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Nuts and Bolts, Part thrice

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This is something of a catchall post on the going off the grid series.

First of all, to reiterate, I would like to avoid getting into the obligation to build a lot of junk I don't think I really need--- like a septic tank and a well.

To do that, it may be useful to jerry rig a type of RV made from components that could be purchased separately, and then put together.  An RV wouldn't require a septic tank, nor a well.  The trick is to get it classified, should some regulator come knocking and wanting to slap you with a fine or requirement to vacate or some such thing.  If you can prove that your RV can handle wastewater, then you should be okay.  Also, if you can prove that you have adequate water supply, you shouldn't need to drill a well.  Result:  lots of money saved.

Yesterday, I got the idea to use a gooseneck trailer and put the conex on top of it.  Now, you've got a 40 foot RV setup.  ha ha

Then build around the "RV" so that it can look like a place to live in, and not something that doesn't look like a home at all.  Interestingly enough, I think it is possible to do this.  Once you get through with the construction, then thing might even look like a house.  ( This might be pushing things a bit, but it may actually work.)  I was thinking of attaching a facade around the thing that would serve two purposes:  1) to improve appearance, and 2) keep the sun off the darn thing so that it won't be an oven in the summer.

I want to make the thing to be capable of being dismantled in case you want to move.  It may be possible to make the pieces "pre-fab" before fitting them on the "RV" once it gets to the location.

Hopefully, I can get the costs down because this is already looking like the costs can get away from me.  For example, I'd rather buy a used trailer instead of a new one.  Why get a new one?  But these may be hard to find.  New ones aren't, but they'll cost you.

The septic tank issue has been covered, but inadequately at best.  I did some more thinking on the number two problem.  Here's a thought:  Use coffee filter to filter the flushed water so that the particulates are removed.  Then, send the water back to the tank for the next flush.

As for the number two itself, it will collect in a wire basket thingie that you use to separate pasta.  It will fit on top of the tank opening where the flush water comes into.  It will catch the number two and allow the water to go into the bottom of the container.  This partially separates the number two out. The coffee filter will do the rest.  The result will be reusable flushing water that won't be potable, but who needs that?


Perhaps cheesecloth could be used above the strainer so as to allow simple removal of waste when it's time to do the pyrolysis.  Pull it out and place it in a container that will serve the function of pyrolyzing the waste as mentioned in an earlier post.

The Tea Party Isn’t Dead…It’s Winning – Dick Morris TV: Lunch Alert!

The Tea Party Isn’t Dead…It’s Winning – Dick Morris TV: Lunch Alert!

Dick Morris says that the fight is more important than the victories.

I'd prefer victories, just the same.  I'd prefer a massive victory and some criminal trials provided that the evidence exists.  It would be really hard to believe that the evidence doesn't exist.  After all, they got Dinesh D'Souza when they really wanted someone.  They could get some other guys right now, but they don't want them very badly, if at all.

Rush-Closer To The Heart (Lyrics)

There's been a number of clicks on this post lately.  So, my response could be a stepping out of character a little.  Here's the song for that:

Help me help you *** Jerry Maguire

Great line:  "I'm happy to entertain."

Don't forget Energy from Thorium

With the crowdfunding drive for energy from Focus Fusion, there has been some neglect of the drive for energy from Thorium.  Which one wins?  Somebody has to win.  If we do nothing on both fronts, fossil fuels win by default.  The world will not get away from fossil fuels until something better comes along.  Energy from Thorium should have been here already, but has been suppressed for forty years.  It is my assertion that if this doesn't succeed, it won't matter what new energy source is found--- for it will also be suppressed.  We should all be on the same team because we have a common adversary.  It's not so much as "Big Oil" as it is "Big Money".  People fall in love with their money and will do anything to keep it.

Updating "Best of" posts

I may make this a new feature of the blog.  Let's say--- make a list of the new posts that have made the "Best of" categories.  Put this list in a new post.  I've just added maybe a dozen to the list.  The idea came too late to do this this week, so I'll have to defer the starting of the new feature until next week.  Let's say add it to the summary of the week's posts which I do every Saturday.

This way I can evaluate what's interesting to my readers while at the same time doing a recap of the previous week.

Thanks for your support.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Next Big Future: Nextbigfuture thanked by the LPP Fusion project

Next Big Future: Nextbigfuture thanked by the LPP Fusion project: Scientists at LPP Fusion, led by Chief Scientist Eric Lerner, are just one step away from technically proving out dense plasma focus fusion...


Just think of it...  Only 1 step remaining and fusion can be a reality.  What a change that would be.

I realized that I need to do more and I will.  I will retweet as often as possible on the progress of the campaign.

Also, need people to comment on the Indiegogo LPP fusion project.  I am in the process of doing that now.

Spirulina posts

This looks like a good opportunity.  I'm including a list of all the posts made here on the subject of spirulina, and including it in my off the grid series.

  1. Grow Spirulina at Home: Kickstarter Video
  2. Closing the carbon loop
  3. Follow up on Energaia's spirulina farm
  4. I was looking for this, and here it is
  5. Edible algae coming to a rooftop near you
  6. Bangkok Farmers Grow Edible Algae on Rooftops
The advantage of growing this foodstuff is that algae is very prolific, meaning it needs very little space to grow.  That seems like quite an advantage to yours truly.  The next level of inquiry into this is what to do with all the spirulina that could be grown.  I mean it may be so prolific that I wouldn't know what to do with it all.

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Home again, 5/22/14

Home, again Jiggedy jig

Very slow day today, so I got off early.  Yay!  Not so fast.  In my business, which is hot shot delivery, it's 100% commission.  No deliveries, no dough.  So today was not too good.

Never mind that.  It's good to be back in front of the old computer screen doing my blogging thing.

I thought up some ideas today for my going off the grid series.  Thus, this shall be the next in the series.  Aren't you excited?  Wait till you read what I thought up, and you'll get real excited.  heh, heh, heh

A couple problems with that 20 acres out west property.  One, you have to build a septic tank.  Two, you have to have a water source, which could mean building a well.  Both those requirements suck the big one because it could cost big bucks, which I cannot afford.

Necessity being the mother of invention, or just a mother, or what have you, I came up with a way that might handle the number two problem.  What would that be, kemosabe?

Well, you need to recycle the toilet water if the water is going to be scarce.  So, I figured using something like a washer to spin up the, well, you know, so that the water and the, well, you know, gets separated.  You would flush as you normally do now, but instead of the stuff going into a septic tank, it would go into this spinner upper thingie.

It will begin to turn and the stuff would migrate towards the sides.  The water could drain out just like when you do the clothes.  At the end of the spin cycle, the water is gone, and the stuff remains.  Then you pyrolyze the stuff in order to sterilize it, and make it into biochar and biogasses.  The biogass is combustible, so use that in order to run the machine.  But not directly.  The machine will run on batteries, and it will run the spinner upper thingie, and then it will evacuate the air from the thingie.  Once the air is gone, it will heat up the mess, and gasses will come off it.  Gas pressure builds up, and when it reaches a key pressure point, start bleeding it off, and feed that into a machine that will make electricity.

Perhaps it can be a Stirling device.  You would only have to burn the biogasses and that would make the Stirling engine go.  The Stirling engine could spin up a generator which will make electricity to recharge the batteries.

Now that you've got your stuff together, you'll need a water source.  Wait.  What happens to the water that you just separated from the number two?  It should be fairly clean at this point, but it could be allowed to stand for awhile so that any more particulate matter can separate out.  Then drain that off and sterilize it.  Send it back to a holding tank for the next flush.

A water source will have to be rainwater.  If it rains only 10 inches a year out in West Texas, you can figure out about how much water can be collected per square foot.  Make a system whereby the water can be collected and I think it may be enough, provided that you are very careful with your water.  Ten inches is .83 feet.  So, .83 times 1 is .83 cubic feet.  For each square foot, you will have the potential for .83 cubic feet of water.  That translates into  6.23 gallons per square foot per year.

If you use 4000 square feet for structures for your farm, then that translates out to nearly 25k gallons a year, or about 2k gallons per month, or 68 gallons per day.  Will that be enough?  Probably enough for drinking water, but don't know about farming.

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How Benghazi could lead to Obama's impeachment

Gun running.

Door to door mail to end?

They got bigger problems than this.  The postal service may not exist in the future.

Lunar pits

Seem like a good place for a lunar base.  You can put a roof over it and then inflate it.  ( The "roof" can be an inflatable one that you see in sports stadiums )

If the moon can be mined for fuel and building materials, it could possibly support a colony there.  The colony could be a jump off point for the colonization of the rest of the solar system.  Ah, if only...

Homestead Act

Enacted during the Lincoln Administration ( and the Civil War ), the idea seems revolutionary even today.  Actually, especially today.  Why?

To answer that question, I'll mention that my mother grew up during the Depression.  She lived on a farm.  She said she didn't even know that there was a Depression.  The reason?  The farm provided the family everything they needed.  Mom grew up in a big family, which wasn't uncommon in those days, too.

Fast forward to modern times.  You can't raise a big family on the kind of income from the jobs that are available.  I mean, you could certainly try, but you'll live in poverty.

So, what explains this situation?  Shouldn't all of this wealth that supposedly exists have gone to make it possible to have as many children as you want?  There has to be an explanation in there somewhere.  I think the explanation is that the powers-that-be have herded us into big cities because that's the way they want us.  They want to think of us as herd animals that they can pen up in their little houses ( if they are fortunate enough to have a house ).  But that house cannot sustain them if the system fails.  Not like a farm could.

So, the powers-that-be just don't want independent people.  They want dependent people.  That has been the trend since the Great Depression.  It's been towards greater and greater dependency upon government.  This enhances the power of the state at the expense of the individual.  All the while, the individual thinks they are better off, but how can that be?  How can it be if the land upon which your dwelling sits cannot sustain you and becomes a burden if you lose your job?  In the meantime, the jobs are dwindling away.  What's going to sustain you when there aren't many jobs out there anymore?  Why the government of course.  Then you are dependent upon food stamps and unemployment checks.  Is that freedom?  I say no.

That's why the Homestead Act was revolutionary.  It gave away land and produced independent people.  Why did the government do away with that?  They didn't run out of land.  Nope.  They are doing the opposite.  They are taking more and more land away from the people and forcing them back into the cities.  That's the significance of the Bundy situation.  Bundy says they were using the range fees in order to run him out of business.

The government is running a lot of enterprises out of business.  Why wouldn't they want to run a rancher out of business if that means that fewer people will be independent of them?  More dependency means more power for them.

They don't serve us, they serve themselves.  People have to wrap their minds around that one.  If they don't, they cannot free themselves from the new slavemasters in DC.

Todd Akin a Tea Partyer? Not So Much.

Todd Akin Was Not a Tea Partyer, and the Tea Party is Not Costing Republicans the Senate.

Joel Gehrke has already done a great job of puncturing that myth, and shaming the people who believe it. Everyone forgets that the Tea Party was divided between former Treasurer Sarah Steelman (Sarah Palin, Mike Lee, Tea Party Express) and businessman John Brunner (FreedomWorks and the Chamber of Commerce).[ emphasis added] --- Slate

Not only is it a lie to say that Akin was Tea Party, the Tea Party itself was divided.  A lesson in there somewhere.

Thanks to the win by McConnell in Kentucky, the Tea Party is said to be on the ropes.  Predictable propaganda.

The Tea Party might benefit from a clear economic program that would challenge the money power.  This is how they could win without the money.  Money is what rules politics.  If you can get the money out, and still win, you can topple the power.

Getting the money out of politics sounds left wing.  But the difference here is that the left wing doesn't want the money out of politics.  They only want the opposition's money out of politics.

Russia, China sign deal to bypass U.S. dollar

Free Republic

For its part, “China sees the dominance of the dollar in international trade transactions as a remnant of American global dominance, which they hope to overthrow in the years ahead,” said Michael Klare, a professor of peace and world security studies at Hampshire College. “This is a small step in that direction--- al Jazeera

Might as well get used to the idea that the US dollar as reserve currency is going to go --- one way or another.  Too many countries lining up against it.

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Prison For D’Souza, Beach Time For Corzine

the Federalist

Selective enforcement of the law is a dangerous thing--- Mollie Hemmingway

It is not only dangerous, but it is the very definition of corruption.

Maybe in addition to having very close friends in the White House, the U.S. Senate, New Jersey and Wall Street, Corzine didn’t do anything worth prosecuting related to MF Global bankruptcy and the straight-up loss of more than a billion dollars. And maybe in addition to having enemies in the White House and other corridors of power, D’Souza’s $20,000 crime makes him Public Enemy #1
How do people vote for Democrats and look at themselves in the mirror each morning?  Jail time over 20k, but beach time for over a billion?  I'm sure the media tries their best to keep this all very hush, hush, but people should know something about what Corzine did and about MF Global.  It's not exactly a secret.

Democrats love Communism

The Dem believes that giving everybody a good government job proves that Communism works.

He uses El Paso as an example.  El Paso is the safest big city in America and it is across the border from the least safe big city in the Americas --- Juarez, Mexico.  It seems to me that he forgets something, or perhaps overlooks something.  El Paso has no gun control.  Don't Dems love gun control?  Why can't the absence of gun control be the reason for the low crime rate?  Anyway, more money gets spent in Washington DC than anywhere else in this country, but the crime rate is horrendous.  The average pay in DC is better than El Paso, but it isn't as safe as El Paso.  So much for the Commie theory.

Pat Sajak calls global warming advocates 'unpatriotic racists,' sparks Twitter backlash

Chicago Trib via Free Republic


The tweet may not have been helpful to anyone in particular.  But the story did produce something here that I want to quote and comment upon

“Hey @PatSajak, this aint the Wheel of Fortune,” Mann wrote. “If we lose this game, it isn't just one person's misfortune. All humanity pays the price.”--- Trib 
All of humanity?   The worst that could happen is that sea level rises enough to put a lot of cities underwater.  Given what the cities have become in this country, putting them under water may be a feature, not a bug.

All of humanity won't perish in such a scenario.  The concentration of a lot of people into small areas is the thing that would cause the suffering.  Besides, I think you could live off the land, but the powers-that-be want to push everybody into cities where they are more easily controlled.  That's what the Bundy thing is all about.

The McConnell challenge that wasn’t


So, did the Tea Party and the other conservative groups back the wrong horse?  This article explains how that may have been the case.

A Drop of Honey is Worth More Than A Gallon of Gall

This is a quote, or perhaps is a paraphrasing of a quote that was said to have originated with Abraham Lincoln.  I recall reading this in a self-help book--- How To Win Friends And Influence People, by Dale Carnegie.  Well, does this really work?  Can you influence people better if you can convince them that you are their true friend?  Isn't it true that if you are constantly carping at somebody that they may consider you as something less than a friend?

Now the GOP wonders how they can make inroads amongst the colored folks.  They have allowed themselves to be defined as "racist" and they have no defense against this.  Isn't it true then, that they could profit from this advice that Lincoln offered?  But how do you do this and remain true to the principles of limited government?  That is the challenge that the GOP must rise up to and meet if they are ever going to be successful as a party.  Caving in to the left is no answer.  You must offer opposition while at the same time convincing those who may be persuadable that you are their true friend.

Impossible?  Maybe.  But if they don't find an answer to this, the GOP is destined for failure.  Whatever the answer may be, it won't be in raising the most money and running the best ads.

The Libyan Disaster

The Other McCain blog

The government, and the money Establishment that controls it,  will try to suppress what has a chance of working, and will fail to deliver a plan that will work in governing a nation.  Same is true in America as in Libya, and elsewhere in the world.  The Tea Party can work, but the moneyed Establishment will smack it down.  Then the even more moneyed liberal Establishment will smack down the GOP candidate.  It is the same kind of thing in Libya, I tell you.  The Tea Party is in favor of gun rights and individual liberty.  The Establishment will try to suppress it.  Now for Libya:  the ones having a chance to win in Libya aren't the ones being backed by this government.  No.  Those people will be suppressed even though they have the best chance of delivering a good outcome.  And the sheep wonder why things only seem to get worse.

How Mitch McConnell crushed the tea party


  • Bringing a grassroots-groomed outsider into his day-to-day political circle smacked of craven opportunism, a blatant attempt to neutralize his right flank. But the move was vintage McConnell: Throughout his career, he has cared first and foremost about winning, elite opinion be damned.
  • National conservative groups like the Senate Conservatives Fund, FreedomWorks and the Madison Project were endorsing McConnell's primary challenger throughout last fall and winter, but with Paul in McConnell's corner, their arguments lacked punch.
  • At an April town hall in Edmonton, a constituent asked him why he endorsed McConnell. Paul said he would speak to her in private. He was asked the same question by radio host Glenn Beck during a trip to Texas in February. Paul tried to evade the answer, saying he was in town to endorse a local candidate.
  • They wasted little time putting it into effect. On the very week Bevin announced his campaign, the McConnell campaign unleashed a punishing television ad blasting the upstart challenger for taking state "bailout" funds to help repair a Connecticut-based factory he owned.
  • The Senate Conservatives Fund stopped running pro-Bevin TV ads earlier this month. And notably, big-name conservatives like Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin stayed out of the race.
  • It wasn't tactics alone that saved McConnell. The power of incumbency and his deep relationships in Republican politics made him almost impossible to topple.
  • "I thought that this cycle it was important for us to make sure that in the real election, which is in November, we had people who could actually win," McConnell said. "Winners make policy. Losers go home."

Cornball Cornyn won and now this guy wins.  Nothing will change.  Money rules the roost and the people are sheep.  That's what I got out of this article.

Posting was lighter than normal yesterday

Couple reasons for that.  It wasn't because I was too busy.  We are getting into the time of the year when business slows down a bit.  Nope, it wasn't that I was too busy.  Usually, I try to make a post or two while on the road and I have some time.  The reason that I didn't do this was because I forgot to take my cell phone with me.  That's one thing.  The other thing was that I got a delivery on the opposite side of town and it was at rush hour.  By the time I got home, it was too late to fire up the computer and make a post or two.

So, there you are.  I'll try to keep to a regular schedule, but sometimes stuff happens.

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Next Big Future: Why do so many Proposed "Solutions to World or Nat...

Next Big Future: Why do so many Proposed "Solutions to World or Nat...: Why are there so many plans that are proposed and then often poorly implemented that do not solve the stated problems or the solutions are t...


Because the government itself sucks.  The solutions aren't designed to work, and too many of the "problems" aren't real in the first place.

Fire Pistons

Fast and easy way to make a fire, or so it seems.  Maybe I ought to go live in a friggin' tent like an Injun.

I have created fire!


Did NSA blackmail Roberts to OK Obamacare?

“But let’s take this possibility: Why did Chief Justice Roberts at the eleventh hour change his decision? He was going to side with the other justices and find that Obamacare was unconstitutional.--- WND

A couple observations:
  1. Even if they blackmailed him, he didn't have to pay the blackmail.
  2. Of course, blackmail is possible.  Why else would they be doing it?  Spying upon Americans?  Whatever reason could they have for doing this?  Of course they are interested in using this to control people--- what they do and what they say.

That doesn't prove anything, but Roberts didn't distinguish himself regardless of what happened.

EPA targets couple's private pond in Wyoming, threatens huge fines

Free Republic

...on March 12, U.S. Sen. David Vitter of Louisiana, top Republican on the Environment and Public Works Committee, sent a letter to the EPA along with Wyoming Sens. John Barrasso and Mike Enzi demanding an explanation.

"Rather than sober administration of the Clean Water Act," the letter says, "the Compliance Order reads like a draconian edict of a heavy-handed bureaucracy
."---Fox News
Looks like there's no escaping this crap.  The government is everywhere and is oppressive.  There seems to be fewer and fewer options.  The chains have been forged and are getting heavier and heavier.


Gallup: Only 3% Call Environment 'Most Important Problem' (Economy #1)

They don't serve us, they enslave us in order to serve them.

The slow decline of America since LBJ launched the Great Society

When Johnson became president in 1963, Social Security was America’s only nationwide social program. His programs and those they subsequently legitimated put the nation on the path to the present, in which changed social norms — dependency on government has been destigmatized — have changed America’s national character.--- George Will

Consider the fact that just one lone gunman killed Kennedy, and ushered in this man to be President, and did so much damage to the country.   Yet, the leftist mourn the passing of Kennedy.  If Kennedy hadn't been killed, there wouldn't have been any Great Society.  Most likely, there wouldn't have been any Medicare and no other social programs.  There may not have been any Vietnam War.  But the leftists have profited from Kennedy's death like nobody's business.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Next Big Future: Get millions of times more bang for your buck by b...

Next Big Future: Get millions of times more bang for your buck by b...: Scientists at LPP Fusion, led by Chief Scientist Eric Lerner, are just one step away from technically proving out dense plasma focus fusion ...

More bang for the buck, or more buck for the bang... Oh, you know what I mean.

Nuts and Bolts, part deuce

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 By the way, the prelim on the financials looks okay, for the now, at least.  No obvious show stoppers.  Moving back to the nuts and bolts of the thing...

Instead of putting the conex into the ground, it may be better to forgo all that digging and put it on ground level.  Surround it with a plywood fence, that is as high as the conex itself.  This will shield it from the hot sun, and keep it cool in the summer.  In the winter?  In order to get some passive heating, it may be desirable to put a gate facing the sun, and open it so that the sun can get in and warm up the joint.

It may be pretty ugly to put a big plywood fence around the joint.  Maybe it can be painted in camouflage green so it won't be seen.  I'm a poet and don't even know it.  yuk, yuk  If it is placed a bit from the road, the brush and the camouflage will hide it pretty well.  I don't want to get complaints about ugliness, even though I don't give a rat's rear end what it looks like as long as its functional.

The conex should be raised slightly, so that means a bit higher fence.  I want it off the ground so as to discourage the creepy crawlies from not crawling on inside the conex when I'm trying to sleep.  Bugs crawling around ain't my idea of fun.

A door can be fitted in the front where there's already a door.  Open one door and you get to another.  The front entrance area will also have an a/c unit placed in it so as to cool it down.  It will be necessary to have some cooling as this is a hot state in the summer months.  The plywood fence should keep electric costs down.

I've mentioned plumbing before.  Instead of using city water, it will be collected off the roof and placed into cisterns so as to keep it from evaporating.  They do this at the Bush ranch in Crawford.  If dubya can do it, I ought to be able to.  The water can be stored in a barrel and raised about 20 to 30 feet off the ground.  Gravity will generate the water pressure to run the other stuff you need.  The pressure may not be high enough.  If not, then it will have to be higher.  The water will be pumped from the cisterns to the water barrel as needed.

Don't anticipate a septic tank set up.  As written earlier, I will have the wastes pyrolyzed.  The gases generated from pyrolysis are flammable, so it can run a generator that will recharge a lead acid battery.  The battery will generate the electric heater that will do the pyrolysis.  Sewage water will be recovered and recycled.  The water will be drained off after flushing, and then the waste will be dried slowly.  Once dried, it will then be pyrolyzed.  The end result will be sterile biochar ash.  In the meantime, the water will be treated and returned to a holding tank to refill the toilet when needed.

I don't know if such a setup can be purchased.  If not, I'll have to build it myself.

The property I'm considering has electric and telephone connections.  No need to worry about these.

I may need to build a driveway.


Looking over the guidelines may have introduced a show stopper.  You may have to dig a well and put in a septic tank.  State law.  Uh-oh.

Bill Whittle: The Deal With Reality

The reality is that human progress is paid with blood.

hat tip  Behind the Black blog

Miley Cyrus vs Joan of Arc. Epic Rap Battles of History


This may be more real than you think.

Sometimes it pays to read lefty sites, part 2!

This one was so good that I came back for second helpings!

Now you've got this pinko site claiming that this is a coup de etat.   A group that wants to peaceably march on DC and demand a return to constitutional rule is somehow planning and executing a coup!

Yep.  Perfect example of projection.  It is the left that intends a bloodless coup by destroying the white race and substituting a colored race in its place so that they will vote Democrat and thereby nullify the Constitution.  That is the real coup.

Watch out for a false flag op.  The left wants to discredit this so badly that they will do anything.  They may have done that already in order to discredit Bundy and those who support him.

Vigilante Justice

Perhaps this was too good for them.  They could have been hung from the highest tree in public and left there to rot.

Islamic extremists have taken over large tracts of territory within Libya

Libyan government has been powerless to stop them.  The government's inability to secure the streets and...

...protect people from AQ affiliated militas has led to the rise of a vigilante force of sorts, led by General Khalifa Haftar, one of the leaders of the war against Gaddafi.  Haftar has not said he is trying to overthrow the government, although Libyan authorities are accusing him of trying to do so. He has taken on the largest and most deadly Islamist militia because the army - that we have supposedly been training for 3 years - is absolutely incapable of fighting them.--- Rick Moran

"Vigilante" is a word that the leftists like to use against those who wish to live in peace and security within their own societies.  The peace and security is what the left is least interested in.

Too bad "dubya" decided to call those who wanted to secure the border "vigilantes".  This is why the GOP is utterly incapable of securing our own country.  They aren't serious about being an opposition party.  Even the clown prince of the jackass party said as much.

AOSHQ: Overnight Open Thread (5-18-2014)


  • To the people of the world, everybody should know his status: it is either you are with us Mujahedeen or you are with the Christians.  ----Boko Haram leader Abubakr Shekau  [ comment:  I thought that was the evil dubya who said something like that.  Oh, that was back when we were still somewhat serious about fighting terrorism. ]
  • Nigerian Vigilantes Deal With Boko Haram in a Non-HashTag Way  [ comment:  You mean they let these people arm themselves???  How barbaric.  They should have more gun-control like we do over here.]
  • The White House Imprisons Another Reporter  Glenn Reynolds likes to refer to the MSM as "Democratic operatives with bylines." No wonder they willing put up with being humiliated on a regular basis by their party bosses.  [comment:  These guys drive the political discussion in this country.  How do you nullify that?  There should be a way to nullify these jackasses. Why do people listen to their crap? ]
The previous links are a brief glimpse into how the left turned this into a non-serious country.  Why the GOP won't fight back is a big mystery.  Why people continue to support a party that won't fight back is even a bigger mystery.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Well, well, well: Things to know when drilling for water in Texas

Gunn encourages property owners to read the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation rules to understand the construction standards for all water wells such as requiring wells to be drilled at least 50 feet away from a septic tank and 100 feet from drain fields.

"Look up other wells in your area via the Texas Well Report Submission and Retrieval System," Gunn said. "This will tell you how deep the other wells are and how those wells were constructed. Talk to your neighbors who have wells and find out how deep their wells are and if they are having any problems
."--- the eagle dot com

You can drill a well yourself  by hand, or hire somebody to do it.   If you pay somebody to do it, it could cost up to $50k.  Maybe that's not too encouraging.


Property taxes are too high.  Even if you want to avoid the tax man as much as possible, they still stick a needle into your arm and extract your blood.  I was looking at some properties in West Texas, and they want 100 bucks a year per acre in property taxes.  This is for doing nothing, as the land is a long way from populated areas.  Basically, you are paying the state to rent the property.  It would take a lot to improve the land so that you can live on it, like the above demonstrates.  This is even true in Texas, which is supposed to be a taxpayer friendly state.


With respect to the water well, I'd say there's a better way.  Just collect rainwater.  If you collect it off the roof when it rains, there should be enough water collected to make it all work.  At least I hope so.

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Florida Women being Evicted from Home for Living Off the Grid

offgridsurvival dot com

Speronsis, a widow who lives in the home by herself, is now facing eviction because she chooses to live without being hooked into the grid. She told WFTX-TV, “Where is the justice? Why did they choose me,” she asks. “…because I was exercising my First Amendment rights of free speech in discussing living off the grid.”

This isn’t the first time we’ve featured this type of story. In fact, we’ve covered countless instances where people have been forcibly removed from their land, some even arrested, because they choose to live a more self-reliant lifestyle
.  Rob Richardson

I've looked into this topic of living off the grid before.  But I haven't blogged about it much.  There was an old link about living on a boat that led me to this story.

We don't have a free country anymore.  You may as well get that into your head.


I want to put a link up for a device that filters water, and works like a straw---Lifestraw.

This is going in the most recent series about living off the grid.

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Asteroid Redirect Mission

The idea is to capture a boulder off of the asteroid in order to make a gravity tractor.  It requires early detection of the asteroid in order for it to work in a planetary defense strategy.

Next Big Future: Elon Musk still winning as the US Air Force is pus...

Next Big Future: Elon Musk still winning as the US Air Force is pushing hard to certify Spacex for military launches and a Russian Proton Rocket Explodes...: The U.S. Air Force is spending about $60 million and using as many as 100 people to certify billionaire Elon Musk’s Space Exploration Techn...

The US government is a big clusterbungle of epic proportions.  Even at that, it is better than the usual government, believe it or not.

Very interesting properties available in Texas

Real estate ain't my bag, baby, but this is very interesting.

Some of these places have plenty of land on them for the purposes I've mentioned before, and still others already have houses on them.  Prices are affordable.  That surprised me.

The downside of that is that the properties are a long way from here.  This is a big state, you know.

Hell, I'll include this in the series.

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The Right Stuff - Glenn's stiffs LBJ

I altered the title a little, so sue me.

After all, that's what this video is really all about.  Glenn's wife has a bad stutter, and doesn't want to go on camera because it will humiliate her.  LBJ doesn't know that and doesn't understand why he can't bully her into giving in to his will.

LBJ has to quit because Glenn backs up his wife, and the rest of the astronauts backed up Glenn 100%.  LBJ fumes in his limo and doesn't understand how they can't deal with a housewife.  Priceless.

The real Annie Glenn tells her story.  Obviously, she conquered her stuttering problem.

MC Hammer - U Can't Touch This

An idea for another Epic Rap Battle of History.  Let's take MC Hammer v. Gene Kelley.

Who won?  You decide!

Andrew Klavan: The Debate is Over

Found this on Free Republic.  It's okay, but it isn't enough.  But I've been over that already, now haven't I?