Saturday, May 13, 2017

Think it through

What is all the hubbub about with respect to the alleged Russian meddling?

Isn't it about influence?  Did the Russians actually cause machines to reflect falsified returns?  If it did, nobody has produced any evidence of that.  If it isn't anything tangible, then it must be influence that the Democrats are complaining about.

But look who has all the influence.  Democrats own the media.  People hear nothing but a pro-Democrat spin to all the current events.  You look around and you see it all over the place.  There's nothing but wall-to-wall anti-Trump messaging.

How is it that just a few snippets of information that deviates from the dominant messaging, how is this going to throw the election to Trump?

The Russians hacked Podesta's emails?  Yeah?  Well, so what.  Anybody could have done that, according to what I heard.  It was a simple phishing attack.  If Hillary had been more careful, this wouldn't have happened.  If she had been more honest, the emails would not have made any difference.  If this influenced people's decision, what difference does it make?

What worries me is not what Trump did.  It is what people may think that Trump did when all they hear is how he did stuff that has not been demonstrated to have occurred.  In other words, speculation and fake news.

People are swayed by the fake news and the fake accusations, and the fakery in general.  There is very little truth behind it.  Indeed, if anything goes against the orthodoxy, it is suppressed.  The hacked emails went against the orthodoxy, and these people are besides themselves that something true made it through their noise machine.

All of this because of hacked emails?  It's not the emails that bothered them.  It is the contrary information.  It is their turf, and the Russians are said to have violated their turf.  If it is the Russians.  It may be some kid in the basement.

The media says it is the Russians, but who is the source?  What are the grounds for the assertions?  Can this be proven in a court of law?  If it is the news, it doesn't have to be.  But in a court of law, it does have to be.

Politicians can lie.  But in a courtroom, a lie can get you charged for perjury.

There's no limit to how many lies can be told in the media and by politicians.  No proof has to be presented.

Where's the proof?


Trump has people all tied up in knots over nothing.  Yet, instead of seeing how silly they are--- to wrapped up in knots over nothing--- they are acting with outrage that Trump is making them look silly.  That's how it looks to me.  Anything could happen here.  If you make somebody look bad, they won't necessarily like you for it. They may retaliate.  It just looks to me why he was elected in the first place--- to drain the swamp.  But the swamp creatures may be too big and too many to drain from the swamp.

In my book, Trump is okay on this.  A whole lot of other people aren't.  But we really don't have faces and names, because they are hiding in the swamp.

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