Wednesday, May 10, 2017

What's going on?

Here it is, near midnight.  By this time, I am usually asleep.  But not tonight.  To be completely honest, lately I haven't been sleeping the usual hours.  Don't know why, exactly.  It isn't pain, as it was before. 

It could be that I am thinking, or more accurately, I am worried.  Yeah, maybe that is it.  I am worried.  Something is wrong here.   Something is badly dysfunctional in this political system that we have.

How is it, after nearly a year of this Russian business, that the left has no evidence of anything wrong, yet continues to act as if they believe that there is something there?  Just a few days ago, Senator Feinstein said that there was no evidence "yet".  This implies that there is evidence waiting to be found.  But how?

There were taps placed on some of Trump's associates.  Some of these associates would have been in contact with Trump himself.  That potentially placed Trump straight within the crosshairs of this investigation.  An investigation that began well before the election.  Common sense would indicate that if there were anything substantial, we would have heard about it long ago.  It is my opinion that there isn't any.  That could only mean a couple things.  Either the Democrats know that there isn't any evidence, or they believe that there is evidence even though there isn't any evidence of any evidence.

A belief without evidence is called a delusion.  It is another word for insanity.  So, either these people who are in leadership positions are lying their asses off, or they are crazy as hell.

That is indeed worrisome.

For if we've got certifiable loons in high places, then we are in heap big doodoo kemosabe.  If they aren't crazy, then there's something else afoot that is nearly as bad.  That something is an attempt at a coup d'├ętat.  

Donald Trump won the presidency.  If there is something afoot that is an attempt to remove him for solely political reasons, this should be considered sedition. 

But what is equally troubling is that there doesn't appear to be the will to resist this.

Well, it comes down to this:  everybody who voted for Trump is going to have to make their voices heard.  Because if you just stand by and do nothing, the coup will likely be successful.

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