Thursday, May 11, 2017

Kayfabe revisited

There was this theory floating around prior to election day, which claimed a number of things about Trump.

Memory serves that he didn't want to be president, according to this theory.  Now that he is, it is becoming increasingly difficult for me to understand where he is going with all this.

It may well turn out to be Kayfabe after all in that it is to become more of a spectacle than anything serious.

Here is American civilization in full decadence mode.  It is all bread and circuses now.   Literally.

It seems that in Roman history that a Roman emperor might have named one of his horses as his one of his officials, or something like that.  You know, just off the wall crap like that.  You need to be serious about what you do, but if you have got somebody like that running things, good things cannot happen.  A society could lose its sense of purpose, its reason for being.

Actually, the Roman Empire began its decline after the last of the so called Good Emperors.  This much I remember from history.  The successor, who was Marcus Aurelius' son, Commodus, would fight like a Gladiator in the Colosseum.   It scandalized the public at that time.  Rome never recovered.

Something of this spirit was depicted in the movie Gladiator, as bread was thrown into the stands just prior to the match.  Bread and circuses, you see, to entertain the crowd.

It seems that history is repeating itself.  Trump is going to fight like a Gladiator, and we are to be entertained.   Perhaps the Kayfabe scenario will play itself out after all.

Update(s) 9:37 pm :

If all of this is this is to become a spectacle, then who are the gladiators?  Perhaps we are.  One should ask this question:  why should I care about what happens to Trump?  Only because he is president, and he is the head of state of the government?  Yeah, because you don't want chaos.

But chaos requires resolution of some kind.  Inevitably, a conflict must ensue, and then there will be a fight, but who does the fighting?  The partisans on each side?  But once again, why should we care?

If you voted for Trump, you are likely to be disappointed.  He doesn't seem to be getting any support for his plans, or his purported plans.  But then there are conservatives, who probably don't want chaos.  Then there are others who want whatever it is that they want.  Plenty of would be combatants.

At any rate, the current accusations appear ridiculous.  But so is professional wrestling. That's where the Kayfabe term came from.  It's like WWW stuff.  Fake.  Not there for anything serious, just for your entertainment.

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