Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Mutual Assured Destruction

This is the doctrine that has been credited with keeping the peace between nuclear powers.  We may need such a doctrine to rein in the lunacy of "nuclear options" being contemplated in the Senate.

However, if the Democrats insist upon it, what will the GOP do about it?

At some point, the GOP will have to stand up to the Democrats.  The Democrats are so sure that the GOP will back down because that is what they always do.

The claim for such a drastic move is that this is a constitutional crisis.  How so?  These people are so over the top that I wonder if they realize how nuts they are.

But the GOP reaction is key.  If they signal weakness, then the Dems will win again.

There is no cause whatsoever for a special prosecutor.  This entire thing is partisan bullying and it is really starting to get ugly.

The real crisis here is what happens when one of the political parties goes insane?

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