Sunday, May 7, 2017

Flaca Speech - The Alamo - John Wayne as David Crockett ( reposted from 2013 )

Note:  This is just as true as it was then, even more so...

Note the use of language:  right versus wrong, truth, and courage.  Those are qualities needed today as in all other times.  Perhaps more so today because people have it too easy. 

There are people who are too ingrained with this idea that we have to be nice.  The world isn't nice.  Nice people end up dying for no reason other than being too afraid to stop the bad guy when he shows up, and he always shows up...

The original post follows:

There may be no evidence that this speech was ever made by Crockett.  I suspect it was a speech by none other than John Wayne himself.  That's why its a good movie even if it doesn't adhere to the actual history of that event.  It was great art, but it wasn't exactly historically accurate.

The GOP needs to see this speech.  And then act upon it.  Do the right thing even if you get clobbered for it.

In fact, Sam Houston did say something like that--- I think it went like this:  "Do right, and face the consequences."

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