Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Out of character post

Good morning.  From the title of this post, a reader may expect something different from the usual fare on this here blog.  Normally, I don't show my frustration.  Not here, not in public, not anywhere.  I just keep it in.  Nearly all of the time, I'll just withdraw from the situation.  For me, to keep one's own peace is more important than to let things get to me.

This time, I'm going to let it rip a little.  The reason?  Nothing to lose.  I'm at my freakin' end on a few things, so there's no reason to hold anything back.

Why?  I mean, the usual character mode wants to creep in.  There has to be a reason for things, even if it is a tirade.  Well, I looked up something about being a successful blogger.  It said that you needed passion.  So, it kinda looks like I'm not a passionate type.  How true.  Normally, I'm not passionate, because I don't trust emotions.  But that's me.  The rest of the world just eats that up and I hate it!!!

I hate passion and I hate feelings.  I don't trust them.  People do stupid things.  Why not use your freakin head and figure out your damned problems instead of feeling your way through them.

Look at the world the way it is. It is going over the damned cliff and people still do the same old stupid things that they normally do. And here I am trying to reason the problems out and offer my thoughts on it and the world could care less. What the f**k?! I'd think there'd be at some interest in some ideas that might help us all out, but nooooooo.

Look at the political situation. The Iowa caucus is today and the Republicans are going to screw up. If they even bothered to check things out, they should be flocking to Gingrich. Instead they are going to vote for some idiot who not only won't win, but even if he does, whatever he does in office won't be any different nor better than what we already have. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Why Gingrich? If you had been paying attention, then that would be obvious. Instead, you let yourselves be manipulated like the silly ass f**kers that you really are. Gingrich gets hammered in the media with ADS. How freakin' stupid is that? You let yourselves be persuaded by propaganda instead of looking things up for yourselves? IDIOTS!!!

I don't know if it's politics that has me all riled up. Maybe it is just the general all around stupidity that's around us. The illogic of it all. The insanity of it all. Why do the same damn thing as before when that same damn thing is what's screwing everything up?

Here's a suggestion for you idiots out there who haven't decided yet. If you really want to shake things up, vote for Paul. Yes, Paul. I know that is really, really insane, but it is different. If there's any time to try something different, it is now. As for me, I am too freakin' logical to vote for Paul. Paul is the passionate choice. The choice for people who love their feelings instead of their brain. Vote your feelings and not your brains if you can't do the smart thing. Maybe sometimes, you just have to get crazy.

I could go on a tirade about some other subjects, but this will be all.

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