Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Modifications to the Van to RV conversion

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This post will go into the Construction sub-series of the off-the-grid main series of posts.  These posts can be accessed from a table of contents and watched individually or in series from beginning to end.

Since I will need the van for access to the property, and can also use for on the property as well, I think I should limit what goes into the van.  Only the essentials.

I need a place for clothes.  I need to store water.  I need refrigeration.  I need to cook.  I need to clean up.  I need to sleep.  I need a restroom.  I will still need to haul stuff around.

How to cover these needs?

When I chopped up one of my computer desks, I conceived an idea for a clothes closet.  That idea can be useful. 

I can put a barrel in for water.

I can keep the freezer.   The microwave will help me cook.

Sleeping can be overhead.

Cleaning up and using the restroom will be a challenge.  I may have to use outside facilities.  I was thinking of using a washtub!  The washtub would be used inside the van.  Did you think I would use it outside?  Space is restricted, so putting all this in such a limited space can be a challenge.

I could put the washtub up above and the toilet up above until needed.

The bed can be an inflatable that won't get in the way when deflated.

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