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At what concentration does CO2 become toxic to humans?

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Perhaps you have to have fancy terms to get your point across.  "Dadaist Science"?  It makes me think of Daddy's Science.  Or today's science is not your daddy's science.

Yeah, that's the ticket.  Our science isn't as good as it was in our father's time.

Things continue to go down the poop chute.

Please Mr. President.  Dropkick the Paris Accord, and make America sane again.  It is hard being great when your nuts.

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At what concentration does CO2 become toxic to humans?


At about 6% of the atmosphere, or 150 times as much as there is now.

The Earth's atmosphere cannot become like Venus' for this reason.  In order to become like Venus, the Earth's atmosphere must become 100 times thicker overall, not just its concentration in the atmosphere.  That means the atmospheric pressure must be like the pressure under several thousand feet of water!  It is simply not possible to do that.   There is not enough fossil fuel, nor oxygen to burn it all, even if it existed.

Moreover, if you were to increase the concentration of the Earth's atmosphere to 6%, it would no longer support humans on this planet.

Would the so-called 'greenhouse effect' be like Venus then, if the atmosphere is nowhere near like Venus, yet toxic to humans?

Of course, the answer is no.  There would be a valid reason to be concerned long before the 6% number is reached, should that ever become a threat.  It is not likely to ever do that, in my opinion.  Nor should there ever be a reason for burning so much fossil fuel, even if such were possible.

The moral is that anytime someone brings up the comparison with Venus, it is meant as a scare tactic.  It simply cannot happen here on Earth.

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