Thursday, May 11, 2017

Obligatory, 5.11.17

Traffic has gone up recently, should I say, with Comey's firing.  Okay, since there may be new folks coming here lately, let me explain some stuff.

I use the term "obligatory" because I want to post something every day.  This is a one man operation, and I receive no financial backing from anyone.  Since I have no help, it is difficult to write about a whole lot.  Writing is labor intensive.  For a one hundred word essay, it may take an hour to compose and type it up.  Time is short.  Therefore, not much new reading material here.  But there's an accumulation of six years worth of writing.  You could spend a lot of time here, if you chose to.

When I first started the blog, I hoped that one day, it would make money.  Since then, I have long given up on that idea.  Now, I do not want backing at all.  That is because money tends to corrupt.  This blog has always been an attempt to understand what has gone wrong in our society, and to suggest some things that we can do about it.  It may help my credibility not to accept funding from anybody, because there's just too much corruption out there already.  I don't want to add to it, hopefully.

I could write about just about anything each day.  But some stuff has been omitted.  I try not to post too much personal stuff.  I leave out names of people I know, for the sake of privacy.  Anybody can post a comment here, but they must leave an identity.  Abuse won't be tolerated, but dissent is welcome.  This is not intended to be an echo chamber.

Aside from all that, this is a pretty open forum.  Nobody comments here, though.  I suspect that another phenomenon taking place is that people only want their biases confirmed.  They only go to places that say what they believe themselves.  Everybody is retreating into their own bubble of groupthinkism.  That is discouraged here.

Traffic may be up, but that isn't saying much.  This has always been a rather obscure blog.  It is hard to get through all the noise out there.

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