Saturday, August 27, 2016

Evaporative coolers: A new implementation of an old idea

It uses evaporation of water to keep food cool.  An old technology which is being rediscovered.  Reminds me a bit of swamp coolers.  Believe me, these swamp coolers can work.


If I understand these things properly, then it may be possible to use them for cooling down a larger area, too.  You see my meaning?  I had an idea to make a "coffin", in which energy use would be kept to a minimum.  The idea is to ring the "coffin" with a layer of sand, and then have this sand filter gray water, and as a bonus, it would cool everything inside the coffin, including me!  Of course, I don't mean a real coffin.  Just a small space that could allow one to lie down when it is hot, and thus cool off.

Soundgarden: Black Hole Sun ( 1994 )

This song received a lot of play time on the radio.  Seems like it was always on when I was working  on sorting my deliveries in the morning.  That one and Rooster

The time was one of a significant strain in my own life.  Maybe I related to the emotion in those songs.

Trump didn't break the so-called conservative media

They did it to themselves.

The usual claptrap from the establishment.  Trump did this, Trump did that.  I can speak for myself here.  The reason I started liking Trump was because the so-called conservatives are basically full of shit.  So is this article linked above.

I have been writing since almost the beginning that the truth doesn't matter anymore.  If the truth mattered, people wouldn't be reading garbage like that article.  I am reading it because I got the link form Memeorandum.  Memeorandum might as well be a Democrat propaganda outlet. 

Trump represents a real change in policy.  Otherwise, it is business as usual in Washington.  If you are the one in three people who think things are fine, then don't vote for him.  The remaining two  thirds owe it to themselves to seriously consider voting for the man.

Imagine no Hillary

Sung to the music of John Lennon's Imagine.
[usually there's apologies to the author, but not this time.]

Imagine there's no Hil'ry
Gonna have to try
No bell-cow stomp-us
Free of all the lies
Imagine all the 'mer'cans living like they please


You will say I'm a racist
But I'm only having fun
I hope some day you'll join us
So 'merica can be as one

Imagine there's no country
What does she want to do?
To Kill and die for others
And their religion too
Imagine all our country living life at peace, you

You will say I'm a racist
But I'm only having fun
I hope some day you'll join us
So 'merica can be as one

Imagine that Foundation
The money's in the can
To feed the greed for power
Muslim Brotherhood, man!

Imagine all our country living life at peace, you

You will say I'm a racist
But I'm only having fun
I hope some day you'll join us
So 'merica can be as one

Neo-con Wolfowitz "may vote for Hillary"

Wasn't this guy ( from the liberal viewpoint ) almost as bad as Cheney?  Now he is a good guy?

Hillary is actually seeking out this kind of vote.  It ought to make some folks wonder.

Dick Morris: Hillary's October Surprise - Death by Email

Morris says it is the greatest self-inflicted wound in political history.

Should make you question her qualifications for the office, right?  Well, we'll see.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Morris: "Trump has turned the corner. He has it together."

Morris distinguishes between the telephone polls and the online polls.  He also goes over the history of these kind of polls.  The impression the media is giving is wrong, says Morris.  Trump can win.

Obligatory, 8.26.16

Lots of stuff going out the door.  I don't like throwing this stuff out, but there's nothing else to do with it.  I have given stuff away to Goodwill, but they will complain if it is not salable stuff.  Some of this stuff may seem useful to me, but only to me.  So, I may be able to use it in a different context that I anticipate being in shortly.  So, this stuff will have to go to the dumpster.

I should be ready to leave soon.  Still, I am reluctant to go.  It is like everything else.  I want to hang on, but hanging on isn't an option anymore.


Have to scratch a few of my ideas.  Using the scooter is out.  It has to go.  Using the chopped up computer desk is out.   It has to go.  A swivel chair has to go.  The other computer desk, the one not chopped up, also has to go.  The file cabinet has to go.  That leaves a TV stand, a recliner, and the freezer.  Plus all the stuff that is already in the storage.

Lots more stuff has to be thrown out besides.  Most of it is the kind of stuff that will have to be shredded.

Once this stuff is out, I will be down to the bare bones.


One of the computer desks is now gone.  The scooter and remaining computer desk is still here.  Guess you can say that the main part is done.  Mopping up operations are set to begin.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

ParaPundit: Turning Away From Democracy

ParaPundit: Turning Away From Democracy


Rather disturbing that 35 percent of wealthy young Americans would prefer that the military take over.

Perhaps it is time to consider taxing them.  If they had to work at an honest job for awhile, perhaps they would have a more reasonable attitude.

So much waste... time for Freddy Fender

I'm throwing out so much stuff.  Seems like such a waste.  Then this song pops up in my mind, and here's a post.

Empire of the Phony and Fake Strikes Back!

Newest dog and pony show coming from National Review.  They pretend to worry about a Clinton presidency, while they are truly terrified by a Trump victory.  The National Review trumpets the latest revelations about an "investigation" that lead to nowhere, of course.  This is the dog and pony show meant to fool the public.  Meanwhile, they trash Trump, who is the one sure way to hold her accountable.

These guys know that Hillary will never face a trial.  They are lying their asses off.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

A foolish consistency...

sayeth Emerson,

It is the source of one of Emerson's most famous quotations: "A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds, adored by little statesmen and philosophers and divines.".
Which reminds me of this Khan business.  You don't remember Khan?  A reminder in these posts:

  1. Trump v. Stephanopolous
  2. Double checking the Muslim Brotherhood thing
  3. Khan!
  4. Perhaps an alternate take of the situation
  5. More wrath of Khan
  6. Clinton says violence should always be off the table
  7. Klavan on the Culture:  The politics of shut up
  8. PJ Media and Clint Eastwood v. PC
  9. Dick Morris: Why Florida Terrorist’s Dad Endorses Hillary

Okay, the things that make for foolish consistency  :

Number one, "you cannot criticize a Gold Star Dad".   If this was Joe Sixpack's son, then yeah.  But this isn't Joe Sixpack Jr., here.  This guy is a prominent type of guy that Joe Sixpack Jr. was fighting.  To criticize him "just because" he's a Gold Star Dad is bad because of who this Khan character is.

Number two, it is pure Alinsky.  By way of explanation, Alinsky said to attack a political opponent, make him live up to his own standards.  That's true especially if you don't live up to those standards yourself.  Certainly, the Dems don't care about Gold Star Dads and Moms as a matter of principle.  If they did that, they would no longer be who they are.  At no time during Iraq War did the left care about the men dying over there.  They were only using their deaths as a way to power once again.  So, shedding crocodile tears over the Gold Star Dads rings hollow as far as their own feelings are concerned.  But it fits perfectly in their modus operandi of using deaths as a means to power.  They used it in order to make Trump shut up about vets.  They used it knowing that the so-called conservatives couldn't criticize Khan without violating a "principle".  They used it in the belief that Trump would respond, and that they could use it to drive a wedge between the factions in the GOP.  If you can't call them out on the Alinsky, then what is the point of any principle?  Alinskite type tactics are pure cynicism.  Not calling them out on this really takes foolish consistency to a new level.

Thirdly, it is purely foolish consistency to criticize Trump for saying what he did.  This could come from even Libertarians.  Let's take Klavan's talk about the politics of shut uppery.  If Klavan cannot support Trump because Trump takes on PC, then what was the point of the video?  Indeed, what is the point of Libertarianism?  Does the election of Hillary benefit Libertarians?  Did the election of Obama benefit Libertarians?  Seems to me that it doesn't.  So, why the foolish consistency about criticism of Trump?

This could go on and on.  Why are these people there if they won't defend what they say that they believe in?  To take a dive over a foolish consistency isn't going to advance your cause.  But that presumes that you actually believe in what you say you believe.  A consistency that is NOT foolish is one that truly defends what you say that you believe.   In that way, you cannot go wrong.

Busy as a bee

There may be problems doing any remunerative work, but the physical impairment doesn't stop me from doing basic kind of stuff.

Like emptying trash, sorting through books, taking the trash to the dumpster, and taking books to the storage room.  The apartment is getting to look kinda empty.  Still got a lot of stuff in here, but it is more than half done, I'd say.  Since nearly everything is in boxes now, the rest of this could get out of here fast.  That's the idea.

Lots of stuff had to be thrown out or given away.  That which I wish to keep is going to the storage room.  There's a lot of stuff there, now.  It may take some whittling down of that stash as well.

Correlate this with what Klavan said about the Never Trumpers

Western Leaders want Islamic Terror to seem normal.  Klavan noted that most Never Trumpers are in the younger generation.  Now to correlate this:  there was a time when Islamic terror was definitely not normal.  If it goes on long enough, the young will think it is normal, because that is all they have experienced during their lifetimes.

That is why you have to end it quickly before it gets established.

Just screen out the sharia favoring types, and police them vigorously.  Remove that element from the population, and you will have it under control.  Isn't that what Trumps advocates?  Why would anybody be opposed to that?  You would do it with Nazism, why not sharia?  Do they not understand what sharia is?  How can you tolerate sharia when sharia doesn't tolerate you?

Monday, August 22, 2016

Music for a rainy day

Little nostalgia here for a different time, different place, different country.  <sigh>

Some numbers to churn around and cogitate upon

The question arose as to the assertion made a number of times on this blog:  that the Fed is trapped.  It cannot raise interest rates because that will damage the rosy scenario that the government is trying to sell to the public.  Is this truth this rosy, or is there a problem here?  That is a question I seek to answer as best I can.

From the source Treasury Direct dot com, I obtained some numbers on the debt and interest paid thereon.

Here is a table showing interest paid for this year:

For a longer term perspective, here's one for the last several years:

Just eyeballing these numbers shows a few things.  One, that the number jumped rather suddenly between 2003 and 2008. The increase was about 50 per cent.  What happened in those years?  The Fed Funds rate increased from 1 percent to 6 percent ( if memory serves ).   Early on in the Bush administration, deficits replaced surpluses, while the interest payments went down.  Toward the end of the Clinton years, surpluses kept the interest payments in check, but the Fed Funds rate was high, and you should have a decrease in interest payments, but that didn't happen.

Conclusion:  deficits and interest rates are correlated.  I'd have to run a regression analysis to quantify it more precisely, but I don't have my trusty software package available anymore.  Eyeballing it is sufficient enough in order to get the general idea.

Deficits have continued to be high.  According to the numbers in an exceedingly detailed table, the US debt climbed $780 billion in 2015.  It has nearly doubled since the beginning of the Obama years.  It has more than tripled since the Bush years.  Incidentally, interest payments are outstripping economic growth rates.  It shouldn't be too hard to see where that ends up, especially when interest rates go up.

If interest payments double from what they are now, there could be a problem.  Not only are interest rates higher, so  will taxes be in order to pay for servicing the debt.  What does that do for economic growth?

Just saying.

Interest rates cannot stay this low forever.  Sumfin' wrong here, boss.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Why should you respect someone who is either an idiot, or a fool?

Klavan once again.

He pleads for respect for each other's opinions.  Once the never Trumpers can come up with arguments that make sense and are consistent with the facts, then I can at least respect that much.  Nothing I heard from these people suggests any such thing.

Frankly, I don't know what drives the never Trumpers but an overwhelming desire to destroy themselves.

You cannot rally around a thing that is false, unless you are false yourself.

If you won't heed the facts, then what else can you be called but an idiot or a fool? 

You have to unite around something.  At least rally around the truth.


Klavan says it is hard to choose.  That got me a bit riled up.  What is so hard to choose here?

Look, I know what it is like to be caught between two alternatives of which neither seemed good.  It was like that in 1980.  I did not vote for Reagan because his tax cut proposals seemed to be fiscally unsound.  Events proved me correct, but Reagan was still a better president than Carter.

If you seriously think that a criminally insane person like Hillary should be President just because the alternative is not what you consider to be a good Republican, then go right ahead the way the you are going.

You have to be indifferent to the kind of damage that Hillary would do in order to support her, either directly or indirectly.

If you hate what she would do, then it should be a no brainer.

In addition to that, when you don't win, and act like sore losers, it drives people away.  If Trump doesn't win, you won't have the pieces to pick up that you think you will have.   People won't forget your disloyalty.

Smokey and the Bandit --- quotes

"You can think about it, but don't do it?"

Billy Joel - Movin' Out

Seems appropriate for the times.