Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Ann Barnhardt is not a friend to the US Constitution

That is why I removed her link from the sidebar.

I have removed other links in the past, and sometimes, I put them back up.  Dick Morris got canned for awhile, but his is back.  Instapundit is gone.  Ace of Spades is gone.

Really, an argument that we have no rule of law rings hollow when you say that the Constitution is illegitimate in the first place.

Actually, not only is Barnhardt unfriendly to the sovereign of our country, but so is just about everybody else.  If she said that in regret, I would recognize it as an honest statement.  Otherwise, it is not.

We may as well have a con-con, because our current form of government is going to change anyway.

If the Constitution had any friends, they would at least let it have a decent burial.

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