Tuesday, August 9, 2016

More wrath of Khan

Keister Khan has opened his pie hole again.

Every time he opens his mouth, he presents an opportunity.  He is giving the GOP a golden opportunity to clobber the Democrats.  Instead of getting mau-mau'ed into silence.

The Keister has written about Sharia.  Evidently, he knows about it.  Consequently, he must have an opinion about it.  Yes to Sharia, or No to Sharia.  Inquiring minds should like to know.

If nobody here knows what Sharia is, ask the Keister to explain it all for us.  He must know what it is.

He should explain his Saudi connections.  He should explain his connections to corrupt immigration practices, which involve bribery for the ability to immigrate here.  People should be reminded that Saudi money financed the 911 terrorists.

The Keister wants to run for office.  Should a man like this even be in this country?

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