Friday, August 12, 2016

Politics has gone tribal

Can you think of politics as tribalism?   If you are a member of the tribe, then it is you against the other.  It looks like Trump supporters are being "otherized" into the "bad" tribe, whilst everyone else is in the "good" tribe.

If the bad tribe attacks the good tribe, then all of the good tribal members must unite to defeat the bad tribe.

In our culture today, in order to be in the "good" tribe, you have to anything but an "uneducated" white dude who also happens to profess to be in the Christian faith.  Who'd want to be associated with those guys?

The only acceptable white dudes are those who have forsaken Christianity and gone pagan.  Can you still be a Christian and be in the "good" tribe?  Only if Christianity is "modernized", which means it ceases to be what it once was.  Because what it once was wasn't "good".

Examples:  Trump attacks Rosie O'Donnell, a member in good standing in the "good" tribe.  Even though Trump said nothing against anybody else, this is tantamount to saying that he attacked all the other members of the "good" tribe.  That would be women who tend to vote for Democrats.

Example 2:  Trump attacks Megyn Kelly.  Even though Kelly isn't yet a member of the "good" tribe because she works for "Faux News", she has aspirations of becoming one of the tribe.  This is enough to get other prospective tribal members, known as "RINOS" to come out in favor of all women who have been attacked by Trump, even though he only mentioned Kelly.

Those two examples should suffice.  You can analyze all of Trump's alleged outrages in this way.  A border wall is against all Latinos.  Some Latinos are lawbreakers says Trump, but you cannot criticize one Latino without criticizing them all.

Hitler is regarded as an arch villain of the highest rank by all "good" people, but to attack him is not to attack all Austrians, nor all males.  But by the tribalist rule, an attack against Hitler is an attack against all Austrians.

Maybe Hitler should have been in the "good" tribe.  Trouble is, that what he seemed to think he was doing when he expounded upon the "master race".

Tribalism isn't always good.  Unless you are one of the "good" people.  If you find yourself "otherized" like the Jews, there's a chance you may end up in an oven.

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