Friday, May 12, 2017

What to watch for

We've got a real problem here.  The Democrats are going to block the Senate's business until they get their way on a special prosecutor.

The two people to watch are the POTUS himself, and the Senate majority leader McConnell.  As of now, Trump seems to have signed an executive order to look into the integrity of the election.  This is not going to satisfy Democrats, of course.  McConnell said he will block the idea of naming a special prosecutor.

If either of these two start to cave, look out.  That's because a special prosecutor has no basis for an investigation.  There has to be a crime, and no crime has been established.  So, what is the legal basis for one?  It is a prosecutor in search of a crime, not a crime to be prosecuted.  In short, it is a fishing expedition.  Why fund one?  It could only happen if one or the other crumble in the face of pressure.

I guess we'll get to see if they will hold up, or for how long.

In the meantime, the Senate's business will grind to a halt.  Isn't it interesting how this always works to the advantage of Democrats?

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