Saturday, September 9, 2017

Electricity off-grid

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9.9,17, 14:00 :

Just a note to myself to check into remote control for generators.  I would like to turn off the juice when I don't need it.

9.9.17, midnite:

That BTU calc was wrong.  Based upon an experiment I did, it will take far less energy to keep the ice frozen.  About 333 k watt hours per day.  The solar panel I got can do this much.  Well, hooray for that.



A quick run on the BTU calculator shows that this freezer will pull 3.5 kwh a day just to maintain the temperature.  Opening the door and removing ice and replacing it with melt water just adds to the number.  I will guess that this thing is using 5 kwh a day, if I use any ice.

Not good enough.  I will have to improve a lot on this performance or the concept will have a major flaw.

One thing to try is to calculate how long it takes to freeze up a certain amount of ice, and run this thing only for that long.  The idle time is what is taking up so much juice.


Checked out a surplus site.  I'd have to sign up and all that crap.  I'm getting a bit weary of having to sign up for stuff which is offered on a web page.

In fact, I am tempted to chuck the internet altogether.  Except I depend upon it, drat it.

Maybe I will think up something. 


I am thinking just 3 kwh per day, and that will be my energy budget.  It will not be possible to use the a/c very much with that, so a coffin concept will be absolutely necessary.

Even 3 kwh of batteries is over 1k bucks.  Then the hardware to set them all up.

I may need a breaker box and fuses.  Ten 100 watt solar panels and 15 35 amp hr deep cycle batteries.

The panels will be wired into the box, and the current will be consolidated so that it can go into the inverter.  The inverter converts to a/c current that runs the freezer and a/c.

Need to check on the breaker box.  The solar panels are 1k bucks.  So, for a solar system, it will be north of 2k bucks and south of 2.5k bucks.

A propane generator as backup will be desirable.  Probably another 1k bucks.

the original post follows:

This post will not go in the off-the-grid series.

After perusing some info about propane generators, I am a little concerned about their energy usage.  If you are not careful, you can run up a large bill with one of these.

Drat it.  I figured I could get by on a lot less.  It seems that to have power with one of these things, you have to keep it running.  I don't like that idea.

Now I can see why it is generally used for backup power.

This problem is now officially the hardest problem yet to be solved.

Climate control is my chief concern.  To run that window unit could take 1500 watts.  If I were to run it half a day, then maybe one can see the problem.

Cutting the volume of interior down to a small coffin size will make a significant difference.

Still, just running that a/c will use up a lot of battery power.  How to manage it then?

Of course, there is the refrigeration to think of.  The refrigerator is okay, since it can switch to propane.  But the freezer?  I cannot run a generator all day just for the freezer.  The freezer has to run on battery power.

An idea for an experiment just popped into my head.  My inverter may be able to run the freezer, but I have never tried it.

If the freezer can be made to work with batteries, I may be able to use the frozen ice to climate control the "coffin".  Maybe no need for a lot of stuff after all.


It might work, but it could be risky.  I don't want to damage the inverter, nor the freezer.  Forget this idea.


Here a link to a prior post that links to a site I want to revisit later .  It has a YouTube video that goes over things you need to know for an electrical system.

I'll probably update this post from time-to-time.

Who is the leading edge of societal evolution?

Limbaugh once claimed that he was.  Maybe he still does claim that, and still is.  But, I think there may be reason to believe that there are others who can make the claim.

Codevilla may be another one.  Limbaugh has quoted from his work.

This Codevilla guy wrote something that meshes with something I posted awhile back.  Yes, that's right.  I am making that claim to being on the leading edge, too.  I came up with an idea that is unique and may be catching on.

Admittedly, Codevilla was the one who wrote about that country class and ruling class phenomenon awhile back.  And, yes it did have an influence upon me.  But, I am the one who pushes for solutions to problems.  I wrote that there needed to be a new party as a solution to the tyrannical rule of the Unitroids.  The Constitution is a good antidote to tyranny.  That is how and why it was written.

The Democrats and Republicans are conspiring against the Constitution.  There is no real opposition party anymore.  I think that they are not friends to the Constitution.  Especially the Democrats.  But the GOP won't oppose them.  So, we need a new party.  A party that will defend the Constitution.

Codevilla calls the party that now runs this country as the Uniparty.  Okay, let them be the "Uniparty".  But the members of this Uniparty have names, and their names can be "Unitroids".

Why Unitroids?  It has an unpleasant sound.  Why not throw odium upon them?  It is what they do to the rest of us.

As for what the new party stands for, Codevilla and I are on the same page:  Constitutionalism.

So is Mark Levin.  I would bet you could find plenty of people who would join up with a new party dedicated to preserving the Constitution as it was written.  Call it the Constitution party.

Don Surber: A deal made possible by Antifa's collapse

Don Surber: A deal made possible by Antifa's collapse: Democrats have played with the fire of physical fascism for a couple of years now. Black Lives Matter riots proved unpopular when murders ro...


Perhaps it is better to wait and see what develops.  Trump will be judged on what happens, not what some people say what happened.  At least, that is what I'm going to do.

Friday, September 8, 2017

Obligatory, 9.8.17

Originally posted 9.8.17, updated on,

9.8.17, 11:30 :

Learned something from the experiments.  The smallest container relative to the wastewater container is the best choice.  Not only does it produce more water, but better water.  However, not too tight of a fit because the water needs to roll down the sides and fill up the collection container.

9.8.17, 13:00 :

Now have four containers into play.  Found a large container, and put a 2 liter soda bottle in it.  After baking some French fries with some aluminum foil covering the pan ( so I won't have to wash any dishes), I reused the foil in order to make the containers warmer.  Was that sentence long enough for you?

Anyway, I am continuing to play with that concept in order to see if it can be made to be worthwhile.

If my prose doesn't get any better, I am going to have issue refunds.

the original post follows:

This will be mostly an off-grid type post, but I don't want to include it in the off-grid series.

What to do with anti-bacterial waste water?  You don't want to run it through the septic system, unless you want the risk of degrading its effectiveness in treating waste water.  The anti-bacterial water will kill off the bacteria that consumes the waste that goes into the septic tank.

The idea now is to use that solar distillation method discussed earlier on this blog.  Used up plastic bottles can be utilized for capturing water vapor and reclaiming the water.  As you are disposing of the waste water without degrading the septic tank, you are also getting some water.   At least in theory.

Trouble is that this isn't producing distilled water.  The water is much cleaner, but it is still dirty.  Furthermore, there isn't much of it.  The method at present isn't producing even an ounce a day of water.  Just not enough plastic bottles and containers yet.  It is very labor intensive, so I have to improve upon that as well.

Better handling of waste water will save energy.  Instead of using grid electricity as I did for the distillation experiments last winter, my goal will be to use solar energy instead.  This method can only treat small amounts of water for now.  That is okay.  It isn't critical.  Indeed, it is better than just leaving an open container of this stuff lying about.  This way cleans up the water and disposes of the waste water in an environmentally friendlier way.  ( er... say that again? Me, an environmentally sensitive guy?  No, but that is what they want these days.  "They" means the government.  Who else?  )

Besides the water distillation, I am trying to get my energy use down between 3 and 5 kwh per day.  Quite the goal, I'd say.  Just checked the meter this morning, and it looks like I used a lot more than that.  But I could be mistaken.  Best to keep an eye on this and see where the energy is going and when.

Last few days have been relatively cool for summer.  It will warm up again later, but right now it is rather nice for these parts.

Because of the weather, the a/c unit was on for only 30 minutes last evening.  Aside from that, I didn't use it at all yesterday.  No need.  I turned off the freezer, so the energy use is a bit of a mystery at present.

These projects are working out okay, but my big problem now is money.

Two things I need.  I need a septic system, and I need an electricity generation system.  A propane generator won't be economical enough.  So, there's the big challenges I face, because these things cost money, which I don't have right now.  Nor, does the prospect of getting any money seem to be in sight.

Lest I forget that my health is still an issue.  Of course, if I start to go downhill again, all of this is academic.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Don Surber: The spin is Trump caved in

Don Surber: The spin is Trump caved in: Like an aging pugilist on his last legs, the media is woozy as it stands in the ring fronting for a Democratic Party that no longer exists e...


Question:  Who will get blamed for the gridlock in DC?  Who else?  The GOP.  Trump just did the Clintonesque thing, and triangulated.  It may get him reelected, and the GOP may get themselves thrown out of office.

They've got nobody to blame but themselves.

As for me, I would have preferred a knockdown drag out fight and a government shutdown.   We don't need a bigger government.  Let it go on a diet.

Nobody, including Trump, had a stomach for that fight.  The swamp lives on.

REPORT: NSA Offered To Give FBI All Of Hillary Clinton's Missing Emails. Comey Said NO. -

REPORT: NSA Offered To Give FBI All Of Hillary Clinton's Missing Emails. Comey Said NO. -


Looks like Comey is trying to hide the truth.  But I never liked him anyway.

Dems fear a backlash?

Washington Times, Tammy Bruce:  Dem leaders change tune about Trump.

Does Speaker Ryan count as a Dem?

Evidently, we are all Dems now.  Like the old Soviet Union.  There is no more looking for a party, the party looks for you.

Trump’s DACA Move Is Brilliant

Trump’s DACA Move Is Brilliant


I'll reserve comment on most of this until I see the final results.

If all the GOP gets out of this is to have the Dems not call them bad names, then it is not such a hot deal.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Better to be quiet, and appear stupid...

...than to talk and remove all doubt.

Hey, I'm trying not to appear too stupid.  But perhaps not succeeding.

Just don't know what to say these days, so "no comment" seems the most intelligent response.

In the meantime, I am still trying to run a few off-grid experiments.

As mentioned in an earlier post, the power and electricity problem may be more an issue than I thought.   Even the production of a mere 5 kilowatt-hours is going to require quite a bit of hardware.

As a reminder, number one mentioned an idea, which I may consider.  See if I can find a commercial quality system being sold as surplus.  These may be available at a cheap price.

Well, maybe...

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Obligatory, 9.5.17

Yeah, I'm paying attention to the news.

No, I haven't much to say about it.

And there you have it.

That's all?

Yes.  That is all.  Your refund checks are in the mail.  Thank you.

Monday, September 4, 2017


John McCain is going after Trump again.  Why did he not think that Obama needed to be stood up to?  Why go after Trump for just trying to get legislation that the GOP has been promising for years?  McCain seems to be claiming that Trump is bullying them.  Why would he need to be bully them on matters such as these?

Theories, anyone?

McCain stays in office because ....  blank.    This guy has posed as a conservative for at least 16 years.  I remember him once when he was on Michael Reagan's radio show.  The topic then was about judges, and McCain was right about George W. Bush and judges.  He said Bush would nominate another Souter.  Yes, and Bush nominated Harriet Miers, and that was enough to start a rebellion in the GOP.  But does that make McCain more reliable than others?

McCain tends to play up to liberals.  But no liberals would seriously consider voting for him.  If they would have, then McCain would have been POTUS.  Why does McCain do that, then?  What does he get for bashing Trump and betraying voters?

Lately, he's been saying that he isn't answerable to POTUS Trump.  But is he really responsive to the people who voted for him?  A thought occurred to me that McCain only answers to himself.

A theory, voila!

It's the "me" generation.  It's all about "me".  McCain is mad that Trump slighted his "hero" status.  Now, Trump has to pay for that.

It's not about Trump, it's about McCain.  Maybe that is what keeps him in office.  People relate better to people who take of number one first.


The media supports the sainted war hero John McCain as long as he doesn't run against The Black Guy.  Then he is unworthy again.

The sainted John McCain cannot be criticized, unless you are a Democrat and the POTUS is at stake.  GOP types must not ever say anything at all about the sainted John McCain.  Ever.  Ever and Ever.

If they do, then look out!

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Mark Zuckerberg for POTUS?

Insty has a piece linking on that possibility.

Facebook is a fake company.   What does it produce?

Zuckerberg may be the perfect Democrat candidate.  He is said to be far richer than Trump.

At least Trump built real things.  What the hell is Fakebook?

But he might be a perfect metaphor for the times.  It has become the land of the fake, and the home of the free lunch.  Perfect man for the times.


Why be so hard on Zuckerberg?  Ask yourself this question:  What problem does Facebook solve that cannot be solved elsewhere and in some other manner?

The  reason Facebook does as well as it does is because of the stock market.  You can bring something to the stock market that gains the fancy of the buying public, but it could be largely without merit.  Think tulip craze.

In contrast, consider SpaceX.  SpaceX is doing revolutionary things in space, but it isn't a publicly owned corporation.  When it goes public, it will likely go stratospheric.  But its accomplishments came first.  What has Facebook accomplished?

What revolutionary thing has Facebook done?  Zuckerberg has only gained the adoration of a crowd.  But that isn't the same thing as creating something of real value.  Therefore, he is just a fake.

Update on Moonshot

Originally posted on 8.24.17, updated on,

Well, as the usual s.o.p., there's a problem.  Problems, problems, problems.  I may not have mentioned this earlier, but I no longer receive Obamacare subsidies.  I have to pay the full amount of the premiums, and this really sucks.  Even at this high rate, I may not get any help with the MRI.  I may find out about that early in the week.  The proton therapy place may offer to finance.  So, I have that going for me.

I may have mentioned that I want to sell the van.  Actually, I do not want to sell the van, so I have a high price on it.  Guess what?  No buyers.  I get calls on it, but they aren't buying.

If I sell the van, I cannot visit my property in the car.  It is just too low to the ground for the rough terrain out there.  So, I got that going for me, too.

A lot of possibilities are rattling about the cranium.

Choices have to be made.  One thing is for certain.  The Moonshot is really a high risk operation at the best.  Right now, it might be almost suicide to go out there.

Well, let's not put it that way.  Putting it another way:  it is definitely not playing it safe.  Even in the best of times.

The original post follows:

Well, not really.  I can't back that up.  For the last year, or so, I have been "faking"
it.  Yeah, I pretend that I am out there when I am not.

Faking it is in style, so why not me too?  Doesn't cost anything.  Going out there for
real will definitely cost, as I have already found out.  Unless I am really sure, I
think the fakery will have to do for now.

The fake has brought me some knowledge about what it is possible, and what isn't.
I am sure that I can get by on as little as 8 gallons per week of water. Most of that
will go into taking showers and cleaning myself.  I may be 17 miles away from the nearest town, but I don't want to smell so bad that they can smell me all the way from town.

Energy use?  Not totally sure about that yet.  I would like to keep it down to a few
kilowatt hours per day as possible.  Most of that number will go into climate control.

One of the biggie problems is money.  There isn't very much.  Heck, there isn't any at
all, to put it bluntly.  I have a big hole to climb out of.  Not to mention, that I
still don't know about my health.  That question may be answered in the next few
weeks.  A follow up MRI is being set up as early as the end of the month.  The usual
delays come from doctors needing to be reminded, and insurance companies needing to approve procedures, which in this case, isn't cheap.

If all goes well with the check up, then I may return to work.  At this time, I do not
know how much, if any, that I will be able to do.  I think I could do at least some

I guess you can say health is the biggest problem of all.  If that isn't good, then
the rest is academic.  Or fake.

At least I am not out of style.