Saturday, July 15, 2017

Lynch said to have ordered illegal wiretap on Jr.

A sting operation was said to have initiated during the last administration in order to get at the Trump campaign.


  • Claims to have been put in place by Russian attorney, who met with Jr. to talk about adoptions
  • Special exemption to travel to USA given to her
  • Further "facilitated" by another Russian born citizen, who was instrumental in putting together anti-Trump dossier
  • On basis of the upcoming meeting with Jr., Lynch ordered a FISA wiretap, in order to try to ensnare Trump through his son
  • The Russian attorney was initially refused a visa, but Lynch allowed it

In the meantime, there was a murder in Washington DC of a DNC staffer, Seth Rich.  The crime has not been solved.  Moreover, the investigation seems to have been stood down.

And we're still hearing talk against Trump?

The political establishment is in la-la land.  So is the news media.

I have long suspected that the Obama administration had its nose up Trump's ass, and they still couldn't get anything.  Therefore, there isn't anything.  Never was.  Never going to be.  

I think they want to run this story until election day on the hopes that they can make it all stick.  It isn't working.

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