Sunday, May 7, 2017

Keeping with the main theme...

...of this blog all along:  that is this--- that I was doing well, and then all of sudden I wasn't.  Why?

I've been at this for over six years.  Over all that time, there hasn't been much interest.  Indeed.  That seems to be part of the problem.

I heard just now that they don't use books in universities anymore.  No kidding?  Well, that could explain a lot.  Reading for understanding is harder than having somebody just spoon feed the info to you.  People are taking the easy way out.  No work ethic anymore. 

You don't rise to the top by being a lazy ass.  Just saying.

I also heard that it was about the money.  But money won't make you smart.  You may have a degree that says you are smart, but that degree doesn't mean jack squat if you really aren't, you see.  In a competitive world, you will get your ass kicked.

You don't get to be a bad ass if you read karate books.  You get in there and get your ass kicked until you get it figured out.  But people may think that if you take short cuts, you can get that black belt.  You may be able to buy a black belt from somebody, but if you try to use that black belt in a fight, what do you think will happen?

Our society is so screwed up that people will buy into stupid stuff like Russia causing Hillary to lose.  Only an idiot will fall for that.  Unfortunately, we know how to make plenty of idiots these days.  Not too many smart cookies.

Maybe this will cause a light bulb to go off in somebody's mind out there.  But I'm not so sure.

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