Friday, August 12, 2016

Donald Trump’s Valiant Try - by Robert Ringer

Donald Trump’s Valiant Try - by Robert Ringer: The message to Donald Trump over the past couple of weeks has been crystal clear: Welcome to the world of the Washington Crime Syndicate, Mr. Trump. It’s an enterprise that’s a hundred times nastier than the Manhattan real estate business. In fact, it’s the only business I know where it’s generally accepted that everyone lies, …


In the choice between dumb and dumber, which do you choose?

Not that I personally think Trump is dumb, but many people think he is.  So, I am asking them.

The other options do not exist.

I voted a protest vote against Reagan and Carter in 1980.  I figure that the ones who do not like either of these will vote for a third party candidate.  However, the GOP cannot afford many, if any defections.

Even if you do not like the GOP, which is my own position, there has to be an alternative to Hillary that has a ghost of a chance of beating her.

The endorsement of GOP candidates was required even if Trump is only using the GOP as a vehicle to get elected.  They certainly do not like him, but most are not going to like Hillary any better.

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