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Retired Green Beret Warns: "There Could Be A Nuclear Strike Against The United States Coming Soon"

Retired Green Beret Warns: "There Could Be A Nuclear Strike Against The United States Coming Soon"


Once upon a time, I made a video about this.  Well, well, well.

Anyway, if such were the case, it is long past the point in which we could save ourselves.

I think this society depends way, way too much on electronics.  Electronics are susceptible to this kind of attack.  If an enemy wanted to do great harm, this is how it could be done.  Allowing this kind of vulnerability only proves to me that the people running this country do not care anything about the people they are supposed to serve.

We should be preparing for the aftermath of such an attack.  The way this administration is behaving, they do not believe that the Norks have this capability.  What if they do?  Would you bet the nation's existence upon that?

Twitter this

Trump Braveheart!  Bwah hah hah!

Lynch said to have ordered illegal wiretap on Jr.

A sting operation was said to have initiated during the last administration in order to get at the Trump campaign.


  • Claims to have been put in place by Russian attorney, who met with Jr. to talk about adoptions
  • Special exemption to travel to USA given to her
  • Further "facilitated" by another Russian born citizen, who was instrumental in putting together anti-Trump dossier
  • On basis of the upcoming meeting with Jr., Lynch ordered a FISA wiretap, in order to try to ensnare Trump through his son
  • The Russian attorney was initially refused a visa, but Lynch allowed it

In the meantime, there was a murder in Washington DC of a DNC staffer, Seth Rich.  The crime has not been solved.  Moreover, the investigation seems to have been stood down.

And we're still hearing talk against Trump?

The political establishment is in la-la land.  So is the news media.

I have long suspected that the Obama administration had its nose up Trump's ass, and they still couldn't get anything.  Therefore, there isn't anything.  Never was.  Never going to be.  

I think they want to run this story until election day on the hopes that they can make it all stick.  It isn't working.

My assumptions are not always correct ( how the sun moves through the sky )

Originally posted on 7.14.15, updated on,

The sun goes from north to south, then north again during the day.  It makes an arc.  What this arc is , is not known by me, but it may be related to latitude.  In fact, I think it must be related to latitude.

If I am at 30 degrees north latitude, does that mean that it tracks 30 degrees?  No, because during the seasonal change, the arc changes.  It must change daily, as the season progresses.  Each day get shorter as the summer progresses, until the first day of fall, when the day and night are of equal length.

Perhaps the arc gets shallower?  No, because the sun would stay overhead all day, and that would cause the days to be hotter.

How can I look up answers to this question?  Or, what is the question?

Try this:  where does the sun track in the sky as the day progresses, and how does that change as the season progresses?

Actually, the old navigators of ancient time knew how the sun moves in the sky.  You can use the sun to tell time, for example.

I will leave this update, and study the questions.


This video doesn't answer the questions, but it does show how to use a pocket sundial.  The practical usefulness of this is not readily determined by moi.  Velly eenterstink, but shtupid.


What about navigational aids, like a sextant?  With the aid of a filter, it can make solar observations.

I'm thinking this will determine latitude.


A useful term may be referred to as the sun path.  A solargraph can be made for any location, or based upon the latitude of a location.

The original post follows:

So, that is why they should be tested to make sure that they are correct.

What's this crazy Texan saying this time?

Well, the sun doesn't move in the sky in a way that I assumed.  It moves in something of an arc with respect to east and west.  My assumption was that it moved in pretty much a straight line.

Now, the thing that I did expect was indeed true.  The sun rises north of the east-west line, and sets the same way.  But it does not stay on the north side of that east-west line.  This surprised me a little.

It makes an arc, taking it south across the east-west line, then turning back north towards the noon hour.  At that time, it is nearly directly overhead.  It gradually works back north to set well north of the east-west line.

So, what's the point?

With the sun being so hot and all, it might be well to consider how to align it with the expected movement of the sun in relation to your position.  In the summer months, you would like for the sun to be blocked in a way that gives maximum shade.  The opposite applies in the winter.

My assumption, once again, was that if you place your residence on the east-west line, and have the sun hit the north side in the summer, and the south side in the winter.  You can plan the building accordingly.  Keep as much of the building that you would like to get sun, like plants being grown for food, in the sun.  At the same time, keep as much of the sun off your building as possible, so as to help in climate control indoors.

An overhang can be in place in lieu of a building.  I would want a greenhouse to the north of my residence.  I think this plan will still work, but this gave me a result that I did not expect.

To protect in the morning, a wall may be necessary on the east side.  It may be desirable to have a wall on the west side too.

Not too much wall.  You want sun in the winter in order to warm up the place.

Learn something new every day.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Dems Get No Traction From Russian Scandal: Polls Are Flat – Lunch Alert!

Dems Get No Traction From Russian Scandal: Polls Are Flat – Lunch Alert!


Boris Badenov says he consulted with Fearless Leader, who said that Dems need to reach into new bag of tricks.  This one not working.

Find squirrel and moose.  They have secret we need.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

The political left is crazy

Patricia McCarthy


She wouldn't be the only one who thought so.  Michael Savage seems to think the left is nuts.  Besides McCarthy and Savage, there was a Doctor who also thought so.  She wrote in a blog called Dr. Sanity.

No doubt things are a bit nutty right now.

Getting 300 million people on the psychiatrist's couch may be a problem.

At what concentration does CO2 become toxic to humans?

Originally posted on 7.3.17, updated on:

7.13.17 :

Perhaps you have to have fancy terms to get your point across.  "Dadaist Science"?  It makes me think of Daddy's Science.  Or today's science is not your daddy's science.

Yeah, that's the ticket.  Our science isn't as good as it was in our father's time.

Things continue to go down the poop chute.

Please Mr. President.  Dropkick the Paris Accord, and make America sane again.  It is hard being great when your nuts.

The original post follows:

You may be interested in the following post:

At what concentration does CO2 become toxic to humans?


At about 6% of the atmosphere, or 150 times as much as there is now.

The Earth's atmosphere cannot become like Venus' for this reason.  In order to become like Venus, the Earth's atmosphere must become 100 times thicker overall, not just its concentration in the atmosphere.  That means the atmospheric pressure must be like the pressure under several thousand feet of water!  It is simply not possible to do that.   There is not enough fossil fuel, nor oxygen to burn it all, even if it existed.

Moreover, if you were to increase the concentration of the Earth's atmosphere to 6%, it would no longer support humans on this planet.

Would the so-called 'greenhouse effect' be like Venus then, if the atmosphere is nowhere near like Venus, yet toxic to humans?

Of course, the answer is no.  There would be a valid reason to be concerned long before the 6% number is reached, should that ever become a threat.  It is not likely to ever do that, in my opinion.  Nor should there ever be a reason for burning so much fossil fuel, even if such were possible.

The moral is that anytime someone brings up the comparison with Venus, it is meant as a scare tactic.  It simply cannot happen here on Earth.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

The Phony NY Times Story Today About Trump Jr. Meeting With Russians – Lunch Alert!

The Phony NY Times Story Today About Trump Jr. Meeting With Russians – Lunch Alert!


There are more stories about this than you can shake a stick at.  Morris discusses what this meeting was all about.

The media has gone into complete clown show mode.  I shouldn't have bothered with this post, since the media has totally beclowned itself.  Why take any of it seriously?  But many are.  Yes, and so is Limbaugh.

What do you think drives all of this?  Isn't it partly for ratings?  To get attention?

Once again, it should be stated that Russia didn't cause Hillary to lose.  She lost because of a flawed campaign.  As undeserving as she was, she might still have won if she had paid attention to the three Midwest states that went for Trump.

Or maybe she was just plain undeserving.  At least run a good campaign, and then you will deserve to win on that basis.

Moonshot discussion ( excederin headache # upteenth )

This won't go into the off-the-grid posts.  Just thinking out loud, so to speak.

This morning, I went outside, and started moving things around.  I am not satisfied with what I have done to climate control this trailer, without the need for a lot of a/c.

All of this may sound unrealistic, but it is my goal anyway.  I want to limit my a/c so much, that I won't even need it in order to be comfortable.

As of now, I am not even close.

It occurred to me that I am doing many things wrong.  Having the freezer inside is a mistake.  It probably adds ten to fifteen degrees worth of heat inside this trailer.  Yes, I think it is that much.

Yesterday, I turned it off for the hot part of the day.  The ice hasn't completely frozen yet.  If I stop now, it will impact the cooling in the bedroom at night.  It did last night.  I woke up in something of a sweat, because the thing had melted away all the ice already.

The freezer needs to be outside where it is protected from the elements, and won't put heat into the trailer.  That's a biggie.

Because, using the freezer means that I won't be cooling as large of a space.  It means less electricity usage.  It may also mean I won't need the a/c.

Sometimes, I use the dehumidifier.  I decided to try it again this morning.  It also puts a lot of heat in here.  That too must go outside, if I am to use it in order to generate water.

Now, inside the trailer, I must equalize the outside temperatures when it is cooler, and insulate when it is hotter.  In the morning, the trailer is cooler than the warming temperatures outside.  It catches up near noon, and then gets hot like outside during the afternoon.  Yesterday, I closed the place up in the afternoon, and it got hotter in here than outside.  That means I need to equalize with outside temperatures when the sun is the hottest.  This would be after 2 pm.

This suggests a routine.  Insulate between 9:30 and noon.  Open up the windows in the afternoon.

This still leaves me with a hot trailer in the late afternoon.  It won't cool down much until after sundown.

What to do in the meantime?

This allows me to segue into the usage of the swamp cooler.  I am trying to use a slushy cool mix of water, and this will allow a greater cooling effect for the cooler.  But the water doesn't stay cool for that long.  It would have to be constantly replenished.  Just like the way I am using the cooling mechanism in the bedroom.

But I don't want to use that ice.  But what if I used it more efficiently?

It is a thought.

If you use a gallon of slushy cold water per hour in the swamp cooler, you could get a theoretical cooling of a certain amount depending upon how warmer it gets.  Let's say to 65 degrees.  Then 33 degrees times 8 pounds of ice is equal to about 270 BTU per hour.  This is about what it would take to cool down the bedroom by ten degrees.

That figures about right in the bedroom.  It seems to cool down for about six to eight hours, and then the ice is melted.  I use maybe fifty pounds of ice from the freezer.

There are other things, but something has just now interrupted me.  I will pick up the discussion later.


The blogus interruptus is no bigus.  Yuk, yuk

Now, the work I did Saturday will give me an opportunity to do something that may be helpful towards my goal.  That's because the wood fencing planks work better than the plastic tarp.  So, I am replacing part of the plastic tarp with some fencing planks, and it should be a little better than now, anyway.

As I mentioned earlier in the post, that I was moving things around.  The idea was to put some space between the side of the trailer and the plastic tarp.  I moved the crate, and will drape the crate with the tarp now covering the south side of the trailer.  This requires some further work, but I have done some already.

That will be all for now.  If I have anything else to post, I will update.


This is really a tough nut to crack.   Here I am, old fart and all, and I am not up to par physically to do much more today.

Anyway, one of those things that happens when you aren't young and healthy anymore.   But I have this brother....

Maybe it is just an excuse.  But it really is a pain in the rear.  And for me that is literally true.

Right now, I am at the laundry.  Doing some chores, and then going home and turning on the doggone A/C.  Dammit.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

When it comes to organizing, leftists are bloody geniuses, and the rightist aren't

American Thinker: Armando Simon


No publicity for anti-shariah rally, but the leftist were there to protest it, he says.

Don’t Believe The Liberal Lie: Only 3 Million Will Lose Coverage Under ObamaCare Repeal – Lunch Alert!

Don’t Believe The Liberal Lie: Only 3 Million Will Lose Coverage Under ObamaCare Repeal – Lunch Alert!

comment: And amongst those 3 million, most can still get coverage under the
new plan, says Morris.

Well, as far as believing anything they say, you can count me out.

"Moonshot" feasibility discussion continued

This post will fit into my off-the-grid "subseries" of posts.  It will be classified under the general subcategory.  It can read end to end by following the links, or the entire series can be accessed through the table of contents post.

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Dang!  I am getting close to hanging it up on this here deal.  It is really tough nut to crack.  I am trying to do what might be impossible, which is to keep my energy use to a minimum, and my water use to a minimum, while on a very tight budget, and not to mention that I have friggin' bone cancer.

Great Scott, this is heavy!  ( a little "back to the future" lingo )

On the other hand, thinking it impossible will only be self-fulfilling.  If you believe that something is impossible, then you won't ever try anything.

As far as the heat is concerned, my experiments are not doing well enough.  The swamp cooler does not cool very much.  The misting system does not help much.  The freezing of water and using it in the "coffin" does not help much.  It does seem to help a little here and there, but it won't get me down to zero use of the a/c.

Then, there is this older guy ( 76!)  in this area who says that he doesn't use an a/c at all.  I'd say bravo sierra to that, but my own brother ( 69 years old!)  works all day in a hot shop without a/c.  It can be done.  But perhaps not by me.  I can claim that my health won't allow it, but maybe I am not as tough as they are.  Don't want to be too tough on myself, but really, I prefer comfort over discomfort.  By some estimations, that makes me something of a wimp.

Part of what is necessary, then, is to "man up".  Hmm.  Don't like that idea.  I don't have to prove anything to myself in that regard.  Or to anyone else for that matter.  If I don't want to suffer, then by golly I won't.  If I cannot make this place comfortable without breaking the bank, then I won't be doing it.

Note to myself:  the piggy bank is long ago broke.

To make matters even worse, bugs are invading the place.  Now I have that going for me too.

Yes, things are looking might grim in Mudville.  And Casey isn't in the on deck circle.

As crazy as it seems, I am not giving up yet.  But I am trying to realistic.  This ain't lookin' good, boss.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Not a lefty v righty thing

Originally posted, 4.1.17,
Updated on 7.10.17 :

Once again, we see that Limbaugh gets hung up on ideology, when it isn't about ideology.  If it were about ideology, then the GOP would rule ideologically.  However, they don't rule ideologically, or could it be said that they don't rule at all?

If there is any ideology, it is globalism.  The globalists in each party do not want Trump to succeed.  Hence, they make it about race.  The globalists in the GOP will join with the Dems to thwart Trump.  They will do this because they could care less about the future of the country, for their interests lie elsewhere.

It is not about race, either.  Other than it is anti-white.  Blame the white man, then do mass immigration to drown the white man out.

But as with the rest of their lies, it isn't even about that.

It is about ideas.   But not ideology.

The idea or principle is limited government, where the individual is King .  The collective takes a back seat.  Globalists are more collectivist, in my opinion.  Easier to overwhelm the individual with the mob.

Globalists want to take over the world, and make it one world government.  One world everything.  A real Tower of Babel.  Except the world won't work that way.  It has happened before.  Empires fall, and a new one arises to take its place.

Don't seek empires.  They don't last.  What we need is a realignment, towards truth.  However, the globalists are confounding everybody with their bravo sierra..


If defending Western Civilization is racist, then do Trump's critics admit that they would prefer that Western Civilization just go away?  That would mean the end of the USA, of course.

The original post follows:

As Reagan put it aptly, there is no right or left, only up or down.  Up to the ultimate in freedom, or down to the anthill of totalitarianism.

When I read something like this story in Insty, I see the same old righty v lefty argument Reagan was talking about that goes nowhere.  In this case, they are talking about the super trains the left wants out in Californication-land.  The trains are a boondoggle as the so-called right correctly points out, but the so-called righties don't go deep enough.  They miss the principle of TRUTH, which is that trains may be a good idea, but improperly EXECUTED.

The correct principle ( or, truth in practice ) is that we should want the economically most efficient way of transportation that we can get.  The left's super train to nowhere is economically inefficient, and that is putting it mildly.  Or all trains this way?  Maybe not..

If you are going to have communal transportation, a train is a good idea, though.  It is just not as fast as airplanes.  If these trains are going to compete, they need to be really fast.  The trouble is that all conventional versions of tech seem not to deliver the goods.  But there's this guy named Elon Musk...

Musk just successfully launched a refurbished rocket.   Therefore, you might want to take his ideas seriously.  A rocket refurb is no mean feat.  In so doing, he is revolutionizing space operations.  He also has an idea that could revolutionize travel with respect to travel on the ground.  But instead of trying it in Californication-land, he is forced to try it in Abu-Dabby in enemy's totalitarian territory.  Why could this not be done here in the Good 'ol USA?  Maybe even Texas, where the so-called righties are King.

Nope, the righties and lefties are slugging it out in their meaningless stupid gladiatorial combat that gets the pageviews and the Nielsen ratings, meanwhile, our enemies are appropriating our technology.

That's how you lose your civilization, numb nuts.

Gwynne Shotwell on Space Show

The mp3 file link.

I was kinda jazzed went I downloaded it.  Now, it seems like I am a little let down.

It is like, "what have you done for me lately."  This is a very risky type business.  No need to rush it.  Let me not be the one to push them too fast.

All the same, I'd like it to go faster, please...

Twitter Rama

I like this President.  He is what I think I heard about Harry Truman.  He gives 'em hell.

I think Truman said:  "I tell the truth about them, and they think it is hell."

It applies here, too.

Give 'em hell, Mr. President!

Bwah, hah, hah!

Yeah, and I'd buy that for a dollar!

Obligatory, 7.7.17

Updated on:


The preceding quote was taken from the story of Ignatius, who was "second in succession to Peter" in the early Church.  He "outed" himself, as a leader of this rebellious sect, so as to be brought in front of the Emperor Trajan, to be judged and condemned to die.  His execution was to be in the Coliseum, said Trajan himself, as a spectacle for the people of Rome.  He was fed to the lions.

Why did Ignatius do this?  As Bennett explained, it was because another heretical sect developed that was almost indistinguishable from the Christians.  Moreover, these heretics were accommodating themselves to the Roman rulers by making their heresy acceptable to the Romans.  Hence the Romans could accept the "Docetists" as they were called, but not the authentic Christians, who were true to the very letter and spirit of what Christ taught his disciples.  The disciple John, who in turn, taught Ignatius.

John, you see, was a favorite of Jesus.   Ignatius saw it as his duty to preserve what he was taught in the spirit in which it was taught, so he emulated what the master did.  He allowed himself to be killed, and became a martyr, as Jesus.

But was he crazy?  Well, would you remember the Docetists, or remember the Christians who were thrown to the lions?  Ignatius is remembered, and what he taught, which was taught indirectly from Jesus himself, was also remembered.  He was a "soldier of Christ" in the spirit of Christ.  He took up not the sword, but the cross.

A lesson for the times?  Could be.  If the modernists are accommodating themselves to the rulers of the day in order to gain favor from them, then today's modernists are not so different from the Docetists of Roman times.  Therefore, somebody has to step up to the plate, like Ignatius did.


Just so I am not doubted on this, here's a quote from Rod Bennett's book about the early Christian Church:

" glorify Jesus Christ who has glorified you, so that you, fully trained in unanimous submission, may be submissive to the bishop, and the presbytery..."
"These words seem strange to modern ears; especially in America, where we assign authority to our rulers from the bottom up, in a Jeffersonian "social contract".

In short, the Catholic Church does not allow their pope to be elected by the people, whereas, in America, we elected the POTUS.

The point to this post is that either way can lead to bad results, if the current situation is any indication.

the original post follows....

Well, I am perusing something in the book called Four Witnesses , brought to my attention courtesy of the writings of one Ann Barnhardt.

It does appear that there is a problems amongst Catholics with regard to freedom.   Catholics may tend toward authoritarianism, if this book is any indication.  I suspect that it is, since in practice, it has tended that way.

This brings up an old problem in all societies, which is the problem of succession.  We are riled in a controversy in the United States on that very issue.  That is to say, who is going to lead the country?

Democrats won't accept Trump.  They will continue behaving as they do until he is no longer POTUS, which may take eight years.

The GOP didn't like Obama, but they didn't act like this.  No, the popular vote doesn't matter because it isn't the legal basis of how the POTUS is chosen.  If you are going to actually follow the rule of law, you have to accept the outcome even though it doesn't appear to be the outcome you would prefer.

If you follow the rule of law, you don't get to pick and choose which laws you will accept.  You follow them, and use the rule of law itself to change the laws, if the laws are not giving acceptable results.

Therefore, I don't think there is a problem with the law, but with the people who won't obey it.

We have a way, within the rule of law, of choosing presidents.  If the rule of law is going to prevail, then Trump will be POTUS.  Whether or not Democrats like that outcome is irrelevant.

That doesn't mean that the selection will yield the best results.  Maybe it will yield poor results.  But it is a system.

If enough people don't like the current system, it may be changed.  All of this can be done under the rule of law.

Therefore, under the rule of law, no violence is necessary.  That is, unless you don't respect the rule of law, and wish to overthrow it.

Such people are traitors..  And that is a fact, jack.

If you want to overthrow the government in favor of a TOP DOWN system, in which leaders dictate to the people, then you get something that seems to happen in Catholic societies.  Indeed, that seems to be what is advocated in this book.

Ironically, the majority of Catholics supported Trump, if I am not mistaken.  Perhaps the Lord works in mysterious ways.  Or maybe people are, on the whole, nuts.  Pick your poison.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

It's not good to be a snob

But there are those who are.  Unfortunately, I remember a time when I looked down upon the kind of work I ended up doing.  One loses one's sense of superiority when one has to get one's hands dirty.

I was kidding myself, anyway.  I have done blue collar work all my life.  I wanted to move up, but failed.

Once I failed, I took it hard.  But I got over it.  It is not so bad, after all.

Nobody should ever think that they are better than others.  Been there, done that.  It is not a good thing.

Little Deuce Coupe

What it is. The video is what it isn't. ( I think )

Obligatory, 7.8.17

Updated 7.9.17 @ 12:26

I think the tarp may have cut down on a/c use, but I forgot to monitor it carefully.  I will attempt to do it today.  It is already getting hot in here, though.  It was 86 degrees just before writing this.

What I do is wait until it gets too hot, then head for cooler climes.  I come back later in the day, maybe about five in order to cook.  Sometimes, later.

By that time, it may be a hundred degrees in here.  That's what I am trying to overcome.

The original post follows:

Yes, another one of these.

With a lot of help, there is now a tarp over the trailer.

I'm getting a bad feeling about it, though.  Temps seem to be going up anyway.  What's next?

It's only a little after two, and I am whupped.  Maybe later today, I will post again.

Updated 7.8.17 @ 18:26

A little hard to say at this point as to whether this tarp helps.  It was 99 degrees in here, which is about the usual  after sitting in the sun all day, at five.  However, it is cooling down faster, I believe.  After an hour, it is almost comfortable in here.

The placement of the thermometer makes a difference.  I had it in a hot spot.

As for the construction details, well now.. It was typical seat of the pants type stuff from yours truly.  I got my materials and made the plan after the fact, as opposed to before.

My oldest brother helped out.  Without his help, it wouldn't have come together.  I might have busted my butt, and still not have gotten it into a reasonable place.

I used 3 2x4x10 ft wood pieces, a couple metal pieces that I clamped onto the bumper, and attached to the wood, four 10x20 ft. tarps to go over the wood, and a couple hundred feet of rope to hold down the tarp.  Materials cost less than 20 bucks, including discount.  Didn't count tarps, as I already had those.

An elegant design in theory.  In fact, it looks like hell.  Like I said, typical seat of the pants type thing.