Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Wikileaks' CIA dump makes the Russian hacking story murkier

WikiLeaks' new trove suggests the CIA could easily fake a Russian hack. It's no smoking gun, but it's disturbing


This story isn't new, since it is about two months old.  Basically, their case comes down to the alleged Russian hacking of the emails.  But who is to blame for that, if it even happened ?  None other than Hillary's campaign.  If they took care of business properly, they wouldn't have been hacked.  Didn't Podesta fall for some simple phishing attack?

Dick Morris implies this question: so what if Russia hacked?  Was it true or not? ( Not an admission of anything, by the way.)  Note that Hillary and company aren't complaining about false statements.  If these are true, why does it make a difference in where it came from?

But I've been saying the same thing all along.  Hillary's incompetence or malfeasance was no recommendation of her to be POTUS.

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