Friday, August 12, 2016

Back to the android

The Windows machine is updating.  In the meantime, I will use this sorry Android system to type in this post.

Actually, it isn't too much worse than the Windows piece of junk.

With reference to junk, the reason I am sore is in no doubt attributable to my air mattress situation.  Air mattresses are junk.  I am on my fourth one, and all four have sprung leaks after only a short time.

I woke up on this thing and it was nearly flat, and my soreness was worse.

Time to try something different.  I like the mattresses when they work.  Unfortunately, they tend to fail.  Not good when they fail.

I made a doctor's appointment.  Long overdue.  Finally, maybe some answers can be found.

I have to get there first, though.  It is really hard to drive with this thing hurting the way it does.

Riding with someone is no solution either.  Only if I can lie down.

On what?  I have a cot and it seems to be somewhat better then the floor!

Seriously, the cot would maybe be okay if I could raise it higher.  I am considering making a platform for it to sit on.  Does it need to be softer?  Not sure.  Pressure points are the problem.  If this thing doesn't aggravate those sensitive regions, this solution may work.

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