Thursday, May 11, 2017

Why do they hate us?

That question might be recalled from the time of the September 11, 2001 attacks.  It has occurred to me what the reason is now.  It is this raging globalist one world corporatism that is now overtaken the United States.  It was not evident to me back then, but it is now.

Why now?  Because the globalists have overrun the rest of the world, but had not overrun the American culture quite yet.  Now that there's same sex marriage in the United States, and unlimited immigration, it is becoming all too apparent that traditional American culture is on the way out.  They have all but won.  Those who might oppose them may discover that their efforts are too little and too late.

This is precisely why the raging globalist one world corporatists were hated then and why the Trumpists may find why the rest of the world hates these globalists, and wonder why we are still joined with these globalists.  These globalists sure do not like us very much in our own country.  Or should I say what used to be our country. 

The raging globalist one world statists want to impose their vision upon the entire world.  That is why they are hated.  We are hated because we will not oppose them.  We have been gulled into thinking that they are our friends, these globalists.

I think the rest of the world prefers that the globalists would leave them alone.  Also, the traditional American culture would like the raging globalist one world statists to just go away.  But those who would oppose them don't quite get it yet.  The raging globalist one world corporatists have declared war on traditional cultures for a long time now.  It is our turn now.  The time to oppose them in this country is at hand.  But it appears that it is too little and too late.

They won't go away until they are driven away.  It may take a world war to do it.

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