Saturday, April 1, 2017

Not a lefty v righty thing

As Reagan put it aptly, there is no right or left, only up or down.  Up to the ultimate in freedom, or down to the anthill of totalitarianism.

When I read something like this story in Insty, I see the same old righty v lefty argument Reagan was talking about that goes nowhere.  In this case, they are talking about the super trains the left wants out in Californication-land.  The trains are a boondoggle as the so-called right correctly points out, but the so-called righties don't go deep enough.  They miss the principle of TRUTH, which is that trains may be a good idea, but improperly EXECUTED.

The correct principle ( or, truth in practice ) is that we should want the economically most efficient way of transportation that we can get.  The left's super train to nowhere is economically inefficient, and that is putting it mildly.  Or all trains this way?  Maybe not..

If you are going to have communal transportation, a train is a good idea, though.  It is just not as fast as airplanes.  If these trains are going to compete, they need to be really fast.  The trouble is that all conventional versions of tech seem not to deliver the goods.  But there's this guy named Elon Musk...

Musk just successfully launched a refurbished rocket.   Therefore, you might want to take his ideas seriously.  A rocket refurb is no mean feat.  In so doing, he is revolutionizing space operations.  He also has an idea that could revolutionize travel with respect to travel on the ground.  But instead of trying it in Californication-land, he is forced to try it in Abu-Dabby in enemy's totalitarian territory.  Why could this not be done here in the Good 'ol USA?  Maybe even Texas, where the so-called righties are King.

Nope, the righties and lefties are slugging it out in their meaningless stupid gladiatorial combat that gets the pageviews and the Nielsen ratings, meanwhile, our enemies are appropriating our technology.

That's how you lose your civilization, numb nuts.

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