Sunday, July 9, 2017

Obligatory, 7.8.17

Updated 7.9.17 @ 12:26

I think the tarp may have cut down on a/c use, but I forgot to monitor it carefully.  I will attempt to do it today.  It is already getting hot in here, though.  It was 86 degrees just before writing this.

What I do is wait until it gets too hot, then head for cooler climes.  I come back later in the day, maybe about five in order to cook.  Sometimes, later.

By that time, it may be a hundred degrees in here.  That's what I am trying to overcome.

The original post follows:

Yes, another one of these.

With a lot of help, there is now a tarp over the trailer.

I'm getting a bad feeling about it, though.  Temps seem to be going up anyway.  What's next?

It's only a little after two, and I am whupped.  Maybe later today, I will post again.

Updated 7.8.17 @ 18:26

A little hard to say at this point as to whether this tarp helps.  It was 99 degrees in here, which is about the usual  after sitting in the sun all day, at five.  However, it is cooling down faster, I believe.  After an hour, it is almost comfortable in here.

The placement of the thermometer makes a difference.  I had it in a hot spot.

As for the construction details, well now.. It was typical seat of the pants type stuff from yours truly.  I got my materials and made the plan after the fact, as opposed to before.

My oldest brother helped out.  Without his help, it wouldn't have come together.  I might have busted my butt, and still not have gotten it into a reasonable place.

I used 3 2x4x10 ft wood pieces, a couple metal pieces that I clamped onto the bumper, and attached to the wood, four 10x20 ft. tarps to go over the wood, and a couple hundred feet of rope to hold down the tarp.  Materials cost less than 20 bucks, including discount.  Didn't count tarps, as I already had those.

An elegant design in theory.  In fact, it looks like hell.  Like I said, typical seat of the pants type thing.

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