may find why the rest of the world hates these globalists, and wonder why we are still joined with these globalists.  These globalists sure do not like us very much in our own country.  Or should I say what used to be our country. 

The raging globalist one world statists want to impose their vision upon the entire world.  That is why they are hated.  We are hated because we will not oppose them.  We have been gulled into thinking that they are our friends, these globalists.

I think the rest of the world prefers that the globalists would leave them alone.  Also, the traditional American culture would like the raging globalist one world statists to just go away.  But those who would oppose them don't quite get it yet.  The raging globalist one world corporatists have declared war on traditional cultures for a long time now.  It is our turn now.  The time to oppose them in this country is at hand.  But it appears that it is too little and too late.

They won't go away until they are driven away.  It may take a world war to do it.

No apologies necessary

Now this is how you react to Comey's firing.

There's too much of not acting like this.


Since I just complained about the lack of time, it should also be noted that everybody is in charge of how to spend one's own time.  There are so many distractions that you could literally become confused with all of it, and totally lose focus on what you are supposed to be doing.

Supposedly, I have been spending time on my moonshot.  But little progress has been made.  Nothing is out there.  It has been nearly three years since I bought that property in the desert.  I am going to build a home out there and live on it.  One of these days.

On the other hand, just about everything that could go wrong has gone wrong.  I got cancer.

Now that this latest distraction is coming to a close, I can go back home and get some stuff done.

One more hump day left.  Hump day is Wednesday, in case you are not familiar with that dialect.  Next Wednesday will be the last one here, if nothing goes wrong.  But there are two Mondays left.  Also, two Thursdays and two Fridays. 

I am feeling pretty much the same as what I did when I came here.  The doctor says that may well be the case.  Things may actually get worse.  But they can also get better.  It is a waiting game for the next three months, and then there will be a followup.

What to do with my time?  One thing is that I cannot go out west until I am cleared.  So, the next three months, I will be testing ideas, and hopefully the cancer will be deemed under control, and I can get even more ambitious.

Obligatory, 5.11.17

Traffic has gone up recently, should I say, with Comey's firing.  Okay, since there may be new folks coming here lately, let me explain some stuff.

I use the term "obligatory" because I want to post something every day.  This is a one man operation, and I receive no financial backing from anyone.  Since I have no help, it is difficult to write about a whole lot.  Writing is labor intensive.  For a one hundred word essay, it may take an hour to compose and type it up.  Time is short.  Therefore, not much new reading material here.  But there's an accumulation of six years worth of writing.  You could spend a lot of time here, if you chose to.

When I first started the blog, I hoped that one day, it would make money.  Since then, I have long given up on that idea.  Now, I do not want backing at all.  That is because money tends to corrupt.  This blog has always been an attempt to understand what has gone wrong in our society, and to suggest some things that we can do about it.  It may help my credibility not to accept funding from anybody, because there's just too much corruption out there already.  I don't want to add to it, hopefully.

I could write about just about anything each day.  But some stuff has been omitted.  I try not to post too much personal stuff.  I leave out names of people I know, for the sake of privacy.  Anybody can post a comment here, but they must leave an identity.  Abuse won't be tolerated, but dissent is welcome.  This is not intended to be an echo chamber.

Aside from all that, this is a pretty open forum.  Nobody comments here, though.  I suspect that another phenomenon taking place is that people only want their biases confirmed.  They only go to places that say what they believe themselves.  Everybody is retreating into their own bubble of groupthinkism.  That is discouraged here.

Traffic may be up, but that isn't saying much.  This has always been a rather obscure blog.  It is hard to get through all the noise out there.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

What's going on?

Here it is, near midnight.  By this time, I am usually asleep.  But not tonight.  To be completely honest, lately I haven't been sleeping the usual hours.  Don't know why, exactly.  It isn't pain, as it was before. 

It could be that I am thinking, or more accurately, I am worried.  Yeah, maybe that is it.  I am worried.  Something is wrong here.   Something is badly dysfunctional in this political system that we have.

How is it, after nearly a year of this Russian business, that the left has no evidence of anything wrong, yet continues to act as if they believe that there is something there?  Just a few days ago, Senator Feinstein said that there was no evidence "yet".  This implies that there is evidence waiting to be found.  But how?

There were taps placed on some of Trump's associates.  Some of these associates would have been in contact with Trump himself.  That potentially placed Trump straight within the crosshairs of this investigation.  An investigation that began well before the election.  Common sense would indicate that if there were anything substantial, we would have heard about it long ago.  It is my opinion that there isn't any.  That could only mean a couple things.  Either the Democrats know that there isn't any evidence, or they believe that there is evidence even though there isn't any evidence of any evidence.

A belief without evidence is called a delusion.  It is another word for insanity.  So, either these people who are in leadership positions are lying their asses off, or they are crazy as hell.

That is indeed worrisome.

For if we've got certifiable loons in high places, then we are in heap big doodoo kemosabe.  If they aren't crazy, then there's something else afoot that is nearly as bad.  That something is an attempt at a coup d'├ętat.  

Donald Trump won the presidency.  If there is something afoot that is an attempt to remove him for solely political reasons, this should be considered sedition. 

But what is equally troubling is that there doesn't appear to be the will to resist this.

Well, it comes down to this:  everybody who voted for Trump is going to have to make their voices heard.  Because if you just stand by and do nothing, the coup will likely be successful.

Mutual Assured Destruction

This is the doctrine that has been credited with keeping the peace between nuclear powers.  We may need such a doctrine to rein in the lunacy of "nuclear options" being contemplated in the Senate.

However, if the Democrats insist upon it, what will the GOP do about it?

At some point, the GOP will have to stand up to the Democrats.  The Democrats are so sure that the GOP will back down because that is what they always do.

The claim for such a drastic move is that this is a constitutional crisis.  How so?  These people are so over the top that I wonder if they realize how nuts they are.

But the GOP reaction is key.  If they signal weakness, then the Dems will win again.

There is no cause whatsoever for a special prosecutor.  This entire thing is partisan bullying and it is really starting to get ugly.

The real crisis here is what happens when one of the political parties goes insane?

Wikileaks' CIA dump makes the Russian hacking story murkier

WikiLeaks' new trove suggests the CIA could easily fake a Russian hack. It's no smoking gun, but it's disturbing


This story isn't new, since it is about two months old.  Basically, their case comes down to the alleged Russian hacking of the emails.  But who is to blame for that, if it even happened ?  None other than Hillary's campaign.  If they took care of business properly, they wouldn't have been hacked.  Didn't Podesta fall for some simple phishing attack?

Dick Morris implies this question: so what if Russia hacked?  Was it true or not? ( Not an admission of anything, by the way.)  Note that Hillary and company aren't complaining about false statements.  If these are true, why does it make a difference in where it came from?

But I've been saying the same thing all along.  Hillary's incompetence or malfeasance was no recommendation of her to be POTUS.

McCain: Tricksy Hobbittses at it again

Where have we seen this before?

John McCain then, John McCain now
Why is a GOP senator helping out Hillary Clinton in her own coverup?

McCain has had his own issues with respect to integrity.

Lawsuits against fake news isn't unprecedented

Remember the fake crash scenario that got Stone Phillips in trouble, not to mention Jane Pauley?  NBC admitted its error and paid damages.   There is a history of this.  Remember Dan Rather?  He lost his job over "fake, but true" reports that were intended to damage POTUS George W. Bush.

So, if Trump wants to sue for fake news, he may have a precedent he can cite.

The real scandal is how this man became POTUS

Obama's "Cow Farts" speech.  Short on science, long on left wing dogma it is said.  But not only on rhetoric, but also on reality.

For example, I note that beef is plenty expensive these days.  Why is that?  Could it be that the government is making it hard on beef producers?

I recall the Bundy situation awhile back.  These ranchers were run off the land because of an out of control government. 

The out of control government wants no limits upon themselves, and substantial limits on the rest of us.  They want to tell you what to eat, for heaven's sake.  They want control of your health care.

There were plenty of scandals in the Obama administration, but nobody seemed to care about those. Meanwhile, they have to invent scandals in order to try to take out Trump.  No scandal has yet been established with respect to Trump, but the Dems are already claiming that there is one.

There is no respect for truth, and there is an attack upon the rule of law.  Quite literally an attack on police officers.  Officers are dying, and Trump is under attack.  Why?  In order to cover up the real scandals and the real abuses of power.  The Bundy case was one of many.  These have had a real effect upon quality of life in the USA.

People might want to remember that the next time Cryin' Chuck starts shedding his crocodile tears.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Crocodile tears for Comey

I didn't like him anyway.  Nobody really liked him, as far as I could see.  He managed to piss off everybody at some point.

Democrats want to make this a Saturday Night Massacre.  It bears no resemblance.

Schumer's concern about Trump is touching.  /sarc

Finally, I note that this firing generated a lot of buzz.  It shouldn't have.  But everything that shouldn't matter does, and everything that doesn't matter, should.

Liberal catechism  ---- Dominance, Lies, and War.

Don't you forget it.

Update, 6:09 am, 5.10.17:

Whaddaya know, Cryin' Chuck Schumer.  The "Saturday Night Massacre" is no comparison.  The Watergate Burglary was an established crime.  No crime in the current situation has even been identified.  In Constitutional law, you have to have "probable cause".   But in this, it is for the firing of Comey, and about an "investigation" which is looking only for "possible collusion" that is supposedly against the law or something.  In the Watergate Era, a special prosecutor had already been on the job for some time.  In this situation, somebody is looking for evidence of a possible crime, not an actual crime committed.  The Democrats want a special prosecutor for "possible cause", not probable cause.  No special prosecutor has been hired, so one cannot be fired.

To make these kind of comparisons, one would have to suspend one's intellectual capacities.  Perfect scenario for Democrats.

6:43:  This has been BS even before the election.  Limbaugh had a take on it at the time.  As for me, I was not taken in.  It's all fake.  Fake investigation of Hillary.  Fake crime by Trump.  Fake outrage at his firing.  Why is anyone surprised by any of this?

7:00:  One more thought.  Hillary says Comey cost her the election.  But what if it is the other way around?  What if he almost saved it for her?  That's what I was getting at at the time.  As was Limbaugh.

7:41:  Democrat whoppers are becoming so implausible that it reminds me of the running gag in the sixties TV sitcom Get Smart, where Agent Maxwell Smart couldn't get anyone to believe his nonsensical stories.  Once somebody expressed doubt, he would change his story with the preface: "would you believe?"

Obligatory, 5.9.17

Now over 11k posts.   Hip, hip, hooray.

Btw, is commie-pinko-fag politically incorrect language?  If so, what about communistic sodomites?

We're all very sensitive around here.


There's a lot of bad seeds in the Trump administration.  These were supposed to be good, but if they support AGW theory, they aren't worth a damn.  AGW theory needs to go the way of the Soviet Union.

6:30 am:  This is the next betrayal on the way.  There are those, such as myself, that liked it when Trump called AGW a lot of BS.  It is BS, and the only way to deal with it is with the greatest possible contempt.  If he continues to backpedal the way he is, he will never get reelected.  The socialistic sodomites will never accept him.

6:48 am:  This is starting to look really bad to me now.  Even the Obamacare repeal looks bad now.  The Senate will carve it up into something that looks pretty much the same as what we already have.

7:34 am:  Trump cannot afford to alienate his core supporters.  But he said that they would support him no matter what he does.  At least some of them won't.  I won't.

Btw, I am using a new format for updates.  For now on, all updates to a post will be timed and dated.

8:08 am:  Maybe I am wrong.  Maybe Trump's game is to get re-elected.  The way he does it is to cop out on his core supporters, and try to win over his opponents.  This is sort of what Scharzenegger did in California.  The Governator was supposed to kick butt, but was tamed instead.  As a consequence, he did get re-elected, but his tenure meant little.  The Governator didn't get terminated, he got neutered.  Same thing could be happening to Trump.

9:15 am:  One last comment, and I will move on.  Trump is in danger of becoming "fake" himself.  He'd better "stick to the knitting", as a manner of speaking, or have his presidency come unraveled.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Lightning bolt kills woman

The odds of getting hit by lightning is a million to one, according to the news story.  Those are similar odds of getting diagnosed with the kind of cancer that I have got.

The odds of getting out of here in about two weeks is near 100%. 

I like those odds.

So, now Pat Buchanan is Dr. Evil?

Maybe this was supposed to be a joke, but the tone seems serious.  Maybe the lefties think he really is Dr. Evil.  Here's a quote:

“The Nixon White House and the national liberal media are as cobra and mongoose.” Does any of this sound familiar?---Joe Klein

Are these libs for real?  Their followers take  them seriously enough.  When you start talking like that, you cannot possibly be serious.

So, Pat Buchanan will invent a "time machine" that will enable him to go back in time so that Nixon can get his mojo back?

French election

That election wasn't followed closely on this blog.  Why not?  I would prefer to stick with what I know, and I know very little about France.

What I do know is that France is a part of Western Civilization, and because of that, it is a target.  Anybody who wishes to defend traditional France would seem to be on the side of Western Civilization, or perhaps, more properly, against this mad rush towards universal globalist hegemony.

For that reason, I would say that Le Pen's defeat was not a good thing.  But at least the globalists now know that they are in a fight.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Flaca Speech - The Alamo - John Wayne as David Crockett ( reposted from 2013 )

Note:  This is just as true as it was then, even more so...

Note the use of language:  right versus wrong, truth, and courage.  Those are qualities needed today as in all other times.  Perhaps more so today because people have it too easy. 

There are people who are too ingrained with this idea that we have to be nice.  The world isn't nice.  Nice people end up dying for no reason other than being too afraid to stop the bad guy when he shows up, and he always shows up...

The original post follows:

There may be no evidence that this speech was ever made by Crockett.  I suspect it was a speech by none other than John Wayne himself.  That's why its a good movie even if it doesn't adhere to the actual history of that event.  It was great art, but it wasn't exactly historically accurate.

The GOP needs to see this speech.  And then act upon it.  Do the right thing even if you get clobbered for it.

In fact, Sam Houston did say something like that--- I think it went like this:  "Do right, and face the consequences."

Keeping with the main theme...

...of this blog all along:  that is this--- that I was doing well, and then all of sudden I wasn't.  Why?

I've been at this for over six years.  Over all that time, there hasn't been much interest.  Indeed.  That seems to be part of the problem.

I heard just now that they don't use books in universities anymore.  No kidding?  Well, that could explain a lot.  Reading for understanding is harder than having somebody just spoon feed the info to you.  People are taking the easy way out.  No work ethic anymore. 

You don't rise to the top by being a lazy ass.  Just saying.

I also heard that it was about the money.  But money won't make you smart.  You may have a degree that says you are smart, but that degree doesn't mean jack squat if you really aren't, you see.  In a competitive world, you will get your ass kicked.

You don't get to be a bad ass if you read karate books.  You get in there and get your ass kicked until you get it figured out.  But people may think that if you take short cuts, you can get that black belt.  You may be able to buy a black belt from somebody, but if you try to use that black belt in a fight, what do you think will happen?

Our society is so screwed up that people will buy into stupid stuff like Russia causing Hillary to lose.  Only an idiot will fall for that.  Unfortunately, we know how to make plenty of idiots these days.  Not too many smart cookies.

Maybe this will cause a light bulb to go off in somebody's mind out there.  But I'm not so sure.

Valerie Bertenelli

Well, I'm sitting here in my room watching this teevee show about cooking.  There's this middle aged lady hosting the show and I don't know who this is.  It took me about half an hour to snap that this was the gal who was on the sitcom One Day At A Time.  This may not be news to very many people, but it is to me.  What the heck.

Gal on the left
She was cooking crab cake sliders, whatever the heck that is. 

As for me, I'd rather do it the lazy way.  The dishes she was making looks like too much work.