Saturday, February 4, 2017

Back from the hospital

Reports of my death were greatly exaggerated.  Will start again, when events permit.


Checked into ER on doctor's orders.  After they finished evaluating my physical condition, it was diagnosed as a Chordoma.


Everything ( the diagnosis and treatment plan) was the same as I had expected.  But it took too long to get some action.  Who to blame?  Doesn't matter.  In fact, the way it turned out was for the best, because I would have had the surgery otherwise, which is said to be horrific.  There will be no surgery, and if I am fortunate, I won't lose a lot of functionality.  Meaning I can walk and so forth.


Hmmm.  Things could slide a bit, while seeming normal, and slide right into trouble.  I have to work to stay on top of things.  Well, I think I am doing that for the moment.

Monday, January 30, 2017

The Biggest Lie In American History

Limbaugh used that phrase during the 1995 Congressional v Clinton budget fight.  Yes, I have LONG  noted the fundamental dishonesty of the Democrats, believe me on that one.  You can say that Rush and I are in agreement on that one.

I would take it further, since I came up with yet another argument against AGW.

It is based upon memory, but that shouldn't discount its veracity.  During the Apollo years, I recall one of the astronauts discussing the lunar surface.  He said that there is a stark difference in TEMPERATURES between the sunlight places and the shade.

What is the significance of that?  Well, there is no atmosphere on the moon.   Recall that the leftist media sites like to refer to "heat trapping gasses" when they mean carbon dioxide.  As I have been pointing out, gasses cannot trap heat.  Gasses can only CARRY HEAT AWAY to somewhere else.  Note that trapping something means keeping it in one place.  It seems that the lunar surface is an example of how a solid object will KEEP HEAT IN PLACE, while on Earth, a gaseous atmosphere CARRIES IT AWAY.  Could it be said that the Earth is a COOLER place than it would be without an atmosphere?  Possibly!

In other words, the reference to heat trapping gasses is fundamentally false.  There isn't an ounce of truth in it.

Going further, I would venture that those making that claim care little about the truth of the matter, and are therefore LYING.

Like the Biggest Lie in American History, AGW may make the history books as one of the biggest lies of all time.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Dissecting the Women’s March - by Robert Ringer

Dissecting the Women’s March - by Robert Ringer: I’ve been watching protests for decades, but the so-called Women’s March last weekend was perhaps the strangest protest I’ve ever seen. The question that most sane people have been asking is, “What was the purpose of the protest?” Protesters carried signs that included such messages as “pro-peace,” “pro-environment,” “love,” “We are allies, not bystanders,” “Girl …


Ringer mentions the inability of those on the left to think rationally.  Perhaps that is why a rational argument goes nowhere with them. 


An example would be so-called climate change.   "Heat trapping gasses" is an oxymoron.  Gasses escape, they do not trap.  The heat goes with them.  If the heat were to be trapped, it would stay in the same place.  Doesn't happen with any gas.  A gas wants to go hither and yon forever and ever.

A rational mind can deduce this.  Or understand the logic.

Obligatory, 1.29.17

Catching up on a lot of reading.  I used to spend many hours pouring over the news before I'd make a post.  Now, it just seems like a challenge to do very much at all.  Not much getting done around here, except just managing myself. 

The political situation is tumultuous, or so it seems.  The left is hysterical.  The middle is scared and confused, as usual.  The right is mostly happy.

The media is controlled by the left, so it is dishonest.  No news there.  In fact, it is mostly fake.

Interesting to read some stuff from inauguration day, or prior to it.  There was a lot of concern that the left would disrupt that, but nothing came of it.  Perhaps nothing will come of the hysteria either.

Most of this is symbolic.  The real stuff will happen when laws get passed, and the government starts to show a new shape.  When that happens, the symbolism will be replaced by actual deeds.  We are not there yet.  We'll see.