Thursday, August 3, 2017

America is being overrun by the fakes

It would be an occasion to say "Good Morning", but the mood isn't good, so it is just "Morning".

Grumble, grumble.

When I got like this at home, mom would say "stop your growling!"


Everywhere I look, it seems, I see nothing but fakes.  Fake patriotism.  Fake regard for the Constitution.  Fake religion.  Fake everything.  So, I came here today on this here little blog that nobody reads ( because the fat cats haven't bought me off )  to call out the fakes.  And nobody reads it because they prefer the fakery.  It is all glittery and everything.

No "capitation" or direct tax, said the original document once known as the US Constitution ( which they do not honor nor respect ).  Yes, and then we were free then.  Not anymore.  Thanks to the fakery of the "progressives", we got the income tax.

Okay, if you must tax, then tax the corporations.  Not the people.  Stop stealing our freedom.

The fakes are on the take, you see.  They get paid for their bravo sierra, and they are rewarded handsomely, I strongly suspect.  Meanwhile, they steal our freedom.  The money changers pocket the dough.

People follow the fake at your own risk.  There is safety and freedom in the truth, if you believe in Jesus Christ.  Yeah, even the clergy is fake.  There's money in the God Business.  Look at the fine cars they drive.

Sorry to get so preachy on you people.  But Jesus Christ also said that those who trust in riches shall hardly see the Kingdom.

I follow what Jesus Christ said because it is the TRUTH.  Something seldom seen in the Republic of Fake that we now live in.  Put all your faith in money, and what you get is lies.  The lies come running.  Even from those who pretend to follow Christ.  Especially from those.  Now they want us to believe in false doctrines, like ISLAM.  All of them in the name of Christ, who they DENY.

This country is in danger of being attacked by North Korea of all places.  That's not supposed to happen.  They ain't rich!  Well, if  ICBMs work, it would be as good as the damage ours can do, which cost a lot more money, I am sure.  You get what you pay for ( maybe, if it isn't faked out).

Put your faith in money, and the money changers  will be safe, but what about YOU?

Everything coming from DC reminds me of how phony they all are.  Why listen to these fakes?  Time is running short.

Christ overturning the tables of the money changers

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