Tuesday, August 9, 2016

On the tax strike subject

Barnhardt not only says that the Republic is kaputski, but the only peaceful way to oppose it is through a tax strike.

There's no way you are going to get people to that point if they won't even get on their hind legs and exercise their First Amendment right to free speech.

Trump said something amongst the many things that he has said, and now we are being told, by our "leadership" class no less, that nobody has the right to criticize a Gold Star Dad.  If Trump cannot say anything against a Gold Star Dad, nobody can.  If he cannot do it now, even though it involves national security and the rule of law, when can anybody say it anytime?

The Gold Star controversy is about ending your First Amendment rights.  The First Amendment is still the law, and since it is law, it is about the Rule of Law.

If you cannot get people to acknowledge that Trump had every right to say what he did, then how then are you are going to get people to join a tax strike?

If the country's leadership has already crossed the Rubicon, should we be well beyond a tax strike? 

A tax strike will only call some attention to a problem.  It doesn't solve anything.

We can still protest our government by First Amendment rights, but only if we exercise those rights.  Abridging them any time to anybody might as well end it for everyone.  If our leaders have truly crossed the Rubicon, then at some point, they are going to start to stop pretending that they will honor the First Amendment.  Right now, we can still talk freely, but that is being openly challenged by our "leaders".  That time for exercising your rights has come.

Time to get up on your hind legs and say something while you still can.

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