Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Clinton says violence should always be off the table

Unless it is a Gold Star Dad, then you must obey the Sultan of Khan.

If you disobey the Khan, off with your head!

What's the Second Amendment for, by the way?  Oh, I don't know.  Maybe it is out of date and we should get rid of it.  We can always trust our leaders to do the right thing. / deep sarcasm


I thought Trump was a fighter.  A fighter wouldn't say "gimme a break".  This is a war ( politics is  war by other  means ).  If you aren't prepared for a war, you will certainly lose it.  To the Democrats, "gimme a break" should sound like "uncle".


Biden did the same thing ( or worse ) in 2008, but there was no big deal.


Another phony outrage.  They are keeping score, as if the score meant anything.  If the "outrages" had any substance, they'd mean something.  It's the same old same old I saw in the primaries.  If they can't take the nomination away from Trump, they'll try to force him to step down.  If they can't defeat him at the polls, they will try to assassinate him themselves!

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