Friday, August 12, 2016

We're being conned into submission

This Khan business is a con.  It is being aided and abetted by the current power structure that is perpetrating this nonsense.

The current power structure is conducting a long running coup against the Constitution of the United States.  They are pleased to call it interpretation.  It is a unlawful rewrite of the Constitution, for such is not allowed anywhere in the document.  If there is to be a lawful change in the charter of our government, it must follow the amendment process given by that document.  Anything other than this skirts very close to sedition.

The sedition is part of a longer term process that is tantamount to the overthrow of the Constitution itself.  The Khan business fits into that process. It works hand in hand with "political correctness".  We are being "Khanned" folks.  The criticism of Khan is protected speech under the First Amendment to the US Constitution.  It is the supreme law of the land, so how does the attempt to silence any criticism of this Khan character consistent with that law?  If a Presidential candidate cannot speak freely, then who can?

The play on words with the man's name conveys the dishonesty of the whole enterprise.  We are being lied to.  It does not dishonor Khan's son's sacrifice to criticize his father.  Indeed, men have died "face down in the mud" in order to defend the rights enumerated in the Bill of Rights, which is in the Constitution.  The Constitution requires that all who serve under it must declare an oath to defend it--- against all enemies --- foreign and domestic.  Therefore, to silence someone, or any attempt to silence someone, or anyone, for that matter, does not honor the sacrifice- but does the opposite.

It is now becoming politically incorrect to criticize a Gold Star parent.  When did that happen?  How did that happen?  It has happened because too many people are letting themselves be silenced.  A claim is made, and is backed up by the threat of punishment.  The punishment here is political oblivion.  Any politically incorrect candidate must now steer clear of Gold Star parents no matter what.  Supposedly, they are beyond reproach for anything they say, unless you are politically correct ( because Hillary did it too).  On the other hand, it could be challenged, in the way that Trump challenged it, and has continually challenged such political correctness.  Political correctness seeks to silence opposition.  It is not in keeping with the Constitution, which protects free speech, nor does it honor those who have defended those rights enumerated therein throughout the years.

All of our rights under the Constitution are being swept away.  The right to trial by jury, to keep and bear arms, to own property and do with it what we please, and yes, the right to free speech, and freedom of religion.  At least we still have the right to burn the flag.  The Supreme Court has said so.

In Khan's case, he knows about sharia because he has written on the subject.  Islam does not permit dissent---this is sharia.  Those who commit apostasy are subject to execution under sharia.  Khan must know this.  Indeed, all Muslims must know this.  The majority of Muslims favor sharia.  Are we now forbidden to criticize those who favor sharia just because Mr. Khan's son died in a war to defend the very rights that Khan ( with help from his politically correct friends) is now trying to deny all Americans?  This is the con job.  Do not let yourself be "Khanned" into submission.  Islam means submission, Muslim means those who submit.  DO NOT SUBMIT.

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