Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Obligatory, 5.9.17

Now over 11k posts.   Hip, hip, hooray.

Btw, is commie-pinko-fag politically incorrect language?  If so, what about communistic sodomites?

We're all very sensitive around here.


There's a lot of bad seeds in the Trump administration.  These were supposed to be good, but if they support AGW theory, they aren't worth a damn.  AGW theory needs to go the way of the Soviet Union.

6:30 am:  This is the next betrayal on the way.  There are those, such as myself, that liked it when Trump called AGW a lot of BS.  It is BS, and the only way to deal with it is with the greatest possible contempt.  If he continues to backpedal the way he is, he will never get reelected.  The socialistic sodomites will never accept him.

6:48 am:  This is starting to look really bad to me now.  Even the Obamacare repeal looks bad now.  The Senate will carve it up into something that looks pretty much the same as what we already have.

7:34 am:  Trump cannot afford to alienate his core supporters.  But he said that they would support him no matter what he does.  At least some of them won't.  I won't.

Btw, I am using a new format for updates.  For now on, all updates to a post will be timed and dated.

8:08 am:  Maybe I am wrong.  Maybe Trump's game is to get re-elected.  The way he does it is to cop out on his core supporters, and try to win over his opponents.  This is sort of what Scharzenegger did in California.  The Governator was supposed to kick butt, but was tamed instead.  As a consequence, he did get re-elected, but his tenure meant little.  The Governator didn't get terminated, he got neutered.  Same thing could be happening to Trump.

9:15 am:  One last comment, and I will move on.  Trump is in danger of becoming "fake" himself.  He'd better "stick to the knitting", as a manner of speaking, or have his presidency come unraveled.

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