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A New Party ( repost from years ago )

Originally posted in 2013, Updated on

The election of Trump was more in spirit with the idea of a new party, but the old party won't allow itself to be remade.  This is what Trump must do:  remake the Party.  For if the old guard succeeds in maintaining control of this decrepit organization, the country is finished.

I wrote that I am proud of having written this.  I am even more proud today.

Preface to the repost:

I've reread this post and I must say that it makes me quite proud to have written it.  It has withstood the past year quite well, which must mean it has virtue.  I'd say everything here is more true than before, because now we have had a primary season in which the Tea Party ran unsuccessfully against many of the GOP senators up for reelection.  Thus, nothing substantially has changed.  The Tea Party has had no effect.  There are those who claim otherwise, but if you lose, you lose.  You get power by winning, and they are definitely not winning.  Yet the Tea Party probably represents the rank and file of the party better than those at the top.  Those at the top are bought and paid for and are corrupt.  All the more reason to separate from them.  

To do something so drastic as that must entail great risks.  The greatest risk is of an even more catastrophic defeat at the hands of the Democrats.  If the Democrats were to win huge majorities as a result of this action, we may we see the beginnings of the one party dictatorship that the Democrats covet so much.  Therefore, it looks self-defeating.

If there's to be a separation, what will come afterward will be political defeat and then what?  At that point, you'd have to make up your minds between being a slave and a free man.  That could mean that you will have to fight against the oppression of the Democrat state apparatus.

But isn't this happening anyway?  It will hasten the day no doubt, but that day is coming anyway.  Perhaps it is better to force the issue.  Perhaps not.  I say damn the torpedoes, full steam ahead!

The original post follows immediately....

This post should receive a speculation alert.  That's what I give when I start talking out my ass, which I have a bad habit of doing.

This is about politics.  Usually, the speculation alerts were about science.  I have a very slight knowledge of some sciences and such.  What I propose in the scientific area is tainted a bit by a lack of knowledge, which I admit freely.  Also, with respect to politics here, I am not well versed, so take the following with a grain of salt.  Just say it is from a concerned citizen who has been watching the scene and who has come to a few conclusions about the state of affairs in this country.

The main conclusion is that our leadership is failing us.  The economy peaked about 1970 or so, and hasn't really recovered to that level since.  It has been reflected in many ways and in many statistics, but most of all, I have lived through that time.  There were indeed better times, but why has this happened, and what can be done about it?

There is no accountability.  Sure, Nixon was forced to resign, but Clinton was not.  The accountability seems one way.  If the GOP screws up, they will be punished.  Not so for the Democrats.  The Dems did lose power for awhile, but now they are back, and they are definitely intent upon making themselves the majority party for a long, long time.

Something is wrong with the GOP that prevents them from being an effective opposition party.  The Democrats will say the GOP is racist, homophobic, and bigoted.  They will say that the GOP is a warmonger party.  But the only party that benefits from race and class differences are the Democrats themselves.  Why can't the GOP fight back?  How can the GOP fight back?

I have come to the conclusion that the GOP can't fight back because they don't want to fight back.  They are quite content with being the minority party, and this implies something.  Why would you be content with being in the permanent minority unless there was something that you were getting in compensation?  I think that the GOP, especially the leadership, won't fight back because they are corrupt.  They are being bought off for their acquiescence in the Democrat majority.  The Democrats will tolerate the junior party as long as they aren't a threat to them.  On the other hand, if the junior party doesn't like being the junior party, the Democrats will crack down.  And so they have.  And the GOP is now assuming their usual submissive posture.  Thus, we have no accountability when the Democrats screw up.  The GOP just doesn't have the stomach for it.  It's that or they aren't any different from the Democrats in principle, even though they are pretending to be.

Since there is no accountability in the GOP, which means they cannot hold the Democrats accountable, there has to be some corrective action to ensure that there will be accountability.  That would mean a new party.  This new party will have to have a way to ensure compliance with its core principles.  That is to say, if a wayward member violates the principles of the party, then there will be corrective measures to bring that individual back into compliance, or in extreme cases, to expel that member.  If such measures already exist, it is a mystery to me.  If it is a mystery, it should no longer be.  Therefore, such measures should be made public and transparent.  This will ensure not only the compliance with principles, but with the integrity of the enforcement mechanisms.  Personally, I don't believe that the GOP has any such thing unless it is enforced by personalities only.  That is not acceptable either.

There's too much personalities in politics.  It should be about principles, not personalities.

The problem here is how do you enforce compliance with principles?  Also, what are the principles?

Starting with the latter, the new party should be rock solid on the Constitution.  In letter and in spirit.  If a member cannot follow the Constitution, the member doesn't belong.  The document implies limited government.  If the government is not to be limited, then why do you need a Constitution in the first place?  Why do you need checks and balances if you can trust politicians to do the right thing?  The checks and balances imply that politicians won't do the right thing.  The right to vote also implies that you can't trust politicians, for if you could, you wouldn't have to face the people with what you have done with the powers given to you.  It may be argued that the system already does this, but that system is not working.  The party system and cult of personalities are overriding the fail safe features of the Constitution and are imposing a type of coup against the sovereign, which is the Constitution itself.

To be a member, it has to be determined if a prospective member is dedicated to limited government.  In order to find out, a member must be vetted absolutely throughly.  It must be determined why that individual seeks public office.  Is it to serve, or is it to be served?  A personality test should be administered in order to see what makes an individual tick.  If that individual lusts for power and control, he or she doesn't belong in a party dedicated to limited government.  For that person will seek to override limits upon himself or herself.

The vetting process should ask the most personal type of questions.  For an individual must be willing to bare his soul to the world.  If he or she is hiding something, it must be assumed that this thing would make that person unreliable.  It may be argued once again, that our system already does this.  But it doesn't.  Barak Hussein Obama is hiding a large part of his past.  That should not be allowed in the new party.  The system is failing us, and this causes our leaders to fail us.

Recapping the principles of this new party, and a few additional ones not covered so far, it should:
  1. Be dedicated to the principle of limited government as directed by the Constitution
  2. Be dedicated to the principle over principles over personalities
  3. Be dedicated to the principle of accountability
  4. Be dedicated to the principle of transparency
  5. Be dedicated to traditional American values and organizing principles such as
  6. Christianity
  7. Free enterprise
  8. And the rule of law
Once again, it may be argued that the system already does this.  I would submit that it does not.  The new party is necessary to ensure that it does.  It MUST enforce these principles, otherwise there would no reason for its existence.  Therefore, the enforcement must be strict and without exceptions.  It must be swift and certain.  It cannot allow itself to be overturned and overridden.  It must not allow infiltration by an entity that would wish to corrupt it and defeat it.  For that is what we are dealing with now and why this new party is necessary.

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