Tuesday, July 11, 2017

"Moonshot" feasibility discussion continued

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Dang!  I am getting close to hanging it up on this here deal.  It is really tough nut to crack.  I am trying to do what might be impossible, which is to keep my energy use to a minimum, and my water use to a minimum, while on a very tight budget, and not to mention that I have friggin' bone cancer.

Great Scott, this is heavy!  ( a little "back to the future" lingo )

On the other hand, thinking it impossible will only be self-fulfilling.  If you believe that something is impossible, then you won't ever try anything.

As far as the heat is concerned, my experiments are not doing well enough.  The swamp cooler does not cool very much.  The misting system does not help much.  The freezing of water and using it in the "coffin" does not help much.  It does seem to help a little here and there, but it won't get me down to zero use of the a/c.

Then, there is this older guy ( 76!)  in this area who says that he doesn't use an a/c at all.  I'd say bravo sierra to that, but my own brother ( 69 years old!)  works all day in a hot shop without a/c.  It can be done.  But perhaps not by me.  I can claim that my health won't allow it, but maybe I am not as tough as they are.  Don't want to be too tough on myself, but really, I prefer comfort over discomfort.  By some estimations, that makes me something of a wimp.

Part of what is necessary, then, is to "man up".  Hmm.  Don't like that idea.  I don't have to prove anything to myself in that regard.  Or to anyone else for that matter.  If I don't want to suffer, then by golly I won't.  If I cannot make this place comfortable without breaking the bank, then I won't be doing it.

Note to myself:  the piggy bank is long ago broke.

To make matters even worse, bugs are invading the place.  Now I have that going for me too.

Yes, things are looking might grim in Mudville.  And Casey isn't in the on deck circle.

As crazy as it seems, I am not giving up yet.  But I am trying to realistic.  This ain't lookin' good, boss.

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